Remarks Block EPR Bullets

- Mng'd 2 intel sharepoint sys; streamlined pgm & functions/94 products--ensured Jt/CAF info--promo deserved

- Instrumental in startup of $51M pylon upgrade; contract on time/schedule--B-52 weapons capability enhanced

- Facilitated first Christmas tree lighting ceremony; organized band/food/logistics--300 attendees--promote now!

- Creative problem solver adapted to changing conditions; enhanced unit cohesion and mission accomplishment

- Donat'd $200 of personal hygiene items to nursing home; provided elderly w/essential supplies--upgraded QoL

- Benevolent; contributed $75 of food items to ND Boys & Girls Ranch--cultivated goodwill w/local community

- Mature leader; won't compromise standards, enforced highest AETC standards of conduct

- First-rate leader; effectively disperses organizational policies/procedures--encourages subordinates to follow

- Outstanding SNCO with can-do attitude; always willing to execute challenging tasks with greater resonsibility

- Impeccable RWP mgmt; created rpts; processed/mng'd 8K+ hrs; 98%comp rate--smashed Hickam's 80% goal

- Performs beyond all expectations everytime--ambitious take charge attitude--SSgt doing TSgt work...promote!

- Assisted local elderly;donated time/resources to maintain three properties--enhanced base/community relations

- Assisted Jet shop w/2nd ever RC-135 engine change in AOR; HD/LD asset returned to GWOT--promote now!

- Phenomenal NCO! Regularly displays job knowledge, motivation, teamwork and leadership--promote to TSgt

- Certified as Alaska EMT-B--skills demonstrated on multiple medical emergencies--selection to SSgt justified

- TSgt XXXXXX is clearly a top performer who is the one to choose for the most demanding assignments

- He continually displays unlimited growth potential and is ready now for increased responsibility

- First to take charge! Assumed responsibility of Det's AF Assistance Fund Campaign--100% contact in 24 hrs

- A compelling leader who inspires excellence in those around him. Strongest recommendation for promotion

- Highly dedicated and motivated superintendent, which is reflected in his attitude, subordinates and work ethic

- Top-notch individual--highly effective; always ensures the job gets done correctly--promote to SRA now!

- Clearly Superior--First selection for Below-the-zone promotion from the section's peer group of 12 airmen

- Dynamic and distinguished NCO; leads by example; sets high, attainable standards--promote immediately

- Demonstrates the confidence needed to face the USAF toughest challenges--promote when ready (4 rating)

- My #1 of 16 TSgts! Superior performance across the board--give him bigger challenges--promote now!

- My #1 of 5 NCOs--proactive leader--exemplary NCIOC who led the most active section in the squadron

- Aided Facility Management for 2 months showing great efficiency when tasked; displayed great versatility

- Superior leader and professional; sets high standards for his peers to emulate--ready for promotion! (4)

- My #1 NCO; selected as Health Services Manager of the Year 2005--promote ahead of peers! (5)

- Participated in Airman Leadership School renovation; improved quality of life for over 2,600 students

- First rate professional! Shows ability and initiative to assume greater responsibility--promote now

- Solid performer; displays exceptional leadership qualities /abilities; recommend promotion at earliest date

- Displays exceptional leadership qualities; ability to get the job done; recommend promotion/retention

- Top-notch Contingency Skills instructor--imparted his operational experience and combat skills to 300 students

- Volunteered for Commander's change of command ceremony--excellent military community involvement

- Esprit Des Corps; participated in Chiefs' 3 Mile Run; raised money for Dining Ins/Outs and awards banquets

- Created Personnel Support Center CD for distribution during site visits--streamlined personnel support

- Volunteered to assist local Red Cross in distributing food and clothing to flood victims in the Low Country

- Strong community leader--chaperones school functions--regularly mentors elementary school children

- Involved in local Head Start Program; read books to over 35 children--bettered community

- Head coach of Patch high school wrestling team; taught safe/proper techniques--zero mishaps/injuries

- Community minded; volunteered & represented Hickam AFB in Waipahu May Day parade; raised over $12K for local community center supporting the Boy and Girl Scouts, Womens' Club and YMCA

- Managed the Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Program for the 437th Fighter Squadron--zero incidents of RF exposure

- United RAF Croughton Chapel community--cooked and cleaned at five soup dinners--fed more than 200!

- Volunteered to assist local Red Cross in distributing food and clothing to flood victims in the Gulfport area

- Aided ACC firewall installation team; bolstered network security posture--thwarted over 5k network probes

- Gifted technician w/unparalleled initiative; continue to challenge w/ increased responsibility--promote!

- United Arab Emirates F-16 advisor; prepped unit for 1st RED FLAG--enhanced relations w/coalition partner

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