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Fitness EPR Bullets

- Sq SABC/CPR instructor; led tng f/53 pers/6 classes/prep'd 12 new PTLs--qual'd 33% of unit on life/limb saving skills

- Lead PTL f/23-mbr tm; held 1 mock test/4 PT sessions/rehab'd 10 struggling Amn--instilled physical resiliency pillar

- Organized sqn UFPM pos; led 9 PTLs, directed 24 PT sessions/75 Amn--key to unit 100% pass/76% "Excellent" rate

- Mng'd sect PTL prog; implemented ex routines/oversaw 2 PT ldrs/19 prsnl--maintained 100% pass rate w/ 80% excel

- Actively contributes as a Fitness PTL; administered 60 testing sessions: 96%+ wing currency rate; Wg is fit to fight

- Headed UFPM position f/11 PTLs; directed 206 FA/PT sessions/policy rewrite--established 98% pass rate f/111 mbrs

- Ambitious UFPM for 77 mbrs; led/admin'd 250 FAs; guided 3 mbrs to success after FA fail--solidified Sq's 97% pass rt

- Led fitness by example as certified PTL; directed exercise prgm for 62 personnel--key to flt's 95% pass rate

- Motivated PTL; orchestrated a robust squadron PT program--unit 100% current/82% received excellent score

- Served as Sq PTL; worked w/fellow Amn to raise average PT score six pts; Sq better prepared for deployment

- Advocate Fit-to-Fight; dedicated 15+ hrs to strength/cardio tng--assisted 2 mbrs in achieving "excellent" score

- Constantly strives for top physical fitness; added 1.5 pts to annual PT score--maintained excellent score

- Dedicated PTL led 5 orgnd tng sessions; promoted health & wellness--increased Sq "satisfactory" rate by 20%

- Reliable leader/motivator, routinely directs 50+ Sq personnel in PT; 5 CS has a ## passing rate as a direct result

- Led by example; crafted & conducted PT sessions for 13 airmen--increased unit fitness readiness rate by 15%

- Volunteered 5 hrs at Tampa Fallen Soldier Run; mng'd 24 mbr function spt tm--5.1K participants/spectators attended

- Volunteered for New Years Resolution 5K Run whiled deployed--maintained physical readiness at all times

- Volunteer and community service for desert ridge swim team; lap time keeper and swim meet set up/tear down

- Volunteered as a base UFPM and Physical Training Leader; superior example 29 years with 0 PT test failures

- Involved! MXG Football & MDG bowling tm player--bolstered unit esprit de corps/#1 of 7 Wg bowling tms

- Organized three base/local racquetball tournaments/one clinic; 62 players--forged Minot community relations

- Volunteered 15 weeks as asst. soccer coach; lead weekly practices for 16 children--lauded by families/coach

- Team player; Summerfest Sports Day doubles racquetball champion--earned 15 valuable Commander's points

- Officiated soccer game for base Youth Center; 4 hrs, served 30 kids; efforts hailed by parents--boosted morale

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