Remarks Block EPR Bullets

- Excellent airman; unwavering determination to accomplish any given task--promote next available opportunity

- Focused on continuous improvement; acquired $57K in Armament flight upgrades--15% increase in efficiency

- Orchestrated Allied Spouses Club Charity Bazaar; led 20 mbrs/100 hours--raised $4K/ hosted 3K intl visitors

- Aced American Literature CLEP; earned 6 credits toward A/C Mx Technology deg--amassed 55 of 64 credits

- Hard-charging and motivated NCO; abundant talent and ready for toughest challenges. Promote to TSgt now!

- Oversaw pallet train build up procedures; ensured all involved were aware of hazards and avoidable risks

- Participated in WING/SQUAD FOD walks; collected debris from airfield--eliminated potential hazard to acft

- Multifaceted individual dedicated to excellence; awarded DoD & AF mediation cert; sharpened skills as EOA

- Judged local high school science fair; 22 youth qualified for prestigious scholarships; stimulated future leaders

- Donated household goods and clothes to Airman's Attic; gave hope to local Air Force members in need

- Volunteered to be the A2 FARM; assisted 8 record custodians in files maintenance/disposition...AFI compliant

- Outstanding performer! Highly motivated & prepared; ready for increased responsibilities--promote ASAP!

- Worked US Census Bureau block party--manned booth--nominated Jan-Mar "Support Professional of the QTR"

- Volunteered for Child Development Center Military Appreciation Day event; mentored 140 kids--total success

- Lead ATV instr; trnd 16 Amn/10 DOD police ofcrs--ensured safe ops/increased unit cert'd operators by 20%+

- Outstanding NCO with concrete msn focus and dedication to Air Force trng objectives--promote to MSgt now!

- Expanded supervisor/leader skillset; completed 4hr performance report writing course--utilized in duty section

- Outstanding performer--substantial aircraft experience enhanced entire instructor core--promote immediately

- Aggressive NCO--aided in the design of four new C-130 engine trailers--saved AF $22,000--promote now

- Top-notch instructor--displayed pure dedication and demonstrated total professionalism--promote immediately

- Consistently strives to provide superior results--ready for greater responsibilities--promote Paul immediately

- Extremely energetic and motivated instructor--ready for any and all challenges--promote Thomas immediately

- Outstanding achiever capable of increased supervisory responsibility--eager to transition roles--promote now

- Motivated junior NCO ready for added responsibilities, challenges, and ways to prove himself--promote now

- Accomplished/knowledgeable/productive instructor--consistently exceeded all standards--step promote now

- Aided ACC firewall installation team; bolstered network security posture--thwarted over 5k network probes

- Gifted technician w/unparalleled initiative; continue to challenge w/ increased responsibility--promote!

- TSgt XXXX is a dynamic and energetic manager who continually displays all the traits of a First Class SNCO

- An indispensable member of our staff; responsible for several changes that improved our personnel programs

- A Self-Starter whose work is marked by integrity and initiative. SSgt XXXXXX performs with precision and a great sense of responsibility. Appearance and military bearing are above reproach. Recommended for promotion

- Phenomenal airman; surpassed every expectation in training and duty performance; ready for promotion now!

- Quality NCO; displayed excellent knowledge , drive and initiative in completing any task-- promote now

- A well rounded individual, supports and encourages participation in squadron and community activities

- Outstanding Airman with can-do attitude--always willing to accept more challenging tasks with greater responsibility

- Star performer! Received only stripe available from 321 MG/CC for STEP promotion to Staff Sergeant

- Selected as top performer of the quarter for 3rd Quarter 2004; displayed leadership, professionalism

- First rate professional! Shows ability and initiative to assume greater responsibility--promote now

- Leader, motivator, skilled technician--leads the pack--keep him in the front--promote to SMSgt now!

- Top quality performer with unparalleled potential and solid NCO attributes; promote to TSgt ahead of peers!

- My #1 of 6 SNCOs; selected by Maintenance Chief as 1961st Maintenance Group NCO of the Year 04'

- Highly motivated! Energetic and diligent--demonstrated strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems

- Exceptional performer--further challenge with most difficult tasks--promote ahead of peers

- Best in command! HQ AFSPC's Financial Management Specialist of the Year for 2002

- Member chosen, flown to AMC Headquarters to accept AMC C& I Professional of the Year award

- Flexible and versatile leader with unbounded potential, ready to assume SNCO responsibilities!

- My go to NCO for ISR planning; outstanding NCO with exceptional knowledge, promote to SNCO now!

- Reorganized and upgraded Pass & ID facility on off-duty time--saved over $5,000 in labor costs

- Dynamic and distinguished NCO; leads by example; sets high, attainable standards--promote immediately

- Demonstrates the confidence needed to face the USAF toughest challenges--promote when ready (4 rating)

- My #1 of 16 TSgts! Superior performance across the board--give him bigger challenges--promote now!

- My #1 of 5 SNCOs--proactive leader--exemplary NCIOC who led the most active section in the squadron

- Tutored high school student--raised students grade from an "F" to an "A" in a mere four weeks--inspiring!

- Volunteered 3 hours for Adopt-a-Pet at Vandenberg Team car wash; helped raise over $500--promote soonest

- Dedicated to healthy lifestyle; competed in Okinawa open wrestling tournament--won second place trophy

- Participated in annual base charity fund raiser, the 24 hour marathon--increased military stature

- Outstanding support of 17 MUNS/5 AMXS for Jan 10 Limited NSI--no errors; SMSgt promotion well-earned!

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