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AFI 36-2805 Special Trophies and Awards

AF Form 1206, Nomination For Award

Sustained Job Performance

- Sustained Case Management System; forged bond w/FSS--fixed 33 cases/9-day avg--smashed AF 30-day goal

- Oversaw the completion of 200+ firewall modification requests--ensured on time and secure completion

- His integrity, attitude and professionalism are truly well above his peer group

- SSgt Smith has been the most consistently energetic, talented, and motivated airman I have ever worked with
-- Often works late when focused on a project, often comes in on his day off to check ops tempo
-- Always dissects problems in more detail than ever before; never failed to identify cause of ops failures

- Troubleshot inability of deployed 3ID troops to establish high priority comm links between units in Kuwait
-- Identified incorrect net configuration, coached operator by phone in reconfiguring his equipment
-- Unique skills directly responsible for activation of links, successful mobile operations in Iraq

- Supported 693rd Airborne Brigade war plans--tackled training and planning problems threatening mission
-- Ensured 100% reliable comm during 1,100 paratrooper night drop into Iraq--secured defensive positions

- Designed radio terminal database for 693rd Airborne Brigade deployment to Liberia for peace-keeping ops
-- Skilled inter-operable design insured communications between Army ashore and Navy support at sea

- Coached Sigonella Air Station sailors on tactical satellite terminal operation and network planning
-- Enabled unit to deploy and train Sixth Fleet radiomen--increased NAVEUR comm flexibility, efficiency

- Assisted in the installation of the next generation network planning software and UNIX workstation
-- Extensively evaluated new tool, identified and reported several deficiencies in hardware and software
-- Identification and detailed reports insured the operational success of new system by users worldwide

- Assisted Naval terminal operators at Bahrain with repeated UHF and SHF comm problems,
-- Intensive analysis of telemetry data pointed to widespread use of unauthorized user IDs and satellite time
-- Instructed operators on frequency requests procedures—skilled troubleshooting crucial to Naval ops and theater support

- Assisted JMAST personnel with joint operations with C6F flagship; configured, produced terminal image for SCAMP

- Identified error in scheduled sequence of events for transfer of critical circuits from existing Tech Control Facility to new facility
--unsolicited input to ops center prevented loss of critical communications

- When new software and link was installed, immediately became the most proficient in using its capabilities
-- Documented procedures for operating terminal software and analyzing findings, distributed, increased ability of others

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