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Requests for Waivers or Exception to Policy

Occasionally we have to write official requests for consideration. Maybe it's a request to participate in an Air Force program like a Designated Location Move or a request for an exception to established policy. The results of a request for exception to policy can have far-reaching, even life-changing effects. There's a lot riding on this type of written communication so it pays to make sure your request is well written. Hopefully the instructions and examples below can help you produce a clear, concise description of your situation and why special consideration is justified in view of your unique circumstances.

For the best chance of success, a letter requesting exception to policy must fully describe the circumstances that justify the request for exception. It should include as much detail as possible such as:

  • the requirement you're trying to circumvent
  • the Who, What, When, Why, and Where of the situation
  • that you meet all requirements
  • the impact if the request is not granted

Retraining into Critical Career Field (.pdf)

C130 Exception to Policy - Ground/Flying Training Requirements (.doc) (.docx)

Exception to Policy - DEROS (.doc)

DEROS Extension Letter Template (.docx)

Exception to Policy - Follow-on Assignment (.doc)

Reconsideration/Failure to Qualify

Request for Designated Location Move

Request for Exception to Policy (Retraining request outside window)

Request for Exception to Policy to Retrain into Chronic Critical AFSC

Approval of Extension of Enlistment to Obtain Retainability for PCS

Request for SRB waiver

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