Performance in Primary Duties

Consider the quality, quantity, results, and impact of the Airman's knowledge and ability to accomplish tasks. Initiative/Motivation: Describes the degree of willingness to execute duties, motivate colleagues, and develop innovative new processes.

- Performed 180-day inspection on 2 tool kits/1200+ items; ID'd 15 deficient tools--corrected 2 inventory errors

- Repaired cracked F-15E vari-ramp longeron; beat repair estimate by 4 hrs--saved $111K in replacement cost
- Evaluated cracked intake; fabricated/installed non-flush patch--eliminated possible FOD to $3.8M acft engine
- Fabricated 17 hydraulic lines; utilized blueprints/samples for first time fit; averted $40K in procurement costs
- Removed/replaced 36 F-100-229 augmentor boss seals; returned asset to service condition in 6 vs 12-hr ETIC

- Fastidiously corrected discrepancies in special needs pass issuance; led to key reduction in processing time
- Identified escort shortfall/encoded 25+ SCI facility badges; single-handedly prevented operation impediments
- Expeditiously detained armed driver under influence during patrol; protected safety of installation roadways
- Promptly responded to accidental shooting/provided first aid to victim; selflessly ensured victim survival

- Flawlessly processed/suspensed 1100 enlisted/officer performance reports; reduced AFPC return rate by 90%
- Processed decorations for 75 inbound/outbound mbrs; validated tracking log--100% accountability ensured
- Drug Demand Reduction Prgm Facilitator; notified/tracked 300 selectees--strict enforcement of high vis prgm
- Overhauled Grp BAS/SIK prgm; processed 25 requests w/FSO--secured mbrs $2K in overdue entitlements

- Aided in success of (Base) Air Expo '11; 170K+ guest/102 unique acft/mishaps adverted--airpower showcased

- Outstanding! Responded to aircraft bird strike; mitigated hazard; enabled wing aircraft to depart without delay

- Expertly processed 49 DV arrival/departure checklists during CAPSTONE Conference; ensured event success

- maintained Airfield Status page used to track airfield status; availability guaranteed for over 15 users

- Monitored $19-million airfield construction project; performed over 40 spot checks; flightline safety secured

- Coordinated acft arrival for fallen soldier ceremony at Offutt; provided proper final respect for fallen soldier

- Handled 42 indoc assists for other commands/services; quick reciprocity on A2 requests...reinforced relations
- Developed Foreign Travel Brief; provided actions to mitigate becoming a victim...bolstered individual safety
- Instituted suspense system for debriefs thru vMPF; reduced admin debriefs by 100%...seamless out-processing
- Validat'd 219 personnel accesses for Ex BLUE FLAG; eased badge lapse in access/on-time schedule

-Coor'd jobsite safety pgms; ensured 100% compliance--critical to $251M PACAF Regional Trng Ctr build up
-Directed K-span construction ops for ORI; flawlessly executed proj tasking--garnered "Outstanding Team" awd
-Managed 6 man crew; applied 10K sq ft of spray insulation in 2 buildings--saved $22.5K over contractor cost

- Processed 391 issues/backorders value $1.4M; quick replenishment averted mx delays in support of OUP/OUD

- Monitored master storage plan; scrutinized 160 bldg charts for 11.8M items; validated 713K sq ft usable space

- Performed movement card quality control insps; screened/inspected 1K documents; ensured document accuracy

- Oversaw Records Management program; filed/maintained 22 continuity books; guaranteed 100% compliance

- Inspected and maintained 148 assigned vehicles; increased in-commission rate by 20%; kept fleet war ready

- Deployed OML lead of four technicians; verified 500 data entries--contributed to 553 successful F-22 sorties

- Orchestrated nine residue turn-ins to DRMO; certified safe munitions scrap for resale--returned $38K to budget

- Evaluated flap rub on red ball--transported 50 pax and USO DV's to FOB; 1,479 vehicles removed from road

- Managed A/C mx/supply assets; coordinated downtime/fixed 15 discrepancies--A/C TNB parts slashed to zero

- Maintained $150K worth of test equipment; assured proper calibration standards; ensured equipment readiness

- Invaluable Airman; critical part of maintenance team--stellar support of 26 MRC-144s and 124 portable radios

- Performed 94 portable radio inspections; corrected problems on the spot--ensured wartime combat readiness

- Processed 215 technical evaluations; ensured unit compliance/quality--completed 97% of required evaluations

- Adjusted customer service hours to meet needs; eliminated most common customer complaint, increased CSS access, training

- Exceptional shift leader--Led shift in correction of over 500 sensor pod and 300 support equipment discrepancies

- Managed 20 personnel workcenter in direct support of U.S. Space Command--exceeded all assigned goals!

- Isolated Terrestrial Critical Communications Circuit (TCCC) outage to loss of crypto synchronization; reloaded keying material; restored communications circuit before circuit was logged out by technical controllers

- Created database/tracked ventilation equipment in two hundered facilities--improved air quality/production

- Supervised repair of air conditioning at Air Force Network facility; protected $2.5M in critical equipment

- Scheduled course dates for officer and enlisted military members to attend--maximum use of available slots

- Repaired TISEO, PAVE SPIKE pods, PAVE TAC pods--maintained in peak operating condition

- Scheduled over 2,100 items with 100% accountability--critical single-point contact for 3,000 units in AOR

- Validated/scrubbed 122 PMEL accounts; overcame personnel rotations--restored vital oversight

- Superbly processed 2.5K air transportation documents--streamlined $1.5M in carrier payments on 4K flights

- Brainstormed intelligence and technology integration efforts for several new platforms including unmanned vehicles

- Provided full range of on-demand cryptologic support, tailored SIGINT advice and assistance to high profile CJCS mission

- Maintained the section's vehicles and over $900K of electronic and specialized equipment

- Developed new research methodology--improved the accuracy and timeliness of reports by 25%

- Scheduled both recurring and emergency maintenance on work center equipment--ensured data on target at 99% rate!

- Traced intercom system outage affecting the UHF and VHF radio systems to grounded headset--prevented mission scrub

- Key member of Benson fuel tank TCTO crew; installed 20 fuel disconnects; 180-day TCTO slashed to 30 days

- Reacted quickly under pressure by reprogramming C-5 display unit on divert acft; $120K flight computer saved

- MX expert who rebuilt interphone cord; 90 min fix accomplished in 30--82 pax & 12 cargo tons moved to Iraq

- Discovered KC-135 cell pinhole leak; applied patch--eliminated depot requirement, $10K in repair cycle costs

- Utilized existing equipment and spare parts to assemble rack--saved work center $3K in material costs

- Provided twenty-seven officers and SNCOs convoy training prior to short-notice deployment; ensured saefty

- Constructed display bulletin boards; provided 13,000 annual patients with preventive eyecare information

- Trained 12 newly assigned personnel on CERE procedures--significantly enhanced war-fighting abilities

- Processed thousands of AUTODIN messages at Base Communications Center--accuracy rate over 99%

- Volunteered to perform visual tests at local elementary school--guarded health of over 250 students

- Revised examination procedures for aircrew members--incorporated low light requirements--ensured mission readiness

- Networking guru who's connected all over VAFB; able to get the troops what they need without delay

- Compiles detailed after-action reports which shape future deployment strategies throughout the entire USAF

- Developed, tested NATO Integrated C2 software; identified many compatibility issues, provided solutions
-- Reduced unauthorized security accesses by 75%, provided improved C2 infrastructure ahead of schedule

- Perfectly controlled 1200 deployed troops; ensured safe operating environment and achieved all objectives

- Dedicated to excellence, orchestrated relocation of clinic's equipment,eliminated excessive patient travel
-- Increased face-to-face time spent by providers with patients by 20 percent; efforts lauded by superiors

- Ambitious Airman; completed 4 CDC volumes 2 months ahead of schedule; maintained outstanding 94% VRE

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