Remarks Block EPR Bullets

- Superior steward of tax dollars; slashed FY spending 20% while increasing crs load by 24%--set financial std

- Continue to develop leadership and journeyman skills through guidance, mentoring, and increased challenges

- A top achiever with a tremendous "nothing is unattainable" attitude always leading to positive results

- Battle-tested Amn ldr; executed taskings flawlessly under pressure; promotion to SrA BTZ definitely deserved!

- Performs at SNCO lvl; SSgt in Msgt duty pstn; managed 6 Airman--ensured unit maintained misson/cmbt goals

- Attended AF train the trner crse; explicated knowledge on training amn/documenting 623's--obtained ldr tools

- Assisted Chief Kolbaum as Amn mentor; helped raise awareness in SNCO tier on how to asst amn with issues

- Supervised upload of 7 SFG redeployment; manifested 10 cargo tons/65 pax--short notice msn w/zero mishaps
- Dynamic support for 1 SOW deployment; prepared 40 pax/7 cargo tons; required delivered on-time--promote!!

- Expertly reviewed 15 remission packages worth $48K w/in 30 days--ensured due process given for customers
- Consistently demonstrated ability to adapt/adjust to changing conditions; definitely ready for promotion to TSgt

- Top Professional; selected as Movement Support "Performer of the Month" Dec/09--exceptional work ethic
- Absolutely superior! Insatiable drive for msn success; knowledge of duties w/ ldrshp skills to match; promote!

- Stockpile preparation team member for 09 Nuclear Surety NSI; garnered "Excellent" from ACC--promote now

- SrA XXXXXXX is an intensely loyal and dedicated professional with exemplary leadership and communication skills

- MSgt XXXXXX is a dynamic and diverse Senior NCO with a decisive and proactive leadership style

- Briefed weekly in-processing group on space available travel benefits--positive military spokesman

- SSgt L is a rising star with unlimited potential who is ready for positions of increased responsibility.

- He has impeccable military bearing and appearance. He has earned my strongest recommendation for advancement

- A positive leadership example that consistently brought out the best in subordinates...promote now!

- Phenomenal NCO w/vast knowledge of DISA requirements across spectrum of AFSCs; TSgt selection well deserved!

- Solid performer; displays exceptional leadership qualities, abilities; recommend promotion at earliest

- First rate professional! Shows ability and initiative to assume greater responsibility--promote now

- First-class NCO whose can-do attitude and ceaseless determination are contagious--an excellent role model

- Phenomenal airman; surpassed every expectation in training and duty performance; ready for promotion now!

- Mature and confident airman with extraordinary knowledge and initiative--immediately promote!

- Dynamic airman; multi-talented mechanic; readily accepts increased responsibilities; Promote Now!

- Meticulous! Oversaw $5M in service contracts--validated 1K+ requiremnts--rock-solid support for GWOT ops

- SSgt Smith is a dynamic and multi-talented NCO with a decisive and proactive leadership style

- Outstanding NCO who leads by example; a solid professional ready for increased responsibility; promote!

- SrA GXXXXX is a very talented, well trained electronics and systems technician who inspires his peers

- A positive leadership example that consistently brought out the best in subordinates...promote now!

- Recent graduate of Airman Leadership School; deserving of new promotion to staff sergeant!

- Recipient of Mission Systems Flight Superior Performer Award for March 05; promote ahead of peers!

- Highly dedicated and motivated supervisor, which is reflected in his attitude, subordinates and work ethic

- Volunteered to work 30+ hrs with AADD; transported 12 inebriated airmen to their homes--careers/lives saved

- Coined by Vice CC 86th Aeromedical Evac sq; photographed prior CC's retirement ceremony--selfless airman!

- Moved over 300 cases of Girl Scout Cookies to/from storage area--key to scouts raising $16K in cookie sales

- Chaired Operation White Christmas; planned, organized entire program--raised over $15,000 for 200 needy enlisted families

- Dedicated to healthy lifestyle; competed in Okinawa open wrestling tournament--won second place trophy

- Despite increased workload, maintained qualification for Force Protection duties--ensured mission protection

- Taught Sunday School--positive spokesman for military values, responsible citizenship

- Aided in facility excellence program; 100+ hours of base beautification--enhanced installation appearance/QoL

- Participated in squadron intramural basketball--American league champions--earned 23 points toward CC cup!

- Avid supporter of the Fisher House, Landstuhl Germany--led the way during all day squadron hike fundraiser -- Raised over $3,000 to help feed and accommodate wounded soldiers' visiting family members--promote now!

- Co-Chaired the 35th Security Forces Squadron 2003 Christmas Party--coordinated all aspects of the party with minimal time and resources; coordinated fund raisers to reduce the cost for over 100 guests

- Volunteer phone bank supervisor at Easter Seal telethon; surpassed its goal--raised $30,000

- Team player! Sacrificed 8 hours to cook/clean/serve at RAF Croughton's Valentines Couples Spaghetti Dinner

- Visited 2 Philippine orphanages; donated over 40 hours labor on new building--solidified community support

- Assisted critical software tiger team; 298 MDG systems patched/restored--swift response lauded by MDG/CC

- Consistently produces sound results; continue to challenge this NCO with more responsibility--promote!

- Prepared flt for Aug 10 ACC/AFGSC NSI; no findings assessed--inspectors lauded Armament as "Impressive"

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