Remarks Block EPR Bullets

- 1st 4 Soldier/Amn commitee mbr; oversaw refreshment set-up/devoted 2 hrs; boosted morale/200+ CJTH staff
- Community oriented; vol'd at Goodwill/furnished clothes/shoes for 300 children; promote to TSgt immediately

- Dedicated! assisted w/2.4K insp--flt earned MXG '10 Air Force Association (AFA) Team of the Year Award

- Sumter County heart walk participant; volunteered 11 hrs--raised $55K for the American Heart Association

- Front and center NCO; rising star infusing her energy and dedication into almost all sq activities; Promote now!

- Epitomizes the "quiet professional" ethos--outstanding attitude, willing & able to work with anyone at anytime

- Driven! Completed Professional Mgr Certificate/Master's Degree w/3.5 GPA--raised leadership potential

- Completed DL business ethics college course; maintained 4.0 GPA--3 credits away from CCAF completion

- Forward-looking NCO--leadership, experience, and expertise capable of mastering any obstacle--promote

- Consistently strived to provide superior results--challenge with greater responsibilities--promote to TSgt now

- Talented NCO with unlimited potential--challenge with broader duties and responsibilities--promotion ready

- Flexible NCO--vast array of technical experience--dedicated to the future of the Air Force--ready to promote

- Highly motivated NCO committed to job accomplishment--unlimited array of technical know how--promote

- Well-versed Amn--displays initiative/professionalism in execution of all assigned duties; promote when ready (3)

- Maintains wing staff agencies recall roster--quality product key to ensuring 100% contact durning base recalls

- Conducted wkly fire symbol inspections; verified 197 facilities; maintained accurate data for first responders

- Excelled as lead dispatcher during the 2011 LCAP inspection; directly contributed to 18 MUNS 83% pass rate

- Sound leadership skills; hand-picked as council member on 36 Wg Airman of 3rd Qtr '10--built future leaders

- Validated 10K lines of accounting; identifed/corrected 150+ errors--saved $6K in manual invoices charges

- Recouped $4K in over-payment to vendor; ensured 100% compliance/optimized government funds--promote

- Authored/briefed four read files/CIBs--detailed OIF/OEF progess--informed FW/CC of threats to 300 Airmen

- Excelled during high ops tempo--scheduled contingency training for over 30 Airmen--promote ahead of peers!

- Assisted critical software tiger team; 298 MDG systems patched/restored--swift response lauded by MDG/CC

- Consistently produces sound results; continue to challenge this NCO with more responsibility--promote!

- Confident and aggressive, she tackles and completes all assigned tasks expeditiously and accurately

- Consistently stays one step ahead of the game. Eagerly seeks out new assignments. Advance to TSgt

- A model NCO, SSgt Smith sets the standard in everything he does; an all-around performer--ready for next stripe!

- First rate professional! Shows ability and initiative to assume greater responsibility--promote now

- Leader, motivator, skilled technician--leads the pack--keep him in the front--promote to SMSgt now!

- Top quality performer with unparalleled potential and solid NCO attributes; promote to TSgt ahead of peers!

- Mature and confident airman with extraordinary knowledge and initiative--immediately promote!

- Provided administrative support to 100K visitors to 2005 Charleston AFB Air Show; ensured 100% support

- Outstanding NCO who leads by example; a solid professional ready for increased responsibility; promote!

- First rate professional! Shows ability and initiative to assume greater responsibility--promote now

- Motivated to excel! Awarded a BS in Education and Workforce Management while maintaining a 3.8 GPA ALL

- MSgt Robins is a dynamic and diverse Senior NCO with a decisive and proactive leadership style

- Briefed weekly in-processing group on space available travel benefits--positive military spokesman

- A positive leadership example that consistently brought out the best in subordinates...promote now!

- Consummate law enforcer; professionally handled any of a variety of situations thrown in his direction

- A first-rate non-comissioned officer who is willing to face up to any task and tackle the issues head on

- Good work ethic; tackles any task above his skill level w/outstanding results--promotion to SrA recommended

- A well rounded individual, supports/encourages participation in squadron and community activities--wingman!

- First-class NCO whose can-do attitude and ceaseless determination are contagious--an excellent role model

- My number one SSgt; proven, exemplary track record confirms he is ready for immediate promotion!

- Gave 30 hrs to KMC AADD program--saved 12 careers...built and manned unit haunted house--raised $2.4K

- Volunteered 20 hrs at skate park--taught 32 teens basic skills...sorted 2K lbs of postal mail--kept msn flowing

- Visited 2 Nicaraguan orphanages; presented over $500 of toys/sports equipment--solidified community support

- Deployed 45 days to Nicaragua; completed $256K in projects--new school/clinic raised QoL for 600 locals

- Operated 2 ROWPU units; made 20K gallons daily for camp personnel--Saved $70K in bottled water contracts

- Installed pressure tank/6K ft of line from water well to base camp--improved shower/laundry water pressure

- Served on the 35 AMXS Christmas party Committee--raised morale for single soldiers

- Conducted single/unaccompanied airmen meeting every Sunday at chapel--fostered a supportive environment

- Deliberately prepared/groomed highly motivated SrA; subordinate captured PME Distinguished Graduate award

- Exchanged language lessons; learned basic Japanese/taught English--improved important US/Japan relations

- Volunteered 20 hours off duty time assisting Lowry Open Window Foundation Nov 05' Thanksgiving holiday -- Prepared dinner for 60 combat wounded soldiers; support greatly increased morale for OEF war fighters

- Spearheaded youth/adult annual football game--improved morale for familys/Team Hill's military members

- Organized a team for the March of Dimes "Walk America" 20K march--raised over $500 to combat birth defects

- Volunteer phone bank supervisor at Easter Seal telethon; surpassed its goal--raised $30,000

- Participated in the wing's 2006 bicycle roundup event confiscating over 200 unregistered bicycles--enhanced base appearance

- Provided security for over 1000 cadets, distinguished visitors, and guests during 2005 USAFA graduation

- Volunteered 20 hours supervising and cleaning for the RAF Croughton Youth Group keeping teens off the street
-- Developed and sustained activities for teens--efforts provided a safe alternative meeting place for base teens

- Proficient tech skills; sustained 100% scheduling effectiveness--MXG awarded AFGSC '10 Daedalian Award

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