Achievement Medal Citation Examples

Senior Airmen Ryan E Kimball distinguished himself by meritorious service as a Fire Protection journeyman while deployed to an undisclosed location in Iraq from 19 April 2018 to 15 December 2018. During this period, Senior Airmen Kimball showcased fire ground expertise as a driver operator as part of an eleven man team. He responded to five wildland fires totaling over 600 acres and mitigated four in-flight emergencies. His support led to the identification and ventilation of smoke in the highest priority facility on base. While assigned to the emergency medical element, Senior Airmen Kimball's adept coordination abilities with the camps surgeons were instrumental to the foundation of the flights emergency medical operating protocols. His arrangement efforts facilitated the evaluation and replacement of over three hundred twenty expired supplies. Senior Airmen Kimball's superior performance aided in the protection of five hundred coalition personnel and thirty nine million dollars in global response force assets. This included the execution of five thousand three hundred intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and combat sortie operations resulting in enemies killed in action. The distinctive accomplishments of Senior Airmen Kimball reflect great credit upon himself, the 387th Air Expeditionary Squadron, the Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, the United States Air Force, and the Department of Defense.

Staff Sergeant Heather M. Vickers distinguished herself by meritorious service as Noncommissioned Officer in Charge, Air Defense Element, Analysis, Correlation, and Fusion Flight, 26th Air and Space Intelligence Squadron, 502d Air Operations Group, Directorate of Air and Space Operations, Headquarters, Pacific Air Forces, Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. Sergeant Vickers’ thorough analysis and inclusion of critical all-source intelligence provided the Joint Force Air Component Commander and key staff with essential information required to make sound tactical decisions, pointed theater assessments and accurate long-term strategic plans. As the sole electronic intelligence operator assigned to the Pacific Air Operations Center, Sergeant Vickers enhanced the center’s intelligence analysis capability by initiating a training program for six element members on the unit’s automated electronic intelligence systems, instructing personnel on systems’ capabilities and proper utilization, thus optimizing readiness in support of warfighters and decision makers. During escalating tensions with North Korea, she contributed to the successful monitoring of the crisis by providing real-time threat reporting and analysis to senior leaders to ensure threat warning and safety of aircrew for over 20 sensitive reconnaissance operations. Sergeant Vickers’ analysis of the United States’ primary adversary’s ground-based and naval air defense capabilities was crucial to the rewrite of the Joint Air Operations Plan, communicating the commander’s guidance in posturing theater combat air forces. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Vickers reflect credit upon herself and the United States Air Force.

Senior Airman Teddy A. Perez distinguished himself by meritorious service as Supply Management Journeyman, 49th Logistics Readiness Squadron, 49th Mission Support Group, 49th Wing, Holloman Air Force Base New Mexico. During this period, the outstanding professional skill, dedication, and ceaseless efforts of Airman Perez resulted in major contributions to the effectiveness and success of the 49th Wing. He processed 128 stock number loads and 76 issue requests worth 16 thousand dollars that contributed to the generation of 4,900 sorties. Additionally, Airman Perez streamlined the quality control process for the Delinquent Document program which resulted in 24,000 documents cleared and decreased the delinquent document rate by 52 percent. Furthermore, he assisted with the Headquarters Air Forces’ Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness task. Airman Perez inventoried 200,000 equipment assets and corrected 136 discrepancies worth eight million dollars. Finally, his technical expertise significantly contributed with the Air Combat Command directed Individual Protective Equipment inventory. He inspected and built 450 mobility bags that attained a 98 percent inventory accuracy rate. The distinctive accomplishments of Airman Perez reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

First Lieutenant Kelly W. Tabor distinguished himself by meritorious service as Clinical Nurse, 96th Medical Operations Squadron, 96th Medical Group, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. During this period, Lieutenant Tabor’s exceptional leadership as Charge Nurse supervised the health and recovery of 473 medical, surgical, and pediatric hospitalized patients. He identified and responded to ten emergencies where he directed the lifesaving stabilization and critical care transfers of five neonatal and six adult patients to advanced care. Additionally, Lieutenant Tabor’s manning augmentation of Labor and Delivery operations saved $72.8K in patient transfers. As a preceptor, he worked 1,468 hours readying seven new nurses, increasing mission ready staffing by over 13%. As a Sector Commander in the 2011 Operational Readiness Inspection, Lt Tabor directed multiple responses to a wide spectrum of simulated wartime incidents where his superior execution directly contributed to the Wing’s “Excellent” rating. Lastly, Lieutenant Tabor’s exceptional clinical skills and leadership supported patient education and care contributing to the “Best Hospital” award 2011 and 2012, and the 2012 Joint Commission accreditation and Health Services Inspection “Excellent” rating. The distinctive accomplishments of Lieutenant Tabor reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

First Lieutenant Yvonne M. Johnston distinguished herself by meritorious service while assigned to the 407th Supply Chain Management Squadron, 638th Supply Chain Management Group, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. During that time, Lieutenant Johnston’s outstanding professionalism, knowledge, and leadership aided immeasurably in defending retention of unique radar assets worth 36 million dollars; this retention was crucial for long term sustainment of the B-52 Airframe. Additionally, her dedicated efforts as a Logistics Management Specialist led to an overall reduction in customer wait time by 91% ensuring the right part was in the right place at the right time. Finally, Lieutenant Johnston spearheaded an integrated product team in a partnership with the Department of Energy to consolidate multiple engineering efforts for two nuclear certified parts which saved 100 thousand dollars. The distinctive accomplishments of Lieutenant Johnston reflect credit upon herself and the United States Air Force.

Airman First Class Paul H. Stanley distinguished himself by outstanding service as an Air Transportation Apprentice, 16th Transportation Squadron, 16th Special Operations Wing, Hurlburt Field, Florida. During this period, he contributed immensely to the deployment, employment, and redeployment phases of the wing's Operational Readiness Inspection, COMMANDO ACTION. While working long stressful hours under austere weather conditions, he interfaced directly with the Deployment Control Center and prepared over 100 load plans. He was also instrumental in executing all facets of the transportation career field by performing aerial delivery, fleet services, passenger and cargo processing, and traffic management functions. His hard work and dedication to duty ensure 1,150 passengers and over 1,000 tons of cargo were flawlessly transported to and from Cecil Field, Florida via air and surface transportation. His involvement directly contributed to the wing receiving an overall "Excellent" rating. In addition, he was recognized by the Air Force Special Operations Command Inspector General as a "Professional Performer". The distinctive accomplishments of Airman Stanley reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Major Chris M Putnam (Maj Oscar Corredor) distinguished himself by outstanding achievement while assigned to the 375 AMDS, 375 MDG, Scott AFB. (95 AMDS, 95 MDG, Edwards AFB) Maj Putnam (Maj Corredor) distinguished himself as a member of Task Force Bon Voizen during Operation New Horizon from 29 May 2011 through 11 Jun 2011. He was selected as a member of a (25?) member medical team that provided care to over 7500 patients in (Bocavelle?), Haiti during a 2-week MEDRETE. Maj Putnam (Maj Corredor) was the ophthalmic team lead directing 3 providers, 2 translation assistants, and 1 ophthalmic technician while procuring more than 2000 spectacles and nearly 1000 donated medications. His team examined over 1500 patients dispensing nearly 1200 spectacles, 900 medications, performing 25 minor surgical procedures, and referring 15 high risk patients for definitive surgical care. Maj Putnam's (Maj Corredor's) leadership and recommendation directly led to his NCOIC being awarded the Army Acheivement Medal by the Task Force base commander. The distinctive accomplishments of Major Putnam (Maj Corredor) reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Technical Sergeant Gepson J. Auguste distinguished himself by outstanding achievement while assigned to the 6th Security Forces Squadron, Macdill Air Force Base, Florida. Sergeant Auguste volunteered to support the 6th Security Forces Squadron in support of operation IRAQI FREEDOM. During this period, Sergeant Auguste was appointed Shift Lead of Tanker Way Gate and his meticulous leadership of the morning shift ensured accurate vehicle inspection of over 300 vehicles a day, and expeditiously processing contractors entering the facility. Additionally, Sergeant Auguste was appointed Training Monitor at Tanker Way Gate and was an integral part of his assigned airmen successfully completing their correspondence courses. Furthermore, Sergeant Auguste's leadership was crucial to the successful findings of drug paraphernalia and final denial to base access. Finally, Sergeant Auguste's outstanding professional skill and knowledge aided immeasurably in safe-guarding Macdill Air Force Base. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Auguste reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Staff Sergeant Erik V. Marsaln distinguished himself by outstanding achievement as an Aerospace Maintenance Craftsman, 728th Air Mobility Squadron, Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. During this period, Sergeant Marsaln provided exceptional maintenance capability critical to the completion of over 2,048 combat airlift missions delivering over 11,000 passengers while sustaining an impressive 93 percent maintenance departure reliability rate. More specifically, while performing a basic post inlet and exhaust inspection, Sergeant Marsaln identified and repaired six damaged first stage fan blades, eliminating parts order and mission delay saving Air Force $60K in replacement costs. His actions enabled delivery of essential blood and medical supplies to awaiting forces in Baghdad. Additionally, his expeditious assessment and replacement of a C-17 engine ignition lead under "red ball" time constraints guaranteed zero delay in the delivery of supplies to war fighters in Afghanistan. Finally, his astute leadership was vital to the 728th Air Mobility Squadron moving over 33,000 tons of cargo. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Marsaln reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Airman First Class Hap W. Arnold distinguished himself by outstanding achievement as Theater Battle Management System Administrator, 504th Air Communications Squadron, United States European Command, Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany. Before deploying to Joint and Coalition Exercise RED FLAG 00-1, Airman Arnold performed the work of an entire workcenter, single-handedly preparing, deploying, planning, and implementing the full theater battle management equipment compliment. He led a crew of six airmen for three weeks in the loading and marshalling of twelve pallets of equipment valued at over 6 million dollars. Throughout the exercise, Airman Arnold managed Contingency Theater Automated Planning System configuration and databases and kept all networking records, accounts, and databases current on a daily basis ensuring 100 percent accessability and accuracy. His outstanding efforts were directly responsible for exercise success and increased readiness.

Staff Sergeant Melinda C. York distinguished herself by outstanding achievement while assigned to the Special Operations Communications division, 437th Communications Squadron, 437th Support Group, 437th Airlift Wing, Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina. When contractor installation problems rendered the secure telephone system for special operations inoperable, and the Department of Defense's proposed solution was months, possibly years, away, she was one of three team members who volunteered to tackle the problem. She was an integral part in the planning and putting the solution into action. Working around training schedules and alert and flyig missions, the team worked nights to finish the project in only 7 days. When all was done, the team moved eight 50-foot electrical conduits and totally rewired the system. Her initiative saved the Air Force over thirty thousand dollars and enhanced combat readiness.

Staff Sergeant Carl M. Thoroughgood distinguished himself by outstanding achievement as a mission-essential team member of Operation Fiery vigil, Clark Air Base, Republic of the Philippines. During this period, Sergeant Thoroughgood's superior performance and outstanding professionalism aided immeasurably in the protection of lives and equipment, and the recovery of operations at Clark Air Base following the volcanic eruptions of Mount Pinatubo. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Thoroughgood reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

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