How to Fill Out the Decor-6

Fill out the Decor 6. This document takes only a few minutes to fill in and it can be handwritten. The only information required is that which is available on the decoration recipient's personnel RIP:

ITEM 1A. Write the name of the decoration you're requesting to be awarded (Air Force Commendation Medal, Air Force Achievement Medal, etc.)

ITEM 1B. Write the appropriate indicator after "cluster". Check the recipient's decoration history listed in para 6 of the DECOR6. If none of the type of award being recommended are currently authorized (have previously been awarded), write "BASIC". If 01 is listed (indicating the person being recommended currently already has one of the type of medal being recommended), write "First Oak Leaf Cluster". If 02 is listed, the recommended decoration will be the "Second Oak Leaf Cluster", etc.

ITEM 1C. Inclusive dates:

FROM DATE This date will normally be the date the member arrived on station. If the decor-6 is for a decoration in recognition of a specific act (Outstanding Achievement), enter the first date of the act to be recognized.

TO DATE This date depends on the circumstance:

DECORATIONS FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT - Use the last date of the act which the individual is being recognized for.

DECORATIONS FOR RETIREMENT - Use the last day of active duty. This is normally the last day of the month except for medical retirements. If the member's retirement date is 1 Jun then the last day of active duty would be 31 May. Persons on terminal leave are still considered to be on active duty.

DECORATIONS FOR SEPARATION - Use the actual day of separation from service.

DECORATIONS FOR PCS - Use the "projected departure date" as shown in item 6 of the DECOR6. If a firm departure date is known it may be used.

DECORATIONS FOR PCA - Last day of duty with the losing unit. Date should correspond to the date on the AF Form 2096 or other transfer document.

DECORATIONS FOR EXTENDED TOUR - This must be at least 3 years from DAS, or previous award (not counting awards for achievement or heroism). The closeout date for a decoration based on this provision will be on or after the DECOR6 has been computer generated.

DECORATIONS FOR HEROISM - Use the last date of the act or event for which the individual is being recognized.

ITEM 1D. Circle the term which represents whether the recommendation is based on heroism, outstanding achievement, or meritorious service. The term, Meritorious service, is normally used to indicate the award of a PCS medal (which can be an Achievement Medal, a Commendation Medal, etc) and Outstanding Achievement is normally used to indicate recognition of an achievement. There are exceptions. For a complete explanation of these categories refer to AFI 36-2806.


A recommendation for doing assigned duties or related tasks in a superior manner. Generally, a recommendation for decoration based on meritorious service must be for a completed period of service as marked by reassignment PCS, PCA, retirement, separation, death or extended period of service. An AF Achievement or an AF Commendation Medal may be submitted for meritorious service.


Recognizes a single specific act or accomplishment separate and distinct from regularly assigned duties, such as successfully completing important projects or upon reaching major milestones of a long-term project or negotiations or accomplishments in a temporary duty (TDY) status. (A significant project accomplished within regularly assigned duties may meet the criteria).


Recognizes acts of courage or gallantry. In most cases this should involve voluntary risk of life. The facts must demonstrate that the individual performed above and beyond that which would normally have been expected of any other person in the same situation. The act should also be service connected and/or on behalf of the Air Force.

ITEM 1E. Circle reason for decoration. Retirement, Separation, PCS, PCA, Extended Tour, Posthumous, Achievement, Heroism, Act of Courage.

ITEM 1F. Enter the date presentation is desired. This date is used by Career Enhancements to ensure the unit has the decoration well in advance of the requested presentation date. If processing a PCS decoration, enter a date before the recipient's last duty day.

ITEM 1G AND 1H. If the individual is separating or retiring, fill in a forwarding address. If the individual is PCSing and the gaining MPF (Item 1G) and gaining unit (Item 1H) are blank, type in the information as reflected on the member's PCS orders.

ITEM 2. This information should already be filled in (unit, station of current assignment, and individual's rank). If the individual has been or will be promoted during the decoration's inclusive period, make sure Item 2C reflects the new rank; i.e. TSgt Eff 1 Jan 06. If the individual has submitted a name change, use the official name reflected in the computer on the decoration's close-out date.

ITEM 3. Except for posthumous awards, enter "Not Applicable." If posthumous, ensure both surviving spouse and parent(s) are listed.

ITEM 4. If other persons are being recommended for the same act, achievement, or service, circle "YES" and submit DECOR6 and citation for each person. If no other person is being recognized for the same act, circle "NO".

ITEM 5. This is for information only. If the information is not accurate, process a change through your unit orderly room.

ITEM 6. This is the decoration history as it appears in the Personnel Data System (PDS).

ITEM 7. The recommending officials must read this statement before signing item 8.

ITEM 8. Circle the appropriate RECOMMEND or DO NOT RECOMMEND statement and sign the DECOR6. Normally the Commander must also sign the DECOR 6.

QUALITY FORCE. Quality force considerations are essential to preserving the integrity of military decorations. Individuals whose performance and/or conduct have been less than outstanding should not be recommended for a decoration. A person is normally not recommended if during the recognition period they:

NOTE: Exceptions to the above may be made in certain circumstances.

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