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Consider Dress & Appearance, Personal/Professional Conduct On/Off Duty

- Breathed new life into section; made transition to B-2 platform transparent--considered a national stealth asset

- Bridged the gap between the ranks as acting First Sergeant--increased overall satisfaction at work & productivity

- Cultivated atmosphere of harmony and trust--responsible for sq-wide climate improvement; reinforced AF values

- Confident leader; won't compromise AF Core Values; enforced AF standards of conduct among subordinates

- Performed critical recall; accounted for members/families near Colorado fire--relayed vital info/guarded force

- Hands-on leadership; enforced compliance with T.O.s/instructions--secured 94% QA pass rating for 1st qtr '15

- Hands-on mentor/leader; demanded quality stds on pgms/processes--vaulted QA pass rate to 92%, 1st Qtr '18

- Stellar image! Walking billboard for core values; the epitome of a model airman--motivates others to success

- Unblemished professional; clearly sets the example for others--deep sense of loyalty/respect for his leadership

- Stepped up, admin'd corrective actions in absense of ldrship; improved morale, united team toward sq goals

- Military bearing second to none; dedication to mission & people are unmatched; role model to be emulated

- Exemplary Airman-consistently displays highest standards in dress and appearance; demands same from others

- Displays excellent organizational skills, job professionalism, dedication and "can-do" attitude among peers

- Consistently demonstrates and enforces topnotch dress and appearance standards which ensured compliance

- A genuine superstar; power of personality and dedication to people and mission are unmatched; valued asset

- Highest achiever! Goes above and beyond the call of duty; firm believer of Air Force Core Values

- Mature management turned failing workcenter CDC program around; now best CDC scores/completion in sq

- Volunteered 12 hrs with Dyess We Care Team; weatherized local homes--enriched elderly QoL/local relations

- Wrote 9 corrective action; enforced AF standards for 6 Airmen--forming future leaders with proper mentorship

- Narrated LRS CC call/awd presentations; provided 20 prsnl recognition--upheld honor/tradition for 342 prsnl

- Collected/donated $2K worth of items for community thrift stores; boosted QoL for children & adults in need

- Volunteered 20 hrs w/American Cancer Society Relay for Life; raised over $2K--lifted local survivors morale

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