Skill Level Upgrade Training: Consider skill level awarding course, CDC timeliness completion, course exam results, and completion of core task training. Duty Position Requirements, qualifications, and certifications: Consider duty position qualifications, career field certifications (if applicable), and readiness requirements. Training of Others: Consider the impact the Airman made to train others.

- Admitted to Nat'l Defense Intelligence University, Master Strategic Intel Program, expanded career/personal edu
- Filled vacancy as lead CPR Cert instr RAF Molesworth--expanded base life saving skills, promoted base safety

- Completed 40 hours at Lackland NCO PES--cultivat'd vital PME leadership & managerial skills

- Scored impressive 93% on CDC crs exam; rated top 1% among Sq's Amn--"raised the bar" for peers/ldrs

- Committed to self improvement--earned six credits towards CCAF degree in Information Systems Technology
- Stellar CSA; authored instructions for CP transition to the Automated Message Handling System--zero glitches

- Ed focused; completed 5 classes, 19 credits/maintained 3.8 GPA--BS in Nursing w/in reach ... 50% completed

- Impeccable attention to detail; first time DDO managed over $1.5M in disbursments--secured zero funds loss

- Motivated; pursing Bachelors Degree in Business Administration--earned 16 credit hrs/maintained 3.2 GPA

- Completed 2 college crs'; awarded 6 cr hrs toward Bachelor's Degree in Info Sys Mgmt--maintained 3.0 GPA

- Exercised imp of ancillary trng; scored 96% on OSHA & HAZMAT two days before peers--100% mission ready

- Achieved education milestone; Completed Community College of the Air Force Degree; increased capability

- Attended DISA conference/toured CONUS HQ; relayed fielding issues/gained insight to future programs

- Aggressively pursued 7-level upgrade training; completed 33 of 33 upgrade/qualification tasks in < 2.5 months

- Warrior; attended 120-day Combat Skills at Camp Atterbury; combat life saver/counter-insurgency/AOR ready

- Trained three members in mobilization preparation--multiplied effectiveness, 3 weeks ahead of schedule

- Advanced toward education goals; enrolled on-line Action Officer course, completed 2 credit hrs toward CCAF

- Developed comlete 20-page tng pamphlet for new personnel--improved job knowledge/performance quality

- Pursued off-duty education; completed eight credit hours towards CCAF Transportation Management degree

- Accomplished 219 of 310 upgrade/qualification tasks; 71% completed on three airframes--14% ahead of peers

- Currently enrolled at University of North Dakota--earned 9 semester hours with a 3.8 GPA

- Achieved an outstanding 99.2 percent on his initial evaluation as a Keys and Codes Controller—highest score among 25 NCOs assigned

- Dedicated to self-improvement through education; completed Bachelor’s Degree in Information Management at Southern University; earned a 4.0 GPA, graduated with honors and twice on the dean’s list

- Improvement-oriented; enrolled in Wing Action Officer course from Air University; 10 of 26 courses completed, 95% average

- Graduated 40-hr water purification unit training; proven under fire--kept aging units operational during deployment

- Joint Focused! Provided JIT training for 200 U.S. Army personnel tasked to augment deployed forces

- Volunteered for CPR classes--enhanced skills needed to quickly aid deployed team members; 100% deployment qualified

- Consistently strives for improvement, working diligently towards career progression...recommend promotion

- Involved in local Head Start Program; read books to over 35 children--bettered community

- Completed CDCs 1 month ahead of schedule; tested 88% on end of course exam--ready to accomplish CCAF!

- Attended 40 hrs of ROWPU training; acquired skills needed to operate in an expeditionary environment--GWOT ready

- Tutored high school students--raised students' grade from an "F" to an "A" in a mere four weeks--inspiring!

- Motivated airman; displayed genuine enthusiasm; made steady progress in aircraft maintenance qualification

- Maintained a 3.0 GPA in term 1, 2 with the University of Maryland University College

- Superior performance in all phases of professional military education garnered his selection out of 22 airman as Airman Leadership School Distinguished Graduate for class 04-C!

- Trained 16 ARC pers on 51 core/duty tasks; mbrs 100% equipped/qualified--enhanced "Total Force" readiness

- Trained 4 Amn on data backup & restoral procedures; increased task coverage; 5 lvl requirement met

- Manually updated 31 systems to latest SAV edition; quarantined 35 outdated systems--protected 2.1M network

- Taught pre-deploy trng; despite short-notice, worked closely with trainees, staff, produced AOR-qualified Airmen on time

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