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AFI 36-2805 Special Trophies and Awards

AF Form 1206, Nomination For Award

Performance in Primary Duty


- Single-handedly repaired C-5 Core Processing System malady, ensuring on-time mission achievement, saving 50 man hours across multiple shops.

- Coordinated BAS/ESM prgm to unit lvl briefed units on new procedures—100% compliant w/HHQ directive

- Tackled AFE Quality Assurance pgm; created shop trend analysis metric system--increased equipment tracking

Acting First Sergant/Sq Superintendent for four mo--enforced standards; Sq personnel comply with AFI's
Advises Squadron CC on all matters concerning enlisted morale/discipline, training and force readiness issues

- Partnered w/MSM's ROFR office; max'd utilization w/in 3 mil clinics/recaptured 600 visits--saved AF $90K
- Facilitated 4K urgent care referrals; secured timely processing & minimized ER utilization--saved AF $270K
- Authored referral reference guide; streamlined process/standardized w/in MSM--reduced referrals errors 18%
- Tracked ??K med referrals; coord'd specialty note collection w/TriWest--resulted in 98% consult return rate
- Processed 200 ASAP referrals w/TriWest/provided authorizations same day--secured timely delivery of care
- Assisted w/45 MEBs/collected clinical notes--all packages completed w/in 25 days/exceeded AF std by 16%

- Organized two week GDSS training class-four base agencies/50 personnel trained; delivered emerging system to Beale

- Emergency deployed to Vicenza, Italy, trained 171st Airborne Brigade on high frequency radio operation
-- Trained 8 troops, configured interoperable network--responsible for successful Joint Operations in Liberia

- Superior performer! Certified over 60 items of TMDE, key to laboratory's 5 day backlog--lowest backlog in years

- Expertly processed and delivered 50K+ lbs of UK destined mail--boosted morale for 100K UK postal patrons

- Helped 129th Signal Bn troubleshoot high data rate comm links in Iraq--quickly restored links critical for C2

- Coordinated ground operations for Copper Shield mission supporting Gen. Flintstone--textbook operation

- Monitored theater communications during activation of new data switch--coordination with V Corps soldiers
deployed in Iraq resulted in rescheduled activation--prevented loss of secure comm during critical operation

- Superb manager; programmed/executed recurring work program with impressive 100% completion rate

- Arranged loan of scarce resources for 11D pre-deployment tactical training--increased deployment readiness

- Developed new research methodology--improved the accuracy and timeliness of reports by 25%

- Scheduled both recurring and emergency maintenance on work center equipment--ensured data on target at 99% rate!

- Visited USAFE/6ASOS and USAREUR HQ to increase operational knowledge--reduced obstacles to Comm

- Performed end-of-runway, through flight, and phase inspections--attention to detail resulted in zero mishaps

- Quickly replaced a defective RC-135 engine feed manifold valve--installed new component in 5 hours--ahead of schedule!

- Configured software for substitute satellite radio while ship under repair--insured continued 7th Fleet C2

- Agile Combat Support!--Reviewed, prepared over 3K troops in less than a week for deployment--100% met requirements

- Updated Cargo Movement Operating System (CMOS) for all deploying pax with 100% accuracy

- Provided support for US Army Europe tactical radio operational training--increased unit comm capability

- Disseminated daily image reports and indexes via SIPRNET--100% accurate, correctly formatted and ahead of schedule!

- Quick-witted; when communications failed with Nellis controller, assumed control of camera suite--prevented loss of feed

- Instructed 88MI personnel on secure tactical radio operation--added new tool to MI communication inventory

- Moved 12,000 passengers and 500 short tons of baggage with zero aircraft delays--extremely proficient!

- Stellar up-keep of $2.5M vehicle fleet--achieved 99% in-commission rate--mission readiness enhanced

- Participated in numerous teleconferences planning the transition to new standard communications network
planning and coordination with users, detailed evaluation of new application, feedback will insure successful transition

- Maintained shift schedule, training, equipment and ADPE (Automated Data Processing Equipment) inventories--100% effective!

- Conducted daily heat stress evaluations; protected over 12,000 workers and children in three day care centers

- Documented procedures for resource tracking software, distributed--increased equipment fielding efficiency

- Recommended use of user-friendly thermostats and filter replacement media--modernized without expense

- Re-engineered inadequate 2.5-ton air conditioning system at busy 22nd Comm Squadron snack bar

- Arranged week-long operations planning class for USEUCOM planners--trained 9 component planners

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