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Training, Education, Off-duty Education, PME, Professional Enhancement, and Communication

Consider Providing, Supporting and Personal Growth

- Took 3 grad crs's; 9 credits twd MBA Mgmt degree--cont'd professional dvlpmt/set positive example for peers

- Earned CCAF Professional Mgr Cert; refined ldrshp, mgmt, & comm skills--armed for increased responsibility

- Completed Air University s Air Force Culture & Language prgm; earned 6 credits; culturally competent SNCO

- Completed Cross-Cultural Crs; learned diverse comm skills--applied to tech proficiency/earned 3 CCAF crds

- Completed PTL/FAC fitness training; revamped Sq's PT pgm w/robust group exercises--key to 100% pass rate

- Accomplished public-speaking crs; earned 3 credits toward CCAF/bolstered professional comm skills

- Attended Naval Chief Petty Officer PME course; attained necessary skillset to lead svc mbrs in joint missions

- Mastered Senior Enlisted Joint PME; 40-hrs joint-doctrine enrichment--prepared to lead joint svc assignment

- Fused academic credentioals w/mil duties; earned 3 hrs towards BS in Business Administration--earned 4.0 GPA

- Cut-trained on Key Task Listing; accomplished 15 flight critical insps--verified compliance/quality mx actions

- Confirmed advanced educ lvl and ldrsp/mgmt experience--rcvd honored CCAF Professional Mgr Certification

- Engaged in higher education; earned 7 cr hrs twds CCAF degree in Aerospace Technology; attained 3.7 GPA

- Earned 9 cr hrs towards AS of Mx Mgmt Production degree; maintained 3.7 GPA--expanded academic skill set

- Absorbed 40 hr NCOPE crs; polish'd NCO skillset/gained CAF focus--jr tm mbrs completed 21 college cr hrs

- Leads by example; first SNCO in squadron to complete Senior Enlisted Joint PME; mentored others to succeed

- Earned 44 credits Registered Nursing/CCAF degree; maintained 3.2 GPA; integrated education into daily tasks

- Complet'd merg'd AFSC CDC's; devour'd advanced career field knowledge--garner'd 93% CERTEST average

- Complet'd Literature/Principals of Supervision; earned 6 credit hrs toward Bachelor degree--secured 3.4 GPA

- Consumed Course 14; honed leadership abilities/professional growth--set the standard on EPME development

- Took charge of tm during ART trainer's TDY; trained new Amn on 20 core tasks--no delay w/tng progression

- Completed beginner & advanced welding calss; trained 1 mbr/garnered 5 credits/12 credits away from CCAF

- Trained/certified four Airmen on 120+ 5/7 level upgrade tasks 3 mos early--boosted work center qualifications

- Completed Public Speaking course, fulfilling final requirements for a CCAF degree in Aircrew Operations

- Completed SEJPME /HazMat Inspectors crs during dplymnt; amped pro growth/dvlpment--utilized trn in AOR to spr't jt frc msns

- Completed qualification training meeting standards on loading aircraft; increased mission productivity

- Continuous academic growth; completed SNCOA correspondence course 14; led by example

- Dedicated to personal and professional advancement/growth; earned CCAF Aviation Mx Technology degree

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