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AFI 36-2805 Special Trophies and Awards

Leadership Opportunities

- Outstanding facilitator--coordinated student appointments with base agencies--reduced "no shows" by 35%

- Handpicked from among peers--competed in "TOP TECH" at Squadron level--exemplifies instructor standard

- Supervised Airmen during dorm move--provided direction/guidance--ensured smooth transition/safety of all

- Strove for professional development--attended Lunch and Learn seminar--bolstered leadership development

- Sought to gain leadership skills--attended Lunch and Learn seminars--applied learned skills to mentor Airmen

- Charismatic leader--continually hones leadership skills--attends leadership breakfasts and luncheons

- Superb--attended leadership breakfast/lunch & learn seminars--applied situational leadership to subordinates

- Dynamic leader--interim supervisor--superbly led 9 instructors, 250 students and managed $1.5M equipment

- Always improving leadership skills--attended four leadership breakfasts/lunches--enhanced leadership skills

- Charismatic leader--continually hones leadership skills--regularly attends leadership breakfasts and luncheons

- Attended 2 leadership breakfasts/2 lunch and learn seminars--applied situational leadership to subordinates

- Superior NCO--selected to attend 82 TRW Creative Leadership seminar--greatly enhanced leadership skills

- Six Sigma training--learned new leadership style--briefed SNCOs/subordinated on new expertise--improved morale

- Committed to personal/professional career development--read three books from the AF Chief of Staff reading list
-- Applied new-born flair/theories to leadership style--improved section's morale and instructor productivity by 20%

- Attended leadership workshop--implemented new-found skills into activities--increased instructor productivity 10%

- Attended lunch and learn session--incorporated improvements to interoffice communication and interaction

- Attended Administrative Assistant Seminar--established a cohesive peer network based on information sharing

- Excelled by completing manager training courses--increased organizational skills--reduced late suspenses 10%

- Outstanding NCO--pursued all tasks with confidence and professionalism--recent promotion selection merited

- Dynamic leader and supervisor--maintained shift order and discipline of 75 members--promotion deserved

- Exemplified the highest standards of a well rounded professional--always set the example both on and off duty

- Outstanding NCO and instructor--committed to excellence in all endeavors--consistently exceeded standards

- Outstanding NCO and instructor--highly dedicated to job performance and AF mission--exceeds all standards

- Outstanding SNCO--talented and dedicated Section Chief for the Aircraft Maintenance Fundamentals course

- Heavy flight split-shift supervisor--provided leadership and guidance to over 200 personnel on irregular shifts

- Top-notch professional--outstanding Air Force SNCO--recent promotion to master sergeant well deserved!

- Excellent NCO--demonstrated good leadership qualities and above reproach work ethic--marked for potential

- Exuberant NCO--extremely methodical and conscientious with a tireless devotion to excel at all tasks

- Brilliantly led 48 military and 5 civilian instructors--provided 245 combat-ready crew chiefs to 8 MAJCOMS

- Expertly managed 7 aircraft/13 trainers worth $80M--scheduled 23 classes/3 shifts--reduced downtime 15%

- Demonstrates the highest level of appearance and military bearing--pivotal model for students to shadow

- Phenomenal NCO--superior initiative and flexibility--triumphs eclipse contemporaries in every aspect

- Led team of 35 in removing 250 parts valued at $2M from four excessed C-130 aircraft--replenished field supplies

- Six Sigma training--learned leadership style--briefed SNCOs/subordinated on new expertise--improved morale

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