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Skill Level Upgrade Training: Consider skill level awarding course, CDC timeliness completion, course exam results, and completion of core task training. Duty Position Requirements, qualifications, and certifications: Consider duty position qualifications, career field certifications (if applicable), and readiness requirements. Training of Others: Consider the impact the Airman made to train others.

- Completed up-grade training; finished Career Development Crse/scored 89% EOC test; awarded 7 skill level
- Attended 10 in-services; learned 4 ventilator settings for adult critical care skills; expertise utilized for 167 pts

- Completed 2 JIVU crs/3 hrs trng; honed pers admin/relations/leadership skill--set high stnds/emulated by flt

- Strong initiative; aced A+ Essentials Certification course; increased technical expertise/boosted job knowledge
- Committed to self-improvement and professional growth; completed math review workshop--earned a 4.0 GPA

- Completed 2R071 course; learned core competencies for verification tracking--data 100% accurate to ACC/A4
- Attended PES II course; conducted mentoring sessions on professionalism--encouraged AF career advancement

- Dedicated to professional growth; attended 8 hour public speaking seminar--enhanced skills for AF utilization

- Tackled Effective Comm/Conflict Mgmt IT E-learning crs; mentored shift--honed leadership/supervisory skills

- Completed 2 CLEP tests; earned 9 sem/hrs toward Aviation Mx Tech degree--12 credits to CCAF completion

- Conquered PTL tng crs; led 28 prsnl/19 hrs of physical fitness activities--anchored mx flt's 97% PFT pass rate

Trained/certified on crane ops; aided 21 engine removals/installations--boosted crane qualified operators 25%

- Attained Basic Life Support Instructor Crse--led two classes/trained 45 staff--secured flight 99% compliance

- Orgz'd AFSC rqmnts; enabled CATI/CATII trng for 4 AD/4 ARC pers--elim'd shortfalls/25% readines boost
- Educat'd facility mgrs; developed/integrated pest mgt plan; sav'd 200 hrs/$7K treatment cost--benefit'd 18K prsnl

- Force multiplier; tng efforts/constant involvement keyed superb compliance focus--97.2% ATSEV pass rate

- Managed flt ancillary tng; ID'd reqs 50% faster/raised sect vis--completion up 8%/flt 100% deployment ready

- Instructed eight mbrs on DPS/PIPS; vouchers paid 18% faster--smooth PCS ensured/GTC delinquents avoided

- Mastered Records Custodian tng; guarded privacy act info/created flt file plan--adhered to infosec guidelines

- Continous professional growth; cmpl'd 4 hr Supervisor/Ldrship Discipline class--enhanced ldrship/mgmt skills
- Attended base "Silver Bullet" course; sharpened bullet writing skills--accelerated professional development

- Completed 120 hrs OJT--comprehended Intel duties/excelled in OSS UDM office--explicated job knowledge
- Epitome of dedication--sustained 4.0 GPA in Early Childhood Education degree--praised by students/teachers

- Faced most mx in wk/12 write-ups; surged 167 sorties/17 pilots certified--OG/MXG CCs hailed unit, 5 yr best

- Knowledgeable; trained four technicians on tube manufacture processes--increased core task proficiency 40%

- Scholastic juggernaut; completed Master of Science Degree in Space Studies, held a respectable 3.86 GPA

- Qualified in Personnel Program tasks, tackled Information Management training; proficiency reduced report delay

- Awarded Bachelors Degree for Technical Management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University; 3.6 GPA
-- Completed additional 22 credits towards MS degree in Technical Management while maintaining a 4.0 GPA

- Motivated airman; displayed genuine enthusiasm; made steady progress in Patient Administration qualification

- Trained junior personnel in mobilization preparation; reduced processing delays, increased efficiency

- Exchanged language lessons; learned basic Japanese/taught English--improved important US/Japan relations

- Currently enrolled at University of North Dakota--earned 9 semester hours with a 3.5 GPA

- Volunteered over 100 hours to become Self-aid and Buddy Care, Red Cross CPR certified--integral to squadron safety

- Completed 190 of 210 upgrade/qualification tasks; 75% ahead of peers, 30% ahead of schedule!

- Hazardous Material Awareness certified--enhanced skills needed to quickly identify threats to mission

- Earned 19 credit hours toward Bachelors Degree in Information Systems--maintained impressive 3.2 GPA

- Exceeds all training requirements; evident by a 98 percent on his 7-Level, End-of-Course examination

- Trained four XXXX elements in preparation for Global War on Terrorism deployments

- Selected over peers to instruct 30 students in advanced Air Base Defense skills at the Joint Readiness Training Center

- Provided twenty officers and SNCOs convoy training prior to short-notice deployment ISO Classified Operation

- Identified redundant and unnecessary ancillary training requirements; reduced time away from primary job, increased necessary skills

- Developed squadron Electromagnetic Radiation program--promoted personnel safety and compliance with OSHA guidelines

- Revised Ancillary Training Program, tailored for unit members--reduced overdue qual by 30%

- Established rapport as Ancillary Training Program manager--contingency and ancillary training effectiveness ratings were consistently highest in the squadron--highly effective leader
--Virtually eliminated late or no-show reports for training--herculean effort made to look easy
--Led section to new heights in all process performance indicators--shop continued to exceed every goal

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