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SUBJECT: Fall 2022 Cadet Wing Commander Application

1. The purpose of this memorandum is to discuss the reasons why I should be considered for Wing Commander, my ideal team, my goals, and opportunities for improvement for the cadet wing.

2. There are many reasons why I believe I am a good candidate for cadet Wing Commander in Fall 2022. Since ROTC is a program to develop leaders, becoming cadet Wing Commander will help me solidify my leadership skills. My desired AFSC is Intelligence, and with that I hope to lead large groups of airmen. This wing position will help my strategic level of thinking and provide experience leading complex operations which 14N officers can often encounter. My leadership style leverages my positive attitude to create a welcoming culture. This will benefit the wing because the fall semester focuses on retention of new cadets.

3. My team is the most valuable asset to my application. The entire 300 class is extremely capable, so I am looking to select cadets I believe will grow in their positions. I would select C/Coulombe as Vice Commander, C/Brodeske as Mission Support Group Commander, C/Heuer as Operations Group Commander, C/Wohlfiel as Director of Staff, and C/Scarlett as GMCA.

3. There are three main goals I have for the cadet Wing. The first of them being accountability. Not only does this refer to reporting proper accountability, but it also refers to cadets holding themselves accountable for their training. Next, there needs to be more emphasis on exceeding the standard. Due to our modified covid semesters, many standards were not upheld. It is time to break these bad habits and create a strong foundation. Lastly, our detachment lacks a sense of wingmanship that we had prior to COVID semesters.

4. Now that we currently do not need to modify training for COVID precautions, it is necessary to accelerate our program and start the Fall semester off strong. There are a few items I think would be beneficial for our detachment and help reach the goals I have for the wing.

a. FLEX - The past two years we were unable to provide the GMC with FLEX. This introduced expeditionary exercises that are beneficial preparation for Field Training. The sooner we expose our cadets to this, the better off they will be. Cadets who wish to prioritize their training will want to attend FLEX which will demonstrate them holding themselves accountable.

b. Travel with a Wingman - My 100 year we were not able to travel without a wingman during LLAB. If a cadet needed to go to the bathroom, grab the guidon, or get water, another cadet needed to accompany them. There is great value in encompassing this in training because at Field Training you are not allowed to travel alone. This allows my goal of accountability and wingmanship to be at the forefront of this semester.

c. Service Dress/Blues Uniform wear - There is value in wearing these uniforms especially since cadets are wearing them again at FT. Although it will be an unpopular decision to increase this uniform wear, I believe there is training value in this increase. Not only does wearing this uniform prepare cadets for active duty, but it also is a gateway for wingmanship. There are still 400s who do not know how to properly wear the blues uniform. There is a lot of room for cadets to be a good wingman and help those around them wear the uniform properly and with pride.

d. 200 Takeover - A 200 takeover is when we would assign 200s certain cadet wing positions, have them learn from wing staff, and create and execute a training plan. I believe that this allows 200s to understand POC life prior to becoming one. Introducing 200s to the next step of ROTC will allow them to exceed the standard in the coming years by understanding what happens behind the scenes.

5. My desire to challenge myself as a leader and create a strong foundation for incoming cadets make me the ideal candidate to lead the detachment. I look forward to elaborating more on my plans with you all.

6. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at or (815) 546-7747.

Whiskey Flight Commander

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