Whole Airman Concept

Air Force Core Values: Consider how well the Airman adopts, internalizes, and demonstrates our Air Force core values of Integrity First, Service before Self, and Excellance in All We Do. Personal and Professional Development: Consider the amount of effort the Airman devoted to improving themselves and their work center/unit through education and involvement. Esprit de corps and community relations: Consider how well the Airman promotes camaraderie, embraces esprit de corps, and acts as an Air Force ambassador.

- Flt CFC rep; provide mbrs opportunity to spt >18K org's--advocated world's largest/most successful charity campaign

- Led system* amplifier restoral; aligned 32 parameters--provided bearing & landing info for 12 inbound F-16s
- Rewrote ** CS Quality Assurance OI; produced new technical order guidance--corrected 412 program errors

- Devoted 5 weekends as AADD volunteer driver; averted 13 alcohol incidents--emphasized wing man concept

- Volunteered over 75 hours to supporting local charities--org'd food drives, fed homeless and roadside cleanup
- People first! Developed/implemented/led Directorate PT-pgm; slashed PT failures 75%--herculean achievmnt

- Participated in 12+ joint lodge patrols w/LN's; bolstered lodge FP/AT measures--fostered US/LN teamwork

- Member epitomizes wingman concept by facilitating military instruction and aiding unit progression
- Member continually strives to advance within the force structure through training and coarse instruction

- Committed 9 hrs for bagging/4 hrs for wrapping; raised K for holiday party--turned sq frowns upside down

- While wounded controlled four platforms/two SoF during TIC; called/landed MEDEVAC--exfill'd two WIA

- Validated new drug test panel; 720 data points in 29 days; added 5 tests/cut costs $4K/yr & results 66% faster

- Vol'd 4 hrs to local church; assisted planning/prep of annual fallfest--enhanced fellowship for 50 students/mbrs

- Demonstrates versatility/excellent briefing skills; conducted Information Security training for 16 CP controllers
- Consummate team player; configured eight critical information systems for wg ORE--ensured vital connectivity

- Dedicated to local community; supported 20+ local non-profit charities & off-base 5K runs--helped raise $80K

- Aided "Fruitful Ministries" event; distributed $2.5K lbs of food--supplied 65 families w/low cost groceries

- Escorted family for retirement ceremony; honors conveyed to departing service member--upheld AF tradition

- Dedicated 52 hrs to Children in Crisis; Sq Log Assoc VP; led 3 events/raised $1K--offset mbrs holiday tickets

- Vol'd for bunker reconstruction team; filled/positioned >7K sand bags--assured safe shelter for 150+ personnel

- Agressively assisted sq with bldg fire extinguisher inspection and repaired deficiencies for safety compliance

- Solo support for Red Flag in Aug--presence ensured sorties encountered zero delays due to aircrew flt equip

- Highly effective team member--Quality Assurance evaluations of 310 items inspected achieved 95% pass rate

- Revitalized 12 cowling rack straps; repared/replaced worn out materials--saved AF $4K in replacements cost

- Phase I ORI increment monitor; safeguarded/transported $30K of mobility pallets--received Outstanding rating

- Involved! actively participated in base fitness center sponsored tournaments and leagues; shined in baseball

- Flight Safety Monitor; conducted 22 safety briefs/54 personnel--key to flight 100% free mishap/DUI/ARI rate

- Intramural Flag Football asst coach; fostered teamwork/camraderie in 21 players--represented APS w/ pride

- True ambassador; vol'd 52 hrs tutoring German students/roofing houses--solidified relations with host nation

- Expanded supervisor/leader skillset; completed 4hr performance report writing course--utilized in duty section

- Established unit MWR; ran network cables for CPU's and telephones--Morale increased tenfold for entire unit

- True wingman; AADD program vol; dispatched and chauffeured--provided ## mbrs safe rides home

- A people first leader! Recognized Airmen: two earned Flt Superior Performer of month, one C&I Amn/Year

- Organized a team for the AIDS Walk Washington 2009 Walk America 5K walk--raised over $200 to combat AIDS

- Developed, coordinated physical fitness regimen for squadron--increased participation and fitness scores

- Volunteered as youth group leader at chapel--enhanced the lives of local teens through positive guidance

- Absolutely superb leader! Commander selected to participate in $954K Keesler Air Force Base core upgrade

- Motivated team player; contributed off duty time and effort to support unit and community activities

- Elected 1961st CS Top 3 Sergeant at Arms--led standard conduct/order of meetings--ensured smooth changeover

- Bridge the Gap program member; counsels community members in drugs/alcohol addiction recovery

- Exceptional shift leader! Led shift in correction of 600 sensor pod and 400 support equipment discrepancies

- Unit AADD rep; prompt response on four call-outs--key to program success--saved lives & ensured zero DUIs

- Innovative and resourceful; researched and took the lead in unit's migration to the MBITR tactical radio system

- Elected Bay chief for second floor of dorm; accountable for the appearance and safety--best dorm on base!

- Dedicated professional who continues to shape future NCOs as a member of the SF Mentorship Program

- Mentored 2 CC Awd winning Amn; groomed for demanding careers; members captured Jan, Jul 08 CCs Awds

- Head coach of Patch high school wrestling team; taught safe/proper techniques--zero mishaps/injuries

- Motivated team player; contributed off duty time and effort to support unit and community activities

- Airman of the Month board member--leading the way for others--supports recognition for deserving Airmen

- Organized a team for the March of Dimes "Walk America" 20K march--raised over $500 to combat birth defects

- Unparalleled enthusiasm; possesses an out-in-front leadership style and the attributes of today's model NCO

- Volunteered to assist local Red Cross in distributing food and clothing to flood victims in the Gulfport area

- Pacesetter; organized first base detention center substance abuse/addiction recovery support group

- Received letter of appreciation--chaplain praised outstanding support/community service to Ramstein area

- Stellar NCO who leads by example; invaluable asset to the XXX training mission; must promote now

- Volunteer phone bank supervisor at Easter Seal telethon; surpassed its goal--raised $32,000

- Regularly participates in and oversees the weekly Meals-on-Wheels program

- Involved in local Head Start Program; patiently read books to over 22 children ages 5 years to 7 years

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