2A5X1 Aerospace Maintenance Citations

Staff Sergeant Justin M. McCracken distinguished himself by outstanding achievement as an Aerospace Maintenance Craftsman, 728th Air Mobility Squadron, Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, from XXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant McCracken provided superior and timely maintenance critical to the completion of over 2,000 combat airlift missions delivering over 12,000 passengers while sustaining an impressive 94 percent maintenance departure reliability rate. Additionally, while performing a basic post inlet and exhaust inspection, Sergeant McCracken identified and repaired seven damaged first stage fan blades, eliminating the need for parts to be ordered, and preventing mission delay. His actions enabled the delivery of essential blood and medical supplies to awaiting forces in Baghdad. Further, his expeditious assessment and replacement of a C-17 engine ignition lead under "red ball" time constraints guaranteed zero delays in the delivery of supplies to war fighters in Afghanistan. Finally, his astute leadership was indispensable to the safe and orderly movement of over 30,000 tons of cargo. The distinctive accomplishments of Staff Sergeant McCracken reflect credit upon himself, the 728th Air Mobility Squadron, and the United States Air Force.

Staff Sergeant Michel R. Nelson distinguished himself by meritorious service as Aerospace Maintenance Craftsman, Detachment 5, 521st Air Mobility Operations Group, 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing, Joint Base Balad, Iraq, from XXXXX XXXXX to XXXXXX XXXXXX. During this period, as a C-5 and C-17 aircraft mechanic, Sergeant Nelson contributed to the launch of over 500 C-5 and C-17 missions, transporting more than 20,000 tons of cargo and moving over 25,000 passengers in support of Operations IRAQI and ENDURING FREEDOM. In addition, while under constant threat of rocket and mortar attacks, Sergeant Nelson responded to a C-5 with hot brakes and an unserviceable main landing gear. He quickly organized and coordinated the required repair assets and support equipment and restored the vital Air Mobility Command asset to fully mission capable status in less than three hours. Finally, Sergeant Nelson was instrumental to the successful launch of 124 medical evacuation missions through the Department of Defense's busiest airfield ensuring 346 critically wounded patients reached medical care at Ramstein Air Base, Germany. The distinctive accomplishments of Staff Sergeant Nelson reflect credit upon himself, the 521st Air Mobility Operations Group, and the United States Air Force.

Staff Sergeant Christopher B. Adriazola distinguished himself by meritorious service while serving as Aerospace Maintenance Journeyman, 726th Air Mobility Squadron, 721st Air Mobility Operations Group, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany from XXXXX XXXXX to XXXXX XXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Adriazola's efforts contributed to the launch and recovery of more than 2,000 Operation ENDURING FREEDOM missions and 19,000 tons of cargo, while maintaining an eighty-eight percent maintenance reliability rate. In addition, Sergeant Adriazola was handpicked to represent the squadron at the 2014 En Route Equipment Conference where he returned four high demand assets worth forty-five thousand dollars to the supply system, restoring stock levels to one hundred percent and increasing readiness. Moreover, he processed and tracked 3,700 parts worth eleven million dollars, ensuring a two-day average turn-in for Due In For Maintenance assets, besting the Air Force standard by ninety-five percent. Finally, Sergeant Adriazola led a one-hundred percent tool and equipment review prior to the 2015 Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Program inspection, resulting in the maintenance flight receiving an "Outstanding" rating. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Adriazola reflect great credit upon himself, the 726th Air Mobility Squadron, and the United States Air Force.

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