Note: If the ratee meets standards, no comments are required in the Fitness block on the AF Form 910.   If the ratee does not meet standards, the rater must make a comment (limited to one line).

- Advocate Fit-to-Fight; dedicated 15+ hrs to strength/cardio tng--helped 2 members achieve "excellent" score

- Selflessly volunteered to help peers as PTL/trained fellow Airman; Airman's score improved over 15 points

- Led 52 PT sessions; pace setter for alpha ability group--students physically conditioned for wartime missions

- Placed on UIF; multiple PT failures--member not total force qualified/degraded Sq deployment msn capability

- Advocate Fit-to-Fight; dedicated 84+ hours to strength/cardio trng--assisted 1 mbr in achieving wt loss goal

- Member has chronic medical condition impacting AF goals for fitness

- Failed to meet minimum body composition [or whatever category(s)] standards

- Is office fitness monitor and consistently scores highly on his PT test

- Made phenomenal progress in conditioning in short period of time; guaranteed success next test

- Enthusiastic participation in fitness program promises success and growth

- Scored 72.5, making significant progress in FIT program

- Scored 34.1, failed to show to scheduled unit physical training sessions

- Confident ratee will exceed standards next rating period; exceeded expectations

- Fitness decline due to medical condition; future promises above average performance

- Exempt from fitness standards on three of four categories due to pregnancy

- Makes every attempt to adhere to standards, trust ratee to exceed standards in the future

- Passes three of four categories, significant progress made on weak area

- Surpassed scheduled goals; on track to pass previously failed categories

- Reduced run time by 25%; guaranteed success on next year's run

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