Consider Overall Performance.

- Technical expert and team player; earned directorate Amn of Qtr 4Q12--recent SSgt promotion well deserved!

- Salvaged dilapidating section; reinforced 36-2618/crafted peers/steered shop from inevitable failure...STEP!

- He is high speed/low drag; thinks ahead, leads and mentors at levels above peers--promote now!

- Complete package! No task too small/unlimited capabilities; my go to guy in critical situations...promote now!

- Aggressive; led repair of AC-130 brake sys; R2 metering valve < 1 hr, 2-hr norm; OIF msn launched on-time

- Impressive sys knowledge; troubleshot eng vibe to worn throttle clutch; on-time vital training mission take-off

- Nucleus of flight's training program; eliminated ancillary training backlogs for 36 assigned personnel--superb

- Dedicated SNCO--allegiance to mission inspires peers, made this NCO invaluable team member. Promote

- Outstanding team player! Propelled unit to win 2004 "OL of the Year" award--promote immediately!

- Mature and confident airman with extraordinary knowledge and initiative--immediately promote!

- Dynamic airman; multi-talented mechanic; readily accepts increased responsibilities; Promote Now!

- Outstanding NCO who leads by example; a solid professional ready for increased responsibility; promote!

- SrA GXXXXX is a very talented, well trained electronics and systems technician who inspires his peers

- A positive leadership example that consistently brought out the best in subordinates...promote now!

- An earnest airman, exhibits discipline in working towards completion of qualification training

- On site for only seven months, already 65% qualified on workcenter maintenance training tasks

- Rock-solid performer; consistently provides high-caliber maintenance and technical direction

- Inspected, serviced, and repaired aircraft systems--my most dependable and knowledgeable troop

- Good performer, accomplished tasks with minimal supervision; works well with peers; promote (4 rating)

- Confident and dependable, quickly becoming an integral member of the workcenter. Promote.

- Good performer with potential to be an outstanding Airman and a valuable asset; promote with peers (4)

- Star performer! Received only stripe available from 1961st CG/CC for STEP promotion to Tech Sergeant

- Possesses strong record of credibility, loyalty and dedication--true team player--promote now!

- Recent graduate of Airman Leadership School; deserving of new promotion to staff sergeant!

- Recipient of Mission Systems Flight Superior Performer Award for March 05; promote ahead of peers!

- Master of his trade; I rely on his knowledge and expertise on the system configuration; promote

- Absolutely superior NCO; challenge with greater responsibility--must promote immediately to Chief!

- #1 of five NCOs! Outstanding leader and top performer--delivered stellar results during Global War on Terrorism

- Superb radio operator--definitely promote this outstanding and professional operator

- Top-notch technical abilities key for mission support, ready for increased supervisory responsibility--promote!

- Eager to supervise troops! Attended Enlisted Professional Development seminar; honed leadership skills

- Best in command! HQ AFSPC's Financial Management Specialist of the Year for 1997

- A task-oriented, conscientious SNCO--efforts lead to increasing workcenter efficiency and effectiveness

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