Consider Overall Performance.

- Guided new ISR msn; Horn of Africa ops combating terrorism/piracy on target--228 images/7 ad hocs first flt

- Streamlined weapons scheduling process & eliminated no-shows; AFSO 21 in action enhanced CATM mission

- Received/stabilized 25 critically injured CCATT pts at SAMMC; rapidly transferred to higher echelon of care
- Delivered inservice on Belmont Rapid Infuser; taught 20 staff on set up/operation; eradicated operator mishaps
- Forged alliance; guided 23 Army mbrs on EPR bullet construction/AF customs; promote to TSgt ahead of peers

- Mx leader; IG lauded his section as "Impressive" during Aug 10 AFGSC NSI--zero findings; promote now!

- Key member and valuable asset to our unit! Highly respected leader and mentor by Group senior leadership

- Fueled '08 FHP; executed 300 maintenance tasks; zero repeats in Aug-Sep/26 mo unit best--7.2K sorties flown

- Above all! Member on one of only three USAF F-16 Demo teams; cross-utilized as crew chief--promote now!

- Developed Lost Item ACC Base Comparison presentation--leadership reviewed lost item trends within ACC

- Put learned FOD knowledge from annual conference to use; created new airfield check points--zero incidents

- Possesses great qualities/breadth of knowledge; a SNCO who is ready for SMSgt--promote at first opportunity!

- Singular initiative and ambition hastened the progress and development of our mentoring program in 2009

- Eager Volunteer; represented the AF at elementary school Patriot Day event, exemplary showcase of the AFRC

- Impeccable military bearing paired with maturity and poise; the Airman every unit hopes to gain--promote now!

- Naturally encompass the superlative qualities needed in todayís Air Force; a shining example of our core values

- Demonstrates the confidence needed to face the USAF toughest challenges--promote when ready (4 rating)

- My #1 of 16 TSgts! Superior performance across the board--give him bigger challenges--promote now!

- My #1 of 5 NCOs--proactive leader--exemplary NCIOC who led the most active section in the squadron

- Aided Facility Management for 2 months showing great efficiency when tasked; displayed great versatility

- Superior leader and professional; sets high standards for his peers to emulate--ready for promotion! (4)

- My #1 NCO; selected as Health Services Manager of the Year 2005--promote ahead of peers! (5)

- Mature and confident airman with extraordinary knowledge and initiative--immediately promote to SSgt!

- The most conscientious, loyal, and dedicated NCO Iíve served with in 20 years-- STEP to TSgt Now!

- A positive, can-do attitude; an example to his peers and subordinates

- An excellent performer; always looks for ways to improve the working environment for the MacDill team

- Automated logistical operations reporting; resulted in a 25% increase in the rate of transactions

- Reviews regulations constantly; sharpens knowledge while providing excellent service to all AMC travelers

- Utilized process improvement techniques; reduced military performance reporting delays by 75%

- Superior leader and professional; sets a high standard for his peers & all to emulate--ready for promotion

- Highly motivated; determined to succeed in his job; completes tasks correctly first time; a real strength (4 rating)

- Highly skilled member and motivated NCO; valuable asset to the unit and vital to Air Force mission--promote!

- Consummate law enforcer; professionally handled any of a variety of situations thrown in his direction

- A first-rate non-comissioned officer who is willing to face up to any task and tackle the issues head on

- Good work ethic; tackles any task above his skill level w/outstanding results--promotion to SrA recommended

- A well rounded individual, supports/encourages participation in squadron and community activities--wingman!

- First-class NCO whose can-do attitude and ceaseless determination are contagious--an excellent role model

- My number one SSgt; proven, exemplary track record confirms he is ready for immediate promotion!

- Top 15% of my SNCOs; superior technical expertise paired with unmatched motivation - promote to SMSgt!

- MSgt <> is the epitome of a highly motivated Senior NCO in appearance, knowledge and performance

- One of my best - a highly skilled/consistent stand out performer recognized by AMC IG - promote now!

- Guided 17 preventive maintenance inspections; sustained access to 21 servers--ensured service to 4k+ users

- Assisted critical software tiger team; 298 MDG systems patched/restored--swift response lauded by MDG/CC

- Consistently produces sound results; continue to challenge this NCO with more responsibility--promote!

- Community advocate; vol'd for base appearance tm--beautification project enhanced quality of life for Wg mbrs

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