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One of the rules of good writing is that you don't use the same word too many times or for too many different situations. When it comes to EPRs or awards, generally, a verb or adjective should not be used more than once. That's when a good thesaurus is helpful in looking up alternative words. Unfortunately, many thesauri aren't very helpful because they list a lot of alternatives that aren't really acceptable in an Air Force environment. That's why we're developing this Air Force thesaurus. Note that this is not a strict document. Most verbs are listed in their past-tense form because that's how they're normally used in an EPR. Many of the synonyms are not exactly equal but they are listed if they seem appropriate. Many of the terms are listed only once even if they can be used as a verb or an adjective and their alternate words are listed together.

able accomplished (v) accomplishment accurate achievement acted
actions active adapted adept adopted aggressive
aggressively agile alert allayed ambitious anomaly
assisted atmosphere attacked attend attentive authored

bearing beneficial bested bold bolstered brave
broad bulletproof

capable chaired chosen climate coached commandeered
commended committed competence competent completed completely
conducted confident conscientious considerate consistent contributed
contribution conventional coordinated corrected created critical

dedicated dedication delivered demonstrates dependable determined
developed devoted diagnose diligent directed displayed
distinguished driven due duties

eager earned effected effective efficient efforts
eliminated enabled enforced enhanced ensured enthusiastic
epitomize essential established evaluated exceeded excelled
excellent execution exhibits experience expert exploited
extensive exuded

facilitated fearless feat fixed flawless flawlessly
flexible focused (v) focused (adj) fostered

helped hand-picked highly humanitarian

identified implemented important impressed improved (v) improved (adj)
increased indispensable initiated instilled intent integral
invaluable invented isolated

key keen knowledgeable

lasting leader led leveraged loyal

made maintained managed mastered mature mentored
motivated (adj) motivated (v)

obtained optimized orchestrated organized (v) oversaw

participate peak peerless peers performance performed
practical prepared prevented proactive procedure processed
produced productive proficient promote protected provided
punctual pursue

qualified quick

received recognized recommended reduced relentless reliable
repaired rescued researched resilient resolute resourceful
responded responsible restored results revamped reviewed
revised revitalized revived revolutionized

saved selected selfless service skilled skills
smart sought spearheaded stalwart standards sterling
streamlined strengthened strong successful superb superior
supervised sustained

tactful teach tenaciously tireless top toughness
trained tremendous troubleshot

unlimited unrivaled unmatched unstoppable unwavering

validated very vigilant vigorous vital volunteered

watchful work wrote

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able; capable, expert, skilled, knowledgeable, competent, proficient

accomplished (v); finished, completed, executed, achieved, performed, mastered, gained, attained, perfected, produced, realized

accomplishment; feat, achievement, act, service, performance, credit

accurate; reliable, true, dependable, rational, factual

achievement; coup, feat, accomplishment, act, service, performance, credit

acted; served, performed, functioned, operated, worked, represented, fulfilled, assumed

actions; efforts, service, performance, work, decisions, management

active; energetic, dynamic, working, busy, diligent, industrious

adapted; revised, changed, harnessed, modified, used, adopted

adept; skilled, proficient, expert, talented, experienced

adopted; embraced, chosen, selected, preferred, assumed, used, utilized, committed

aggressive; ambitious, bold, proactive, energetic, tenacious, hard-charging, gung-ho, determined

aggressively; energetically, tenaciously, hard-charging, gung-ho, determinedly

agile; multi-talented, mutli-skilled, flexible, multi-tasking, nimble, fluid, proficient

alert; ready, energized, watchful, careful, dedicated

allayed; alleviated, mitigated, quelled, reduced, eased, tempered, decreased, lessened, diminished, satisfied, pacified, placated, regulated, controlled, quenched

ambitious; aggressive, enterprising, bold, proactive, advancing, energetic, eager

anomaly; error, fault, defect, disorder, rarity, abnormality, inconsistency, irregularity

assisted; helped, aided, facilitated, contributed, enabled, backed, supported, benefitted, bolstered, boosted

atmosphere; environment, climate, ambience, surroundings, context, setting, situation, habitat

attacked; tackled, assumed responsibility for, ran, managed, spearheaded, took on

attend; appear, be a guest, be at, be present, be there, catch, check in, clock in, come to light, drop in, frequent, go to, haunt, make an appearance, make it, make the scene, observe, participate in, pop up, punch in, punch the clock, ring in, show, show up, sit in on, time in, turn up, visit

attentive; watchful, careful, sober, thorough, dedicated, alert

authored; wrote, documented, created, produced, drafted, detailed, recorded, inscribed, summarized, noted, organized

bearing; presence, appearance, demeanor, attitude, posture, poise, display, behavior, conduct

beneficial; helpful, enabling, positive, facilitating, supportive

bested; beat, conquered, surpassed, defeated, outmatched, outshined, outdistanced, outperformed, eclipsed

bold; daring, audacious, fearless, courageous, resolute, steadfast, brave, dauntless, heroic, gutsy, soldierly, stalwart, valorous

bolstered; reinforced, strengthened, shored up, encouraged, fortified, braced, supported, augmented, buttressed

brave; fearless, daring, bold, courageous, steadfast, unyielding, dauntless, heroic, intrepid, stalwart, unafraid, valiant, valorous, noble

broad; wide, vast, expansive, wide-ranging, comprehensive, far-reaching, boundless, multi-faceted

bulletproof; unassailable, enduring, immovable, invincible, stalwart, sturdy, tenacious, tough, indomitable, invulnerable

capable; adept, qualified, licensed, skilled, able, competent, proficient, trained, expert, certified

chaired; facilitated, oversaw, managed, led, supported, supervised, headed, directed, held, piloted, steered

chosen; selected, picked, designated, appointed, assigned, tapped, drafted, elected, singled out, hand-picked, accepted for, adopted, called for, elected, embraced, favored, prefered, taken, wanted, selected over peers... chosen from among...

climate; atmosphere, environment, ambience, surroundings, context, setting, morale, situation, habitat

coached; mentored, encouraged, led, motivated, propelled, inspired, supported

commandeered; took over failing project, assumed duties as manager of, appropriated control over, took reigns of control, assumed command over, took over as T.O. monitor

commended; cited, recognized, complimented, praised, credited, applauded, endorsed, extolled, lauded

committed; devoted, dedicated, sworn, loyal, diligent, involved, invested, supportive

competence; adequacy, maturity, ability, capability, capacity, competency, expertise, fitness, know-how, proficiency, qualification, savvy, skill, suitability, talent, adaptability, readiness

competent; skilled, able, qualified, talented, adept, proficient, certified

completed; finished, accomplished, handled, closed, achieved, discharged, effected, executed, fullfilled, performed

completely; thoroughly, well, in a detailed manner, exhaustively

conducted; performed, led, administered, handled, oversaw, supervised, arranged, headed, chaired, guided, directed, managed, operated, held, ran, controlled, piloted, steered

confident; self-assured, assured, capable, tested, sure, experienced, veteran, strong, fearless, bold, secure, self-reliant, positive, courageous

conscientious; dependable, thorough, sober, careful, systematic, thoughtful, diligent

considerate; team player, modest, supportive, thoughtful, compassionate, tactful, cautious

consistent; dependable, always, habitual, constant, unfailing, regular, unvarying, unswerving

contributed; gave, provided, donated, presented, delivered, dispensed, supplied, distributed, furnished, aided, helped, assisted, benefitted, augmented, fortified, strengthened, volunteered, instrumental in...

contribution; help, aid, effort(s), labor, work, endeavor, donation, delivery, assistance

conventional; expected, customary, traditional, standard, prescribed, preferred, accepted

coordinated; arranged, caused, orchestrated, organized, collaborated, scheduled, designed, developed, set up, put into place, planned, brain stormed, negotiated, cooperated, united, harmonized, integrated, reconciled, accommodated, served as liaison

corrected; fixed, improved, rectified, eliminated, righted, remedied, restored, revised, reformed, straightened out, scrubbed, amended, adjusted, debugged

created; developed, caused, invented, initiated, established, launched, made, composed, master-minded, founded, conceived, put into place, planned, generated, originated, coordinated

critical; important, essential, vital, necessary, crucial, decisive, consequential, required, meaningful, significant, weighty, memorable, prominent, central, key, indispensable, fundamental

crucial; key, indispensable, critical, important, essential, vital, necessary, required, significant, central, fundamental

dedicated; devoted, loyal, diligent, involved, invested, supportive, sworn, interested

dedication; committment, determination, loyalty, devotion, diligence, involvement, service, investment, support, interest, allegiance

delivered; produced, generated, effected, made, grew

demonstrates; shows, displays, exudes, exhibits, projects, embodies, manifests, expresses, bears, illustrates, reflects

dependable; reliable, trustworthy, responsible, faithful, loyal, stable, steady, steadfast, sober, conscientious, counted-on, mature

determined; single-mindedly, focused, unstoppable, driven, resolute, earnest, purposeful, serious, unfaltering, unwavering, persevering, unswerving, relentless, intent, fierce, unyielding

developed; invented, initiated, founded, launched, guided, expanded, established, evolved, coordinated, advanced, made, composed, master-minded, founded, conceived, put into place, planned, generated, modified, grew, formalized, integrated, managed, mentored, streamlined, aligned, shaped, expedited, revised

devoted; dedicated, loyal, diligent, involved, invested, supportive, sworn, interested

diagnose; analyze, audit, check, determine, diagnosticate, distinguish, examine, inspect, interpret, investigate, pinpoint, pronounce, recognize, spot, test

diligent; dedicated, loyal, attentive, conscientious, thorough, careful, systematic, thoughtful, earnest, meticulous

directed; instructed, led, supervised, managed, coordinated, guided, headed, coached, chaired, mentored, oversaw, presided over, conducted, taught, steered, captained, controlled, governed, commanded

displayed; demonstrated, exhibited, showed, manifested, projected, presented, embodied

distinguished; dignified, imposing, remarkable --marked by eminence, distinction, or excellence; dignified in conduct or appearance; providing effort above and beyond the call of duty; highly respected; showing exceptionally meritorious service in their duties

driven; focused, intent, resolute, determined, dedicated, motivated, inspired, obsessed, compelled, enthusiastic, passionate

due; (as in 'due to his vast experience...') because of, owing to, as a result of, considering

duties job, responsibilities, tasks, assigned tasks, assignments, work, mission, chores, commitment, obligations, role, service, undertaking

eager; motivated, gung-ho, energized, inspired, willing, enthusiastic

earned; received, garnered, won, secured, attained, gained, scored

efficient; adept, resourceful, effective, knowledgeable, productive, organized, able, accomplished, apt, capable, clever, competent, decisive, deft, dynamic, effectual, equal to, experienced, expert, good at, handy, masterly, practiced, proficient, qualified, ready, shrewd, skilled, skillful, talented, well-organized

effected; caused, carried out, accomplished, handled, induced, processed, conceived, generated, enacted, discharged, executed, performed

effective; efficient, productive, resourceful

efforts; actions, service, performance, work, attempts, management

eliminated; vanquished, deleted, erased, removed, rid, cleared, disposed, purged, eradicated, exterminated, shut out

enabled; allowed, let, permitted, empowered, conditioned, made fit, prepared, readied, made possible, provided capability for, facilitated

enforced; ensured, controlled, maintained, corrected, managed

enhanced; bettered, improved, streamlined, polished, tuned, adjusted, strengthened, augmented, elevated, lifted, raised

ensured; enabled, guaranteed, made certain, made possible, assured, warranted, promised, provided, satisfied

enthusiastic; motivated, devoted, eager, earnest, gung ho, intent, passionate, spirited, willing, invested, inspired, energetic, fervent

epitomize; characterize, embody, exemplify, illustrate, model, personify, represent, stand for, symbolize, the meaning of

essential; key, necessary, critical, important, integral, significant, fundamental, vital, crucial, required, meaningful, central, indispensable

established; founded, implemented, set up, put into place, originated, built, created, installed, positioned, arranged, designated, directed, specified, prescribed, stipulated, instructed, made, instilled, planned, demonstrated

evaluated; measured, tested, judged, rated, appraised, analyzed, ranked, surveyed, assessed, estimated

exceeded; surpassed, went beyond, bested, overcame, excelled, outshined, transcended, outdistanced, outperformed

execution; completion, accomplishment, achievement, administration, consummation, delivery, discharge, doing, effect, enactment, enforcement, fulfilling, implementation, operation, performance, prosecution, realization

exhibits; shows, displays, presents, exudes, projects, demonstrates, embodies, illustrates

excelled; thrived, flourished, shined, mastered, surpassed, bested, grew, came through, eclipsed, exceeded, improved upon, outdid, outshined, outstripped, surmounted, topped, transcended

excellent; superior, high quality, first-rate, exceptional, terriffic, unsurpassed, unparalled, unequalled, first-class, accomplished, admirable, distinctive, distinguished, exemplary, good, great, incomparable, invaluable, magnificent, meritorious, notable, outstanding, peerless, prime, select, sterling, striking, superb, superlative, supreme, tiptop, top-notch, world-class

experience; knowledge, ability, background, education, expertise, proficiency, familiarity, involvement, know-how, maturity, participation, practice, sense, skill, sophistication, training, understanding, comprehension

expert; acknowledged source, professional, leading, skilled, guru, experienced, recognized authority, proficient, trained, practiced, knowledgeable, authoritative, master

exploited; used, manipulated, seized (as in seized every opportunity or advantage), capitalized on, extracted maximum benefit from, took advantage of..., benefited from, made maximum use of...

extensive; vast, broad, expansive, long, wide-ranging, comprehensive, far-reaching, boundless

exuded; radiated, projected, exemplified, personified, exhibited, manifested, emitted, demonstrated

facilitated; chaired, aided, assisted, encouraged, helped, coached, coaxed, enabled, led, pushed, eased, made possible, furthered, promoted

fearless; brave, self-assured, confident, assured, capable, tested, sure, strong, bold, courageous, daring, steadfast, unyielding, dauntless, stalwart, unafraid, valiant

feat; accomplishment, achievement, act, action, service, performance, credit, coup

fixed; repaired, saved, replaced, engineered, restored, reprogrammed, troubleshot, adjusted, rectified, analyzed, regulated, renewed, revived, preserved, reinstated, recovered, redeemed, conserved

flawless; admirable, consummate, brilliant, faultless, distinguished, exceptional, impeccable, perfect, remarkable, immaculate, ideal, spotless, superlative, accomplished, beyond compare, crowning, excellent, experienced, expert, polished, matchless, peerless, skilled, skillful, sound, superb, supreme, unequaled, incomparable, singular, unrivaled, superior, outstanding, above average, top, top notch, unparalleled, unmatched, impressive, above average, standout, high quality, notable, noteworthy, phenomenal, world-class

flawlessly; perfectly, admirably, accurately, correctly, faultlessly, brilliantly, exceptionally, impeccably, expertly, skillfully, superbly

flexible; agile, multi-talented, mutli-skilled, multi-tasking, nimble, fluid, proficient

focused (v); concentrated, aligned, consolidated, leveraged

focused (adj); intent, driven, determined, motivated, targeted, obsessed, ambitious, compelled

fostered; facilitated, encouraged, advanced, supported, promoted, developed, nursed, championed, made possible, caused, motivated, guided

hand-picked; selected, chosen, appointed, tapped, drafted, elected, singled out, selected over peers... chosen from among...

helped; facilitated, contributed, assisted, aided, saved, enabled, backed, supported, benefitted, bolstered, boosted, increased

highly; (as in 'he was highly successful in...') very, extra, absolutely, acutely, amply, astonishingly, considerably, decidedly, deeply, eminently, emphatically, exceedingly, excessively, extensively, extraordinarily, extremely, greatly, incredibly, largely, notably, noticeably, particularly, positively, powerfully, pretty, prodigiously, profoundly, remarkably, substantially, superlatively, surpassingly, terribly, truly, uncommonly, unusually, vastly

humanitarian; caring, kind, gentle, compassionate, kindly, civilized, charitable

identified; isolated, spotted, diagnosed, pinpointed, recognized, found, determined, perceived, realized, observed

implemented; initiated, developed, started, established, invented, adopted, launched, utilized

important; critical, essential, influential, mission-critical, notable, considerable, meaningful, momentous, significant, substantial, weighty, distinctive, exceptional, impressive, memorable, noteworthy, outstanding, prominent, remarkable

impressed; made an impression, dazzled, amazed, astonished, surprised, wowed, blow away, raised the bar, overwhelmed, demonstrated her skills at...

improved (v); streamlined, modified, enhanced, increased efficiency, polished, perfected, bettered, tuned, adjusted, reinforced, strengthened, augmented, bolstered, buttressed, raised, reversed negative trend, rescued floundering project, multiplied effectiveness or productivity

improved (adj); enhanced, strengthened, better, more efficient, more effective, superior, polished

increased; raised, aided, improved, enhanced, augmented, boosted, built up, beefed up, compounded, enlarged, expanded, extended, heightened, multiplied, reinforced, strengthened

indispensable; vital, needed, neccessary, required, central, key, essential, fundamental, important, elemental

initiated; developed, started, began, invented, inaugurated, introduced, adopted, launched, implemented, brainstormed, called for, installed

instilled; influenced, motivated, inspired, molded, shaped, taught, led

intent; resolute, focused, driven, determined, motivated, enthusiastic, alert, attentive, committed, engaged, intense, passionate

integral; key, necessary, critical, essential, mandatory, important, significant, fundamental, vital, crucial, required, meaningful, central, indispensable

invaluable; indispensable, vital, needed, necessary, required, essential, fundamental, important, elemental, helpful, inestimable, valuable, integral, critical, significant, crucial, meaningful

invented; initiated, developed, started, adopted, launched, adapted, cobbled

isolated; identified, found, discovered, documented, troubleshot, confined

keen; sharp, enthusiastic, acute, razor sharp, resourceful, fast, quick

key; essential, necessary, critical, important, significant, fundamental, vital, crucial, required, meaningful, central, indispensable

knowledgeable; smart, educated, qualified, capable, expert, competent, practiced, trained

lasting; durable, accepted, constantly, always, certain, enduring, endless

leader; guide, lead, pacesetter, trendsetter, trail blazer, director, boss, chief, foreman, organizer, manager, chairman, captain, administrator, executive

led; guided, shepherded, persuaded, directed, managed, steered, captained, commanded, supervised, drove, compelled, piloted, conducted, escorted, controlled, engineered, chaired

leveraged; exploited, multiplied, focused, aligned, consolidated

loyal; steadfast, faithful, dutiful, allegiant, resolute, supportive, true, devoted, trustworthy, reliable

made; created, generated, developed, effected, assembled, built, constructed, forged, framed, fabricated, originated, caused, invented, initiated, established, launched, composed, master-minded, founded, conceived, put into place, planned, coordinated

maintained; fixed, repaired, kept, ensured, upheld, preserved, sustained, continued, managed, cultivated, guarded, protected, presided over

managed; led, supervised, coached, directed, instructed, chaired, mentored, oversaw, presided over, conducted, inspired, propelled, produced, taught

mastered; learned, overcame, dominated, conquered

mature; competent, wise, level-headed, experienced, at the peak of development or capability

mentored; groomed, coached, taught, influenced, trained, advised, counseled, collaborated, encouraged, molded, led, inspired

motivated (adj); enthusiastic, devoted, eager, earnest, energized, excited, gung-ho, intent, passionate, empowered, spirited, willing, invested, inspired, fervent, fired-up, committed, driven, determined, energetic, sincere, takes the initiative

motivated (v); managed, coached, inspired, encouraged, energized, propelled, led, supervised, directed, mentored, influenced

obtained; acquired, gained, procured, landed, secured, won, achieved, garnered, captured, received, extracted, seized

optimized (v); improved, tuned, adjusted, perfected, polished, refined, streamlined

orchestrated; organized, coordinated, arranged, conducted, planned, managed, cooperated

organized (v); spearheaded, ordered, coordinated, arranged, marshalled, integrated, managed, streamlined, bracketed, allocated, cleared up, reordered, aligned, corrected, shaped, planned, adjusted, rectified, expedited, implemented

oversaw; managed, captained, led, supervised, coached, directed, guided, instructed, chaired, mentored, presided over, conducted, coordinated, spearheaded, arranged, marshalled, planned, expedited, implemented

participate; aid, assist, support, associate with, be a participant, be a party to, be into, chip in, come in, compete, concur, cooperate, engage, engage in, enter into, get in on, get in on the act, go into, have a hand in, have to do with, join in, latch on, lend a hand, partake, perform, play, share, sit in on, sit in, strive, take an interest in, tune in, teamed up

peak; top, pinnacle, high point, ultimate

peerless; unmatched, unsurpassed, superior, unrivaled, incomparable, singular, without equal, supreme

peers; compatriots, associates, companions, rivals, colleagues, equals, equivalents, fellows, comrades, contemporaries, ...of equal rank

performance; act, achievement, conduct, actions, effort, execution, work, behavior, committment, management, supervision

performed; accomplished, completed, fulfilled, implemented, effected, discharged, conducted, acted, worked, committed, managed, supervised, achieved, executed, served, satisfied

practical; sensible, best-fit, appropriate, workable

prepared (v); readied, trained, fixed, made provisions for, supplied, drafted, equipped, primed, set

prevented; avoided, averted, forestalled, prepared for, saved, protected, stopped

proactive; ready, prepared, plans ahead, forward-looking, thoughtful

procedure; method, approach, technique, manner, routine, system, steps, action, plan, formula, scheme, means

processed; handled, acted on, accomplished, administered, moved, pushed, managed, dispensed, registered, delivered

produced; made, generated, developed, delivered, effected, assembled, built, constructed, forged, framed, fabricated, performed, staged, created, originated, introduced, caused, initiated, started

productive; efficient, prolific, creative, inventive, resourceful

proficient; adept, skilled, productive, able, expert, experienced

promote; facilitate, condone, advocate, back, advance, encourage, boost, champion, endorse, foster, recommend, sponsor, support, elevate

protected; shielded, defended, preserved, guarded, secured, safeguarded, conserved, saved, sheltered, prevented loss of..., averted damage to...

provided; gave, ensured, supported with, contributed, furnished, delivered, dispensed, supplied, made, made available, aided, donated, presented, allocated, transferred, committed, disbursed, distributed

punctual; reliable, dependable, motivated, timely

pursue; aim for, aspire to, attempt, desire, go in for, go out for, have a go at, purpose, seek, strive for, try for, work for, work toward

qualified; trained, skilled, certified, knowledgeable

quick; fast, swift, speedy, rapid, brisk, efficient, expeditious, hurried, immediate, instantaneous, on the double, snappy, accelerated, practiced, trained, rehearsed

received; took, earned, was awarded, drew, recognized with

recognized; cited, saluted, lauded, acclaimed, praised, complimented, credited, applauded, endorsed, extolled

recommended; nominated, advanced, advocated, backed, supported, endorsed, favored, plugged, praised, proposed, put forward, sanctioned, stood by, suggested, urged, vouched for, selected, chosen

reduced; lessened, eliminated, cut, minimized, shrank, curtailed, lowered, diminished

relentless; persistent, persevering, determined, dogged, fierce, single-minded, unflinching, unstoppable, adamant, unyielding

reliable; dependable, mature, trustworthy, stable, steady, sober, coherent, sure

repaired; fixed, saved, replaced, engineered, restored, reprogrammed, troubleshot, adjusted, rectified, analyzed, regulated

rescued; revived, saved, restored, preserved, recovered, redeemed

researched; studied, evaluated, investigated, explored, examined, tested

resilient; flexible, tough, determined, unstoppable

resolute; dedicated, focused, inflexible, persevering, persistent, purposeful, relentless, stubborn, tenacious, serious, staunch, steadfast, uncompromising, unyielding, unwavering, unshakable

resourceful; able, active, capable, enterprising, talented, ingenious, intelligent, creative, clever, dependable, inventive, original, quick-witted

responded; answered, reacted, acted, stepped up, volunteered

responsible; trustworthy, trusted, reliable, dependable, accountable, answerable for, liable, stable, steady, sober, conscientious, steadfast, mature

restored; renewed, repaired, revived, saved, preserved, reinstated, recovered, redeemed, conserved, rescued

results; effects, performance, achievements

revamped; rearranged, revised, reorganized, recreated, streamlined, reworked, adjusted, rewrote, reassessed, modified, improved, made over, reengineered, rebuilt, perfected

reviewed; analyzed, evaluated, reassessed, reevaluated, examined, reconsidered, reexamined, tested

revised; recreated, streamlined, reworked, adjusted, rewrote, reassessed, modified, improved, made over

revitalized; resuscitated, enlivened, improved, energized, restored, renewed, enhanced, reestablished, rejuvenated, revolutionized

revived; revitalized, rescued, resuscitated, restored, renewed, enhanced, reestablished, nursed, rejuvenated, revolutionized

revolutionized; recreated, reestablished, radically changed or improved, streamlined, reinvented, remade, reworked

saved; conserved, preserved, rescued, revived, recovered, restored, redeemed

selected; chosen, appointed, picked, assigned, tapped, drafted, elected, singled out, hand-picked, designated, accepted for, adopted, called for, embraced, favored, prefered, taken, wanted, selected over peers... chosen from among...

selfless; unselfish, self-sacrificing, generous, altruistic, benevolent, helpful, community-oriented, charitable, giving, compassionate, noble

service; performance, achievements, actions, contribution, efforts, work, sacrifice, support, help, assistance, input, labor, usefulness, duty, employment

skilled; able, talented, qualified, capable, expert, trained, knowledgeable, competent, practiced, proficient

skills; abilities, aptitude, talent, qualifications, capability, experience, knowledge, competence, expertise, ingenuity, intelligence, know-how, proficiency, prowess, readiness, technique

smart; talented, intelligent, clever, sharp, quick, alert, brainy, bright, brilliant, knowledgeable, shrewd

sought; looked for, pursued, analyzed, aimed for, seeks, explores, search for, tracked down, chased, dug for, aspired to, tried, attempted

spearheaded; led, headed, organized, ran, coordinated, arranged, established, shepherded, directed, managed, steered, captained, commanded, supervised, drove, piloted, conducted, controlled, chaired, ordered, marshalled, integrated, streamlined, aligned, shaped, planned, expedited

standards; expectations, benchmark, acceptable performance, regulations, instructions, proven, tried and true

stalwart; strong, tough, enduring, bulletproof

sterling; flawless, excellent, impeccable, consummate, expert, masterful, ideal, model, honorable, true, perfect, high-quality

streamlined; perfected, simplified, refined, revised, improved, enhanced, corrected, remedied, developed

strengthened; reinforced, bolstered, shored up, encouraged, fortified, braced, supported, augmented, buttressed

strong; tough, sturdy, forceful, firm, stalwart, hardy, rugged, durable, enduring, tenacious, mighty, powerful, robust, potent, great, invincible, dominant, influential

successful; productive, thriving, proven, effective, flourishing, operational, accepted, practical, useful, superior, noteworthy, outstanding, rewarding, strong, top, unbeaten, singular, acknowledged, extraordinary

superb; outstanding, peerless, superior, superlative, unparalleled, unmatched, impressive, supreme, best, above average, brilliant, standout, top, top notch

superior; best, best of..., quality, supreme, unmatched, peerless, outstanding, excellent, above average, top, top notch

supervised; led, managed, coached, directed, instructed, mentored, oversaw, presided over, conducted, inspired, propelled, produced, taught, steered, captained, controlled

sustained; adjective --as in a sustained period of time: long, protracted, lengthy, continuous, continuing, prolonged, extended, lasting, enduring

sustained; verb --as in he sustained the remote unit : aided, assisted, supported, maintained, equipped, provided for, supplied, bolstered, encouraged, nourished

sustained; verb --as in he sustained multiple injuries : endured, experienced, encountered, had, suffered, received, took, withstood

tactful; diplomatic, politic, respectful, considerate, courteous

teach; train, mentor, guide, develop, instruct, demonstrate, show, shape, educate, cultivate, nurture, coach, mold, nurse

tenaciously; aggressively, energetically, thoroughly, hard-charging, gung-ho, determinedly, single-mindedly, focused

tireless; active, enthusiastic, relentless, inexhaustible, unflagging, persistent, diligent, determined, dogged, persevering, steadfast, stubborn, tenacious, unfaltering, unwavering, energetic, vigorous

top; superior, best, highest, dominant, foremost, greatest, head, lead, leading, paramount, supreme

toughness; endurance, strength, durability, sturdiness, soundness, stability, dependability, reliability, condition

trained; instructed, demonstrated, showed, taught, developed, shaped, educated, cultivated, nurtured, coached, molded

tremendous; great, incredible, amazing, astounding, momentous, memorable, terriffic, huge, enormous, valiant, significant

troubleshot; analyzed, audited, checked, considered, determined, diagnosed, distinguished, examined, interpreted, investigated, pinpointed, pronounced, recognized, spotted, tested

unlimited; boundless, limitless, untold

unmatched; without equal, peerless, incomparable, matchless, singular, unrivaled, superior

unrivaled; unmatched, peerless, superior, unequaled, supreme, incomparable, singular, without equal

unstoppable; persevering, unswerving, relentless, determined, focused, driven, intent, resolute, decided, persistent, dogged, fierce, single-minded, unyielding

unwavering; steadfast, steady, enduring, tireless, undying, unswerving, relentless, persistent, dogged, loyal, single-minded, unyielding

validated; confirmed, demonstrated, proved, established, certified, documented, verified, justified

very; extra, absolutely, acutely, amply, considerably, decidedly, deeply, eminently, emphatically, exceedingly, excessively, extensively, extraordinarily, extremely, greatly, highly, incredibly, largely, notably, noticeably, particularly, positively, powerfully, pretty, prodigiously, profoundly, remarkably, substantially, superlatively, surpassingly, terribly, truly, uncommonly, unusually, vastly

vigilant; careful, watchful, alert, attentive, cautious, observant, guarded, diligent

vigorous; active, energetic, dynamic, driving, exuberant, hearty, intense, lively, frenzied, spirited, brisk

vital; key, essential, indispensable, needed, required, integral, necessary, critical, mandatory, important, significant, fundamental, crucial, meaningful, central

volunteered; stepped forward, supported, obligated herself, joined effort to, contributed off-duty time toward, donated effort, sacrificed personal time, gave selflessly, signed up for, provided services at own expense, committed to...

watchful; vigilant, aware, alert, careful, attentive, cautious, observant, guarded, diligent, on guard, wary, ready

work; actions, results, performance, achievements, efforts, service, legacy, product

wrote; authored, documented, drafted, created, detailed, recorded, inscribed, summarized, penned, produced