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AFI 36-2805 Special Trophies and Awards

AF Form 1206, Nomination For Award


- Eagerly participated in a majority of Area XXX's programs; ensured unit successfully met all its numerous objectives
- Enthusiastically supported USAFA Grass Roots, Summer Seminar, Educator Orientation, and Academy Day events
- Superior Air Force ambassador; orchestrated numerous college fairs; promoted USAF officer accession programs
- Focused attendee at semi-annual area mtgs; stayed abreast of the most current USAFA and AFROTC program issues
- Precise scribe; completed evaluations and required forms in a timely manner and professional easy-to-read style
- Effective liaison; performed duties despite personal time demands; demonstrated commitment/goal-centered success

Unit Safety NCO (Manager) from (date) to (date)

Selected Unit Airmen of the Month (dates) (dates)

Planned-organized visit by Tusgee Airman

Go-to team member, others often seek out for guidance when faced with difficult situations, always first to assist

- Successfully passed Intro to Computer Software Applications enhancing personal computer skills

- Conducted 200 quarterly vehicle registrations with 98% accuracy; exemplified unit's integrity and proficiency

- Familiarized self with AFI and OI's pertaining to specific duties, increased job knowledge and readiness in career

- Streamlined auditing procedures associated with costumer requests; saved 10 hours monthly

- Generously spoke at Veterans Day breakfast, received numerous praises for communication skill

- Received letter of appreciation from commander; exemplified excellence in all we do

- Expertly coordinated squadron Hail and Farewell luncheon; impressed peers and squadron members with leadership abilities

- Assisted Amn with sponsorship and inprocessing resulting in easier, faster, and stronger readiness of new personnel

- Developed sponsorship checklist, improved effectiveness of inprocessing and reduced time waste 20 percent

- Conducted 150 plus hours of planning crowd control responsibilities for Forth of July celebration, resulted in disturbances to all time low with no injury reports

- Updated NCOIC guide for squadron personnel; sharpened skills/knowledge, focused & reinforced sq efforts

- Unit Security Mngr--revived neglected program, corrected ten historical repeat observations--zero write-ups

- Attended AF Operational Network Implementation conference--advanced interests of tactical planners

- Directly responsible for award of 200+ $1M EOY requirements; entire list funded and 100% Wing funds utilized

- Volunteered to oversee unit participation in annual base fund raiser--increased unit morale, benefited charity

- Identified need for $100K fire training facility maintenance; structures back in compliance--training ensured

- Provided key input for implementation of new integrated Base Access System; Id'd, fixed potential system flaws

- Edited, contributed to Army Logistics and Deployment Standards Handbook, and Future Ops Planning and
OTP Execution Plan, DR prioritization--responsible members of military profession

- Organized visit by 13AF Commander & staff, arranged base tour--fostered growth of mission awareness

- Results oriented! Orchestrated repair of 6 specialized entry barriers--zero degradation in FPCON posture

- Go-to team member; others often seek out for guidance when faced with difficult situations; always first to assist

- Member of pet welfare organization, cares for deployed members' pets--relieves stress, facilitates mission

- Personally managed $1M ASPM contract; monitored entire base utility use--drove $2M annual cost savings!

- Volunteered to head CFC charity drive for the workcenter--positive role model, bettered conditions for all

- Negotiated $10M AF custodial standards contract; seamless CoCOM integration with projected 25% savings/5 yrs

- Six of eight members attend seventh member's ALS graduation--excellent cell unity and positive example

- Overhauled $50M 437AMW Top 3; simplified pricing, increased flexibility, accountability & reduced overhead

- Volunteered for, planned and participated in annual POW/MIA ceremony--powerful display of integrity

- Expertly managed 20 large dollar contracts >$500M--maintained critical infrastructure support for Charleston

- Thorough coord w/OSI led to capture of illegal alien; revoked contractor privileges, eliminated AT/FP threat

- Sq pillar; invaluable source of knowledge for 200+ CE Service Contract reviews--validated by UCI excellent!

- Worked 30 hours during AF Sergeants Association fund raiser--raised over $400 for local charities

- Performed excellent background analysis; resulted in identification & capture of 3 persons with active warrants

- Rare customer service skills; issued 1K+ base passes with no complaints; lauded as “Outstanding” by customers

- Resolved bulb recycling effort conflict--dealt with known environmental compliance problem, avoided Wing fine

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