Performance in Primary Duties

Consider the quality, quantity, results, and impact of the Airman's knowledge and ability to accomplish tasks. Initiative/Motivation: Describes the degree of willingness to execute duties, motivate colleagues, and develop innovative new processes.

- Cmd impact! Contributor to AFI 21-101 AMC Supplement; authored 18 critical changes--clarified Cmd policy

- Directed incident/change mgmt process; resolved whopping 12K tickets--provided 99.8% network avail rate
- Org'd Common Op Picture upgrade; increased processing speed by 50%--enhanced CDR's battle space view
- Led upgrade of CMD's emergency comm package--CMD now has reliable emergency comm for senior leaders
- Estab'd Hurricane Sandy Recovery plan; coord'd critical cutover of Jt Targeting tool--delivered continuity ops

- Superior security mgr; program lauded during 09 ACC SAV--benchmarked for use by all ACC command posts
- Sharply monitored security clearance periodic re-investigation schedule--beat ACC's timeliness metric by 13%
- Meticulously upgraded 28 mission critical hard drives--optimized utilization for wing's Senior Staff operations
- Exceptional CSA; maintained/upgraded 35 computers & 53 telephones--sustained crucial command and control

- Led painting of 160 acft target/navigation pods; restored factory finish--protected $960M assets from corrosion
- Removed/replaced four upper engine mounts to facilitate hourly insps--extended service life of $60K assets
- Repaired three main landing gear door skins; saved $45K in procurement cost--averted 5 days acft downtime
- Aided with upper antenna bracket repair; completed 3 hrs ahead of repair estimate--acft made next trng mission

- Squadron AFAF rep; achieved 100% contact; propelled Gp to raise $3K; contributed to Wg mtg 100% of goal

- Led AMC's #1 BE Flt; Gp NCO of 3rd Qtr 09--mentored 1 Sq/2 Gp/1 Wg qtrly awds & 2 ORI outstanding perf

- Deployed in support of Ex VALIANT SHIELD; loaded four live GBU-32s...100% release rate/4K lbs on target
- Accomplished four Quality Assurance "ZD" graded evaluations...anchored AMXS superb 91% pass rate FY09
- Prep'd Phase 1 ORE; COLT checked 5 a/c w/pylons...11/12 aircraft accepted/49 WG gen timing "Excellent"
- Flawlessly reconfigured six F-22A from air-to-air to air-to-ground...enabled Wpns load training/12 crew cert'd

- Sq PTL; executed 10 fit evals/mentored 2 Amn; set example/promoted fit stds--boosted sq pre-test scores 12%

- Hosted CENTAF AGE Manager; provided plan for smooth drawdown; 100% equipt accountability SAV

- Applied LEAN concept to AGE inventory; $128K in excess equipment identified; SQ prepared for drawdown

- Chief of Records; revived three outdated file plans, readied for EOSS drawdown & permanent record storage

- Supplied Army's FSMT w/nitrogen; recharged eight service bottles--100% of Srn Iraq acft ready for service

- Methodically swept 1,900+ vehicles at installation entry point; assured 100% installation denial of VBIED's

- Repair ACFT with missing CED--rebuilt/rigged jettison system; ensured 48,550 passengers airlifted safely

- Expertly processed 31 critical deployment taskers--100% qualified trng/eqpt--zero individual/eqpt write-ups

- NCOIC of Combat Intel Ctr for ORE 09-03--analyzed 200+ messages/threats--provided critical Intel to leaders

- Safeguarded $15K worth of Intel eqpt--maintained 100% accountability--preserved sq operational readiness

- Reconstructed mobility processes--included new training AFCENT requirements--decreased infractions 98%

- Keen eye; identified cracked fan blade midspan--prevented 1.5M in engine compressor foreign object damage

- Versatile Airman; assisted electrician with light card replacement "red streak"--ensured msn training complete

- Excellent mechanic; trained peers on engine and pylon changes--increased engine shop qualifications by 10%

- Masterful technician; troubleshot/repaired/ops checked APU fuel control--prevented APU change/saved $587K

- Skilled; assisted crew chief slat change 4hrs ahead given standard--scheduled maintenance completed on time

- Eager to learn; volunteered outside AFSC with flap actuator change--mission secured 6 hours ahead of schedule

- Task oriented; isolated/repaired faulty fuel shutoff actuator on transient aircraft--msn delay averted by four hrs

- Meticulous maintainer; identified thrust reverser harness bad removed/replaced-- emended constant recur issue

- Corrected 355 uncoded visits in ALTHA/CHCS; data quality guidelines guaranteed--saved Air Force $53,250!

- Identified, corrected dozens of long-standing personnel issues--restored 100% visibility on DEROS allocations

- Planned restroom construction at Readiness Flt--conducted cost analysis, recommended in-house project; saved $200K

- Worked 20 off-duty hours ISO environmental data migration; reviewed 10 hazmat folders; exceeded AMC goal by 10%

- Unit electromagnetic radiation safety officer; scheduled initial inspections--ensured safe terminal environment

- Best in command! HQ AFSPC's “Financial Management Specialist of the Year” for 1994

- Established fire dept at bare-base loc in Yukekova, Turkey—obtained required veh, equip; operational in 7 days!

- Performed pump tests on 14 vehicles, ensured optimum readiness of the vehicle fleet and contributed to an "Excellent" rating in the Nov 94 Unit Effectiveness Inspection

- Discovered hydraulic leak on panels insp; replaced #1 brake hydraulic line--ensured 98% departure rate, FY04

- Implemented a phase training program; reduced required training time of newly assigned personnel by one year--saved $14,000

- Managed the Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Program for the 437th Fighter Squadron--zero incidents of RF exposure

- Selected ahead of all Beal AFB MSgts for Titan Research Company (TRC) Quality Assurance (QA) program

- Performed priority calibration of M20990 Spectrum Analyzer for Travis AFB F-16 squadron TDY at Bolling AFB

- Superior performer! Certified over 60 items of TMDE, key to laboratory's 5 day backlog--lowest backlog in years

- Top Airman! Selected as the 848th Missile Group Airman of the Quarter for the second quarter 1996

- Expertly processed and delivered 50K+ lbs of UK destined mail--boosted morale for 100K UK postal patrons

- Outstanding troubleshooter--resolved 200 Network Control Center trouble tickets per month via telephone

- Provided 6 hours of flight instruction; taught 32 people on respiratory protection/QNFT--vital to AEF training

- Conducted 2 indoor air quality surveys; monitored 9 toxic gases; ensured environment free from health hazards

- Spearheaded stormwater sampling efforts; ensured proper collection; wing met all federal discharge guidlines

- Responded to suspicious package report; assisted AFOSI in recovering contents without unnecessary hazard

- Conducted daily heat stress evaluations; protected over 9,500 workers/500 children in three day care centers

- Contributed 20 hrs to environmental data migration; reviewed 10 hazmat shop folders; exceeded AMC goal

- Recommended use of user-friendly thermostats and filter replacement media--modernized without expense

- Unswerving allegiance to duty--transferred 60K+ lbs of UK mail error-free; exceeded $90K in transport costs

- Detained military member for DWAI, discovered two concealed weapons; ensured safety of all on-scene patrolmen

- Coordinated ground operations for Copper Shield mission supporting Gen. Flintstone--textbook operation

- Identified, isolated loss of radar to fault in Common Integrated Processor--reseated card to restore--saved $2600

- Expertly evaluated over 120 job orders; developed short/long range goals, an astounding 80% completion rate

- Replaced or re-pinned over 40 entry gates--eliminated base perimeter breaches, enhanced force protection

- Expertly boresighted systems--accuracy made live-target firing unnecessary--saved over 10K in ammo

- Created unprecedented plan for ANGuard medical support to homeland defense--dramatic improvement in state response!

- Effected over 600 KC-135 fuel system repairs--enabled over 7K Wing flying hours--mission success!

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