Whole Airman Concept

Air Force Core Values: Consider how well the Airman adopts, internalizes, and demonstrates our Air Force core values of Integrity First, Service before Self, and Excellance in All We Do. Personal and Professional Development: Consider the amount of effort the Airman devoted to improving themselves and their work center/unit through education and involvement. Esprit de corps and community relations: Consider how well the Airman promotes camaraderie, embraces esprit de corps, and acts as an Air Force ambassador.

- Raised $700/donated $200 to local Big Give prgm; funds benefit local homeless/troubled teens--spt our future

- Worked 3 hrs at local food bank; sorted 4000 lbs citrus--275 families fed/boosted positive community relations

- Tutored 3 Airman during tech school; proctored 4hr mathematics exam--recognized by Chaplin/received LOA

- Completed Train-the-Trainer Crse; certified instructor/trained 2 Airman--branch 100% on-time MQT complete

- Aided XXX AFB Child Dev Ctr; 1,000 lbs furniture moved; 12 hrs delivering sup's--improved learning cond

- Dedicated 2 hrs to foodbank; sorted/moved 10K non-perishable food items; 3 mo supply--effort fed 82 families

- ID'd A2-wide issue w/ SCI badge violations; briefed 130+ Amn--incidents dropped from 21 to 12 in one month
- Rallied SSO for weekly office functions; bolstered morale--leader who is ready to take on Senior NCO duties!

- Conducted English reading/writing class on TDY; tutored twenty local nationals--enhanced US/Korea relations

- Exemplifies Air Force motto: service before self; volunteered to fill last minute shortfall to support OEF/OIF

- Hand picked by CC sq drug testing program trusted agent--tested 100+ people/ensured 100% program accuracy

- Honor Guard & Focus 5/6; retreat team member & participated in "Legacy" soccer field improvements/game

- Dedicated Sq mail rep; picked up/delivered 800+ Group/Sq pkg's/letters--ensured uninterupted delivery

- Acted as FM Det courier; safeguarded $3.6M in USD & Iraqi Dinar--decreased dollarization in local economy
- Led 8 outside-the-wire financial missions; supported 300+ members at austere locations w/ financial services

- Instructed 3 new team mbrs on pymt tariffs/entitlements; ensured understanding--reduced discrepancies 20%

- Led elite team to wire eight gov't qtrs w/fiber optics in half of time allocated; coined by USSOUTHCOM/J6

- Outstanding achiever! Awarded AMN/QTR--always professional/positive attitude; true pillar of AF standards

- Hailed by TF16 Commander and Seargent Major for his exemplary work during VTC for Task Force Targeting

- Dedicated base Honor Guard mbr; 78 hrs--displayed outstanding professionalism...commemorated war heroes

- Fitness professional; led fitness center weekly circuit training class--500 base members improved their fitness

- Motivated team player who recognizes unit success is a team effort; always strives to become a better player

- Effective and vital for the success of AF program-leadership style overcomes any obstacle before him-promote!

- Volunteered for Commander's change of command ceremony--excellent military community involvement

- Set the example for 126 Airmen--sacrificed 250 community hours--named 714th Wing 2007 Volunteer of the Yr

- Directed operations in the Collection Management Section--responsible for over 80 Requests for Information (RFIs) a week during active operations--integral to successful intelligence operations

- Played a leading and aggressive role in establishing continuous care packages to forward deployed members

- Motivated team player; contributed off duty time and effort to support unit's self-help project--saved est $15K

- Unit AADD rep; prompt response on four call-outs--key to program success--saved lives & ensured zero DUIs

- Researched, took the lead in unit's migration to the new computer filing and tracking system; great sq support

- Rapidly established dynamic and motivating leader image--coordinated process for Tsunami victim donations
-- Helped displaced victims recover and earned complete respect and admiration from deployed commander

- Key member of Benson fuel tank TCTO project; installed 11 fuel-disconnects--180-day TCTO slashed to 60 days!

- Exceptional shift leader--Led shift in correction of over 500 sensor pod and 300 support equipment discrepancies

- Dedicated to healthy lifestyle; competed in Okinawa open wrestling tournament--won second place trophy

- Active Air Force Sergeants Association team member--recruited six members, helped sign up 120 new members

- Directed unit and active duty AF personnel as team leader during Silver Flag deployment greatly improving
contingency knowledge--surpassed all expectations--hands-on leadership was the catalyst for the entire effort

- Outstanding SNCO, volunteered to act as Operations Chief replacing deployed CMSgt, outstanding job!

- Liased with Japanese Air Force/civilian authorities bus accident response; fostered strong partnership

- Active in community--Prepared family style barbeque for 35th FW at Hirosaki's Cherry Blossom festival

- Conducted OPSEC training for 28 CS--62 mbrs better postured for worldwide deployments--key to readiness

- Hailed by two star General during safety board; provided support; aided in prevention of mishap reoccurrence

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