Staff Sergeant George N. Griffith distinguished himself by outstanding achievement as RF Transmission Technician, 607th Support Squadron, Seventh Air Force, Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea, from XXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Griffith served as Satellite Communications Liaison to Marine Wing Communications Squadron 18 during Exercise KEY RESOLVE. He demonstrated exceptional technical expertise, quickly troubleshooting vital system components and ensuring connectivity when equipment incompatibility threatened to derail transmission efforts. Additionally, Sergeant Griffith researched and provided satcom network solutions to the Air Operations Center, ensuring seamless joint voice and data communications. Moreover, he trained six Marines on cryptographic operations, performing short-notice re-key support after frequent power failures. His efforts culminated in the Seventh Air Force's first-ever transmission of the Air Tasking Order utilizing a Marine Corps command and control System during Exercise KEY RESOLVE. The distinctive accomplishments of Staff Sergeant Griffith reflect great credit upon himself, the 607th Support Squadron, and the United States Air Force.

Senior Airman Joshua R. Wortley distinguished himself by meritorious service while serving as Network Management Technician, 455th Expeditionary Communications Squadron, 455th Expeditionary Mission Support Group, 455th Air Expeditionary Wing, Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, from XXXXX XXXXX to XXXXXX XXXXXX. During this period, while deployed to Bagram Airfield, Airman Wortley served as the primary network programmer for the work center, training every airman in the office on networking tasks. He programmed over 40 devices, expanding the network by fifteen percent and relocating an additional ten percent. In addition, Airman Wortley quickly restored a variety of critical outages to include secure voice communications for the Command Post and Wing commander and the Joint Radio Relay system used for tactical air control by 80 percent of aircraft. Further, Airman Wortley completed the Commander's number one quality of life project by standing up the Bagram morale network. He repaired and configured a core router and engineered the network layout, resulting in 500 percent more bandwidth for web and voice communications for deployed users. The distinctive accomplishments of Senior Airman Wortley reflect credit upon himself, the 455th Expeditionary Communications Squadron, and the United States Air Force.

Captain Kevin E. Eggers distinguished himself by meritorious service while serving as Program Manager, Vinson/Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal Cryptographic Modernization Program, Cryptologic Systems Division, Electronic Systems Center, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, from XXXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXXX. During this period, Captain Eggers' leadership, dedication, and exemplary performance were critical in managing the 400 million dollar program, ensuring the delivery of a modernized cryptographic solution for the warfighter's air, sea, and ground secure voice communication needs. In addition, as a member of the Past Performance Action Group, he meticulous analyzed over 50 DoD contracts in the Vinson Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal Source Selection and replaced five legacy units with one, reducing the logistics trail by 25 percent. Moreover, while deployed as Government Technical Program Representative, Defense Contract Management Agency Southern Iraq, Captain Eggers quickly responded to a labor strike by the guard force. His swift actions ensured the replacement guard force successfully transitioned to the new six million dollar contract and was in compliance with USF-I directives and Host Nation Law. The singularly distinctive accomplishments of Captain Eggers reflect credit upon himself, the Electronic Systems Center, and the United States Air Force.

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