Whole Airman Concept

Air Force Core Values: Consider how well the Airman adopts, internalizes, and demonstrates our Air Force core values of Integrity First, Service before Self, and Excellance in All We Do. Personal and Professional Development: Consider the amount of effort the Airman devoted to improving themselves and their work center/unit through education and involvement. Esprit de corps and community relations: Consider how well the Airman promotes camaraderie, embraces esprit de corps, and acts as an Air Force ambassador.

- Ensured XX govt and contractor aircrew ready for flights--enabled $200M XxXX flight test program execution

- Multi-tasker--maintained 3 separate ARMS databases w/no errors--enabled $280M multi-program executions!

- Managed over $5,325 of purchases during end-of-FY/GSA card contracor transition--squadron funds protected

- Attended two Sq & Host Aviation Resource Mgmt courses--90% avg--center of ARMS expertise in AFMC

- Completed CCAF in Airport Management/fall graduate--4.0 GPA--sets academic standard for fellow NCOs

- Organized annual sq Thanksgiving dinner/holiday parade--unit morale and community relationship solidified

- Community standout--volunteered 12 hrs mentoring jr high students--ensured success of tomorrow's leaders!

- Trained 5 ANA medics; 8 ICU complex procedures/devices; advanced/maintained AOR health care transition
- Precepted 4 Army/6 AF medics; trained complex ICU procedures/equipment; boosted hands-on skills for FOB

- Proactively organized four person team for Habitat for Humanity; assisted in construction of six new homes
- Stepped up to fulfill vacant admin tech duties/developed process checklist; 50% reduction in late reporting

- Member of Combat Dining Out committee; wrote/prepared script for event--built esprit de corps for 130+ prsnl

- Dedicated 8hrs to Habitat for Humanity; assisted home construction for USA vet--incr base/comm/VA relations

- Partnered w/Special Olympics; vol'd 8 hrs safety authority in equestrian event--asserted strong mil/comm ethos

- Aided Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command; searched for WWII remains--sprt'd DOD prsnl accounting effort

- Assisted Wounded Warrior; loaded, moved, and unpacked household goods; boosted morale of local hero

- Mbr of Earth Day 2009 Team; marked base storm drains...raised awareness on impact of non-storm pollutants

- Supported multiple unit/base functions; volunteered 15+ hrs to Sesame Street show/Derby Days/beautification

- Performs at SNCO lvl; SSgt in Msgt duty pstn; managed 6 Airman--ensured unit maintained misson/cmbt goals

- Reorganized ARMS section; streamlined shop/provided leadership/instilled pride; increased production 50%

- COR custodian manager/SARM section; managed 45+ mission essential records; enabled 2,619 trng sorties

- Sponsored local family during the holidays; provided 10 gifts/devoted five hours--fostered community

- Selflessly volunteered three hours of off duty time to babysitting and cleaning up airmans dinner at xroads cafe

- Recieved LOA from Col Czelusta for volunteering to be director of decorating at Gen Rice's reception dinner

- Assisted Chief Kolbaum as Amn mentor; helped raise awareness in SNCO tier on how to asst amn with issues

- Proffered aircrew retirement; presented final crew flight authorization- aided monumental moment for retiree

- Dedicated two hours to ACDC NCO mentoring session with young airman; encouraged AF career advancemnt

- Created outprocessing checklist; coord with base agencies--70% completed for servicing AF pop on FSH

- SAFB Air Show volunteer; raised $2K for Det Booster Club--aided deployed members/org morale/promotions

- SABC instructor for ALS; taught basic life spt/life-saving techniques--ensured 66 Sq prsnl deployment ready

- First responder hazardous fuel spill; contained 100 gallons of diesel; safegaurded environment from toxic spill

- Organized PACAF '09 Air Show security team; provided safe/secure environment--event enjoyed by 5K+ prsnl

- Volunteered 12 off-duty hours on gate project; saved Air Force $5500--reduced ground safety hazards by 75%

- Exceptional ops spt; performed Prime Knight svc on nine PACAF msns--gnd times reduced/velocity boosted

- CMDR's "go-to" expert for wg, gp & sq ART/SORTS--proffered three briefings to FW/CC--flawless reporting

- Expanded mobility database--reduced excess deployment prep by 40%--AOR required tracking increased 75%

- Conducted OPSEC training for 28 CS--62 mbrs better postured for worldwide deployments--key to readiness

- Hailed by two star General during safety board; provided support; aided in prevention of mishap reoccurrence

- RAF Croughton base soccer team member, played on two UK teams--fostered positive host nation relations

- Managed 10 person all source intelligence production section--led, guided and directed activities of junior analysts

- Implemented an internal Random Evaluation Program that increased external evaluation scores by 20%.

- Motivated team player; contributed off duty time and effort to support unit and community activities

- Oversaw On-the-job training program resulting in 6 airmen receiving their upgraded status ahead of schedule

- Proven management skills set him apart from peers-transformed unit from lax to compliant-promote ASAP!

- Primary Observer/Controller for exercise X--evaluated Security Forces combat teams during scenarios

- Led fire hydrant replacement; ensured 100% fire coverage for AAFES warehouse--$200M assets protected

- Everyone's dream leader; standards others strive to achieve-wingman for AFRL-promote this cycle a must

- Served on the 35 AMXS Christmas party Committee--raised morale for single soldiers

- Supported Airman Against Drunk Driving--worked 14 hours--contributed to prevention of 7 D.U.I. violations

- Kadena Integrated Delivery System Member--AADD NCO advisor--efforts helped cut base 07 DUI’s 30%

- Primary Observer/Controller for exercise X; directly responsible for biennial inspection success

- Generous contributor to the 2007 Combined Federal Campaign--donation contributed to smashing USAFE goal

- Captained the replacement of 2760 computer systems; recovered 100% of documented assets; excellent stewardship!

- Developed inspection criteria for 88th AW units; enabled units to prepare, equip and train on the use of
individual protective equipment for an AETC ORI and the AMC Expeditionary ORI Crisis Reach 05-06A
-- Wing members excelled in the graded area ability to survive and operate during both command inspections

- In preparation for the ORI and for information integrity, organized and implemented a plan where the
squadron’s information on the email global was updated and correct

- Helped reorganize section into efficient, streamlined shop--zero late reports for all training requirements
-- Spearheaded campaign to increase efficiency--took charge for cover train inputs and training documentation

- Donated 40 hours off-duty time to mentor, instruct three high school students during study halls; superb mentor
-- Filled the educational gap for students traveling/missing school--motivated apprentices to learn new material

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