Skill Level Upgrade Training: Consider skill level awarding course, CDC timeliness completion, course exam results, and completion of core task training. Duty Position Requirements, qualifications, and certifications: Consider duty position qualifications, career field certifications (if applicable), and readiness requirements. Training of Others: Consider the impact the Airman made to train others.

- Completed 3 semester hrs--met requirements for CCAF Associates Degree in Electronic Systems Technologies

- Instructed six Amn on proper hazardous materials disposal; effort ensured 100% cradle-to-grave accountability
- Drilled/installed upper antenna bracket/former 2 hrs ahead of schedule/returned FMC--acft made next trng msn

-Led DTS flight inititative; 10 hrs web tng and instr qual gained--br'd Flt to Sq pgm bldg unit strenth for deplymt

-CCAF Awarded! Finished Bus Mgmt 201/Eng 101, awd'd 6 sem hrs--leaving seven classes for BS completion

- Managed CDC study guide fusion project; team created succint product; aided studies--100% flt CDC pass rate

- Conducted C-5 hydraulic jacking manifold operation; three prsnl trd/certify on critical task--shift qual's up 15%

- Mastered cardiopulmonary resuscitation/automated external defibrillator; improved sq's lifesaving capabilities

- Meticulous trainer; creat'd continuity/trng folders for new SSO NCO--mbr train'd in 6 wks, 75% faster than avg
- Attended NCO Professional Enhancement Seminar; enhanc'd leadership skills--mentored junior Airmen in SSO

- Dedicated to lifelong learning: completed 12 courses in pursuit of rigorous accelerated BS/MS degree program

- Accomplished 18 required proficiency wpns loads; zero errors/100% pass rate...surpassed 85% CAF standard
- Highly motivated; obtained 85% on two 5-level EOC test one month early...anchored sections 97% pass rate

- Superior leader--maximized simulators--upgraded FETS to BL-9--$25K under budget and ahead of schedule

- Superb job performance/attention to detail led to commander acknowlgedgement--SrA BTZ awarded

- Warrior scholar; completed two CLEP tests while deployed--earned 6 credit hours for CCAF degree in avionics

- Developed and refined the conversion to TBA computer training records for 10 QA personal in minimal time

- Led 20 pers thru pre-deploy trng, supervised eq issue, convoy & weapons trng, land navigation, and cultural awareness

-- Delivered trained Airmen able to join operations, ready to fight, immediately on arrival

- Dedicated individual; completed cdc's ontime with 89% on EOC- shows initiative towards career progression

- Attended in-flight welding course; 7 cores task signed off--immensely improving flt capabilities/msn readiness

- Comptia Network+ certified; grad level tng completed 18 months early--met cyber-critical DoD requirements

- Selected over peers to attend advanced Air Base Defense skills course; enhanced skills produced streamlined SOP

- Completed 110 of 195 upgrade/qualification tasks; 85% complete, 50% ahead of schedule

- Volunteered for ROWPU training; acquired skills needed to operate in an expeditionary environment--GWOT ready

- Radiation Hazard certified--enhanced skills needed to quickly identify threats to personnel safety and mission

- Eliminated ancillary training no longer relevant, redesigned needed training so requires less time--increased efficiency

- Coordinated HAZMAT efforts of maintenance flight sections; reduced redundant effort, produced most complete MSDS library on base

- Developed and presented training materials on new equipment being fielded to units throughout Europe

- Goal-oriented; enrolled in Air University Action Officer course; 14 of 27 courses completed, 90% average

- Completed train the trainer course--trained and certified flight personnel on job-specific tasks; zero failures

- Exceeded all training requirements; scored 94 percent on her 7-Level, CDC End-of-Course examination

- Initiated the transition of 400 personnel training records from paper files to a computerized database; provided a more user friendly and efficient system

- Trained 66 individuals in SABC training; immeasurably increased wing readiness posture

- Designed training program that improved the skills of subordinate observation teams--increased capabilities during operations by 33%

- Attended SERE Exercise with team--qualified for deployment

- Revised squadron Ancillary Training requirements, tailored for unit members--reduced overdue qualification by 30%

- Tackled failing workcenter security program; raised inspection results from substandard to excellent in less than 3 months!

- Enthusiastically completed Journeyman Career Development Course--outstanding 89% on end-of-course test

- Developed squadron Electrostatic Discharge program--prevented future equipment damge; likely savings of $20K

- Provided Land Mobile Radio training to base populace; recognized by Group Commander for superior performance

- Troops First Attitude, constantly striving for more training, sets the standards for improvised training methods, made sure that the AV shop is the best trained group in Civil Engineers; Great vision and judgment

- Assessed squadron training needs, developed appropriate programs tailored to workcenter requirements --reclaimed over 10K man hours spent on unnecessary training; enhanced productivity

- Trained personnel on forklifts (4k & 10k), warehouse tugs, and Aircraft Loading Specialty vehicles (25k & 40k)

- Managed unit deployment training requirements--ensured essential personnel, sufficient deployment staffing--integral to unit readiness

- Developed inspection criteria for 35th AW units; enabled units to prepare, equip and train on the use of individual protective equipment for an ORI and the AMC Expeditionary ORI Crisis Reach 04-02B
-- Wing members excelled in the graded area ability to survive and operate during both command inspections

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