Consider Overall Performance.

- Partnered with federal LEO/intel agencies; recovered missing sensitive equip prevented foreign acquisition
- Completed post-grad Denial/Deception cert; earned Distinguisted Grad, LoR to HAF/A2 certified by FDDC

- Lead Medic/Boston Marathon Bagram; managed 1st aid stations/water points; no injuries/supported 300 mbrs
- Piloted Team STEPPS prgm; chaired 288 ICU huddles; contributions influenced "Good Catch" award Feb 12
- Whole Amn concept recognized by ldrshp; awarded as 60 MDG NCO 4th Qtr; promote to TSgt ahead of peers

- Outstanding SNCO, true professional; section earned 100% QA pass rate during his tenure--promote to SMSgt!

- Top-notch NCOIC; proactively administered wing ground safety prgm while office was under-manned by 25%

- Phenomenal IMDS knowledge; ID'd/corrected 6 missing HC130 WUC's--ACC item manager records accurate
- Assisted w/annual sq potluck; coor'd successful event & fundraiser for 150--raised in raffles for sq UAC
- Superb NCO w/keen leadership ability; instrumental in 2011 ACC AF Outstanding Unit Award win--promote!

- Performed three F-22 acceptance inventories; 40 parts verified...ensured 100% wpns equipment accountability
- ID'd/corrected un-latched plume deflector; averted fuel/hydraulic sys failure...prevented loss of $143K asset
- Assisted Lockheed missile-launcher failure investigation; enabled safer loading procedures...promote SrA now

- Resourceful/versatile SNCO; perfect blend of leadership/skill--ready for increased leadership responsibilities

- Dynamic ldr; mng'd completion of 450+ jobs/$245K val; delivered 18K mn-hrs--achieved 99% on time comp
- Led Jt Base transition equip inven; pln'd/trck'd/relocat'd 250K items/$500K val--comp 2 mo ahead of FOC sch

- Community advocate; vol'd for base appearance tm--beautification project enhanced quality of life for Wg mbrs

- Already accepted challenges and has abilities of a SNCO; promote to MSgt, ready for a headquarters position

- Reconfigured 120 readiness folders; increased personnel processing 45%--exceeded AF suspense by 40 days

- Created two Threat of the Day briefs; apprised flight of threat capabilities--heightened situational awareness

- Strives for excellence! ORE 10-01 Top Performer; processes rated "Best" among FW--promote to TSgt now!


- Consummate ldr/mentor & role model; steadfast focus on pers/msn--make this proven manager a SMSgt ASAP

- Guided 17 preventive maintenance inspections; sustained access to 21 servers--ensured service to 4k+ users

- Assisted critical software tiger team; 298 MDG systems patched/restored--swift response lauded by MDG/CC

- Consistently produces sound results; continue to challenge this NCO with more responsibility--promote!

- All star member of my Joint Service Support Team; no personnel challenge too great; promote to MSgt ASAP!

- Outstanding Airman with can-do attitude--always willing to do more challenging tasks with greater responsibility

- Star performer! Received only stripe available from 321 MG/CC for STEP promotion to Staff Sergeant

- Selected as top performer of the quarter for 3rd Quarter 2004; displayed leadership, professionalism

- First rate professional! Shows ability and initiative to assume greater responsibility--promote now

- Top quality performer with unparalleled potential and solid NCO attributes; promote to TSgt ahead of peers!

- My #1 of 6 SNCOs; selected by Maintenance Chief as 1961st Maintenance Group NCO of the Year 04'

- Highly motivated! Energetic and diligent--demonstrated strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems

- Exceptional performer--further challenge with most difficult tasks--promote ahead of peers

- Best in command! HQ AFSPC's Financial Management Specialist of the Year for 1997

- Hard charging airman whose willingness to strive forward has set him apart from his peers--promote!

- Top Airman! Selected as the 848th Missile Group Airman of the Quarter for the second quarter 1996

- Good performer with potential to be an outstanding Airman and a valuable asset; promote with peers (4)

- Star performer! Received only stripe available from 1961st CG/CC for STEP promotion to Tech Sergeant

- Selected as top performer of the quarter for 3rd Quarter 2004; displayed leadership, professionalism

- First rate professional! Shows ability and initiative to assume greater responsibility--promote now

- Absolutely superior NCO; excelled in job performance, community service and leadership--promote at once

- Displays exceptional leadership qualities; ability to get the job done; recommend promotion/retention

- Solid performer; displays exceptional leadership qualities /abilities--recommend promotion soonest

- A dependable NCO with some room for improvement and the potential to become an outstanding leader (3)

- Flexible and versatile leader with unbounded potential, ready to assume SNCO responsibilities!

- My #1 of 3 NCOs--proactive leader--exemplary Airman who led the most active section in the squadron

- #1 of six planners! Successfully trained dozens of theater comm planners--vital to CENTCOM mission

- Superior performer; certified over 200 items of TMDE, key to laboratory's 1 day backlog--lowest in 5 years

- #1 2E NCO in AF Space Command! Selected as Communications & Information Professional of the Year for 2005

- Dynamic and distinguished NCO; leads by example; sets high, attainable standards--promote immediately

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