Performance in Primary Duties

Consider the quality, quantity, results, and impact of the Airman's knowledge and ability to accomplish tasks. Initiative/Motivation: Describes the degree of willingness to execute duties, motivate colleagues, and develop innovative new processes.

- Led 13 prsnl; authored SOP/tm composition/daily work sched--increased productivity 35%/coined by Sq CC
- Hand-picked amongst peers; briefed AFCENT/CC & COMKAF on XXX ELRS retrograde msn--lauded by CC
- Validated 8 RH UTCs; id'd/shipped equip/assets valu'd at $92K--ensured Bagram AB $1.3M proj msn success
- Mng'd R-14/UTCs; tracked 5K items/$23M--retrograded 120/$592K and repostured 516/$221K across AOR
- Mng'd HAZMAT turn-in tm; dispo'd 710 items/11K lb HAZMAT valu'd K--zero Bio-Environment mishaps
- Coord'd SSA/ERT/DRMO turn-in; delivered 1.1M lbs/$3.5M excess equip/assets--spt’d Afghan #2 priority

- Draws sound conclusions; adjudicated/dispositioned 8,200+ medical case files; 0% error rate-maximized ops
- Primary oversight of MEDCON process; validated 1,007 LOD cases; increased workload by 30% from FY 11
- Skillfull presenter; HITECH HST Course lead; trained 283+ full-timers, SGPs and SAS;100% positive ratings
- Project lead-Duty Determination Management System;coordinated IATO approval; 5 units beta tested on target

- Assisted w/quality assurance of $1.2M custodial contract for XX facilities--quality goals/checks exceeded XX%

- Diligently logged/tracked XX TCN movement on/off base—ensured 100% accountability of PSNL and equipment

- Lead crew 1st-ever LCLA formation airdrop; 2 tons cgo delivered--village sustainment op flawlessly executed

- Completed initial M28 training min time; immediately deployed--prevented LM less than one-to-one dwell

- Flew 139.8 hrs/145 cmbt sorties/airdropped 21 LCLA bundles totaling 11K pounds/168 pax/31K cargo moved

- Expertly executed SIPRNET/NIPRNET user validation & mandatory password review--abated potential risks

- Detail-oriented; submitted classified data collection report--HQ attuned to accountability of secure information

- Detail oriented; Safety Rep/flawless records mgmt tracking--validated wg's 99.84% UCI compliant rating

- GPC Cardholder; managed $5K unit budget for mission support purchases--ensured 100% item accountability

- Member of Raven team that ushered Mrs Biden into Dadboo Refugee Camp, Kenya--raised famine awareness

- Dedicated/professional Airman--bearing, dress/appearance, duty ethic set high standard for others to emulate

- Attended TF33 run course; aided two post phase runs/ensured sellback of two A/C--900 fly hrs added to 5 BW

- Oversaw faulty anti-ice valve replacement--thwarted potential ice ingestion/catastrophic damage to $1.5M eng

- Governed five TF33 acceptance insps; cleared 73 discrepancies w/zero QA defects--ensured ready spare line

- Aided Transient Alert; recovered/towed E-6B Airborne Command Post--secured Protection Level One asset

- Augmented AMXS as panel operator for A/C defuel; configured proper fuel load--promote to SrA immediately

- Identified fuselage crack; coord sheet metal repair--averted 4-day part turnaround/ensured nonstop phase flow

- Removed fuel tank to facilitate bearing repair; reinstalled with no QA defects--A/C flew Code One next sortie

- Executed 3.6K R-11 functional/safety insps; preserved $1.9M in assets--attained 94% veh in-commission rate

- Rebuilt four single point nozzles; saved over $7K in replacement costs--restored crit caps/funds to AF coffers

- Oversaw assets for real world SOCOM msns; hydro-tested 3.9K ft of FARP hoses--maintained 100% MC rate

- Piloted aircrew competency; flew 14 local FARP trng missions/172 man-hours--expanded Jt service readiness

- Led two F-22 lower fuel panel restorations; completed 4 hrs early w/no defects--acft met Combat Archer sortie

- Led team of 42! Mg'd 856 vehs/$169.4M/largest OEF fleet--25K repr's/51 TCTOs/69 nuke insp's for 9 FOBs

- Drove Wg NTV re-reg process; secured 81 added regs/cut 225 veh's from BAF roads--beat FRAGO by 8 days

- Responded to red ball engine problem--assisted Engines in changing ignitor control relay; 17 wounded moved

- Trained 5 techs on MHE diagnostics/cut NMCS rate 31%; catalyst to 3K Pax mv'd in 1 day--set BAF Record!

- Leaned 1.7K/$15.9 crit veh part orders; slashed shipment time by 28%--enabled 156K tns cargo/37K pax mv'd

- Created MC supply storage area; 2.2K residual parts cut/redistributed in-theatre--NMCS/VDP time down 25%

- Showcased logistical skills; cannibalized 33 MHE parts/527 NEI trans--3.3K sorties/1.5K transient a/c svc'd

- Championed 14 veh shipments to FOBs/19 rotations; eliminated 11 leased veh's--saved OEF $142K per year

- Transformed VM processes; created 8 MOIs/established QC prgm/re-vamped supply--sel Sq SNCO of the mth

- Inserted by helicopter to K-1; demonstrated MWD cabilities to 12th Iraqi Army Division--forged partnership

- Directed the completion of a phenomenal 3K routine work requests; awesome 98% on-time rate--total control

- Issued/accounted for 740 SF weapons/35K rds/235 Land Mobile Radios; valued at $2M--100% accountability

- Expertly managed the Wing's and Tenet Unit FOD Prevention Programs; zero FOD incidents for FY 2009

- Coordinated with Wing Safety actions to reduce the local bird habitat; saw a decreased number of bird strikes

- Technical skills unsurpassed, investigated 17 DOP incidents; ensured preventative measures were implemented

- Contributed over three hundred hours, sorted, loaded, secured, and delivered more than 3K packages and letters

- Consolidated S1 operations from three locations into centralized hub--created continuity, increased functionality 40%

- Ambitious Airman; completed 4 CDC volumes 2 months ahead of schedule; maintained outstanding 94% VRE

- Traced problem on faulty alarm interface panel to burned resistor, replaced, restored monitoring capability

- Trained four personnel on baggage X-ray equipemt servicing--increased uptime, reduced passenger delays

- Hazardous Material Awareness certified--enhanced skills needed to quickly identify hazardous incidents

- Evaluated and tested NATO Integrated C2 software; identified compatibility issues between US and NATO

- Reacted quickly under pressure to reprogram a C-141 display unit on divert aircraft--restored $98K flight computer

- Expert Electronic Standards Section trainer--trained six technicians on section's most complex test equipment

- Assisted Army personnel with developing calibration capability for their own AN/ALC-99 Frequency Counter
-- Transferred calibration responsibility for 12 units to the Army, saved 75 Air Force man hours annually

- Reprogrammed F-16 digital flight control computers, negated need for replacement-- saved over $30K in repair costs

- Reviewed, updated, corrected several key Software Installation Plans; oversight prevented critical C2 delay

- Corrected several Software Installation Plans; attention to detail prevented certain critical operations failure

- Quick decision making during ERRI/CERI scenarios--executed post attack UXO sweeps and SABC care

- Superb manager; programmed/executed recurring work program with impressive 100% completion rate

- Developed a cross-training program and self-directed work atmosphere that improved employee productivity by 95%

- Maintained an $18 million fixed asset property account with a 96.8% accuracy rating-best rating out of nine sections

- Dependable airman; deposited over $20K of passenger terminal's funds--100% funds accountability!

- Disseminated daily image reports and indexes via SIPRNET--100% accurate, correctly formatted and ahead of schedule!

- Connected remote users to Air Operations Center via Secure Internet Protocol Network--enhanced post defense readiness

- Implemented a proactive program to reduce tool shortages; over 800 man-hours saved during a six month period

- Corrected 355 uncoded visits in ALTHA/CHCS; data quality guidelines guaranteed--saved Air Force $53,250!

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