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Resource Management and Decision Making (AF Form 911)

Consider Efficiency, Judgment, Setting and Meeting Goals

- Superb technical expert; utilizing UAS experience discvrd several program shortfalls; increased maint productn 40%
- Superior achiever; reviewed KTR grnd procedures for upcoming AOI noted several deficiencies; improved ops 30%
- Identified as FMS contract SME; prudent assistance to GFR led to equip on-time-delivery; 0 ground mishaps 5 KTRs
- Expert Orator; briefed SEA/DCMA core competencies; honed management skills of 20+ members--equipped leaders
- Revamped contractor surveillance program; brought oversight into agency compliance; able to trend qlty data 100%
- Pursuing DAWIA Level II in Program Management; 90% of reqrmnts cmpletd, 150 CLP's achieved! SME inevitable
- Astute SNCO; recent KTR assessment revealed calamitous calibration procedure flaw; mitigated risk to $1.5M assets
- Consistent superb performer with enviable depth and breadth of experience in DCMA; my go to SNCO for KTR ops

- Dvlp'd annual tng budget; obtained $95K to meet FY15 formal tng allocations--bolstered sq's readiness posture

- Administered $14M budget; acquired $3M in new service spt--delivered vital C2 to busiest Combatant CMD
- Key to AFG Surge Recovery OPS; ext'd AFG IT net to CENTCOM Fwd HQ--USFOR-A drawdown on sched

- Crucial, tireless research furnished new mission planning section with minimal budget and superior equipment

- Conceptualized section unit training assembly plans: implemented process to improve mentoring techniques
- Manages upgrade training program qualifying personnel on C-5, KC-10 and C-17 job qualification standards

- Received GPC trng/certification; sound resource skills...executed 2 squadron $30K budgets to with-in $1
- Flight leads squadron in Wing/Group CDC stats; 100% EOC pass rate; Validates trainee knowledge retention

- Flawless RM control/oversight of squadron funds--expertly managed the execution of 470K FY12 NRS budget
- Brilliantly managed quarterly & annual funds execution requirement; expertly balanced 11 OL budgets to 100%

- Faced with no initial unit funding; id'd, prioritized, requested, rec'd and managed unit unfunded request of 70K

- Serves in selectively-manned DoD-lvl position; lead IT/Exec mgr for Sr Def Official sptg AMBO/Host Nation
- Supervises 5-mil/civ; directs ops/mx for 8 wrk ctrs; manages $250M ntwrk sptg Security Asst Org's w/in AOR
- Directs $240K/7-Vehicle fleet, $200K COMSEC equip acct, certifies travel funds for $7.45M int'l trng prgm
- Approves/certifies $3M annual budget for logistic/services/official travel/joint & host nation mil engagements

- Executed $292K end-of -year funds; postured six contracts--garnered a 29% increase form '10 for QoL projs

- Received GPC trng/certification; provided sound resource skills...executed division's $15K budget to w/in $1

- Trustworthy; easy choice as CP GPC holder; demonstrated excellent judgment in executing unit's $11K budget

- Efficency minded; streamlines fiber coupler system reducing units footprint and improving signal by 25%

- First responder to numerous Prot Level I "Helping Hands"--safeguarded resources vital to nat'l security

- Directed 16 in-flt emergencies; key link between first responders & Wg CC--zero loss to ACC resources

- Oversaw Protestant $400k budget ISO 29 chapel programs with 14K+ participants--150% increase over 2010

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