AFSC 1A6X1 Flight Attendant Citations

Technical Sergeant Anthony D. Lampley distinguished himself by meritorious service while serving as Flight Attendant, 201st Airlift Squadron, District of Colombia Air National Guard, Joint Base Andrews, Maryland from XXXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXXX. During this period, the outstanding professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of Sergeant Lampley resulted in significant contributions to the effectiveness and success of the Executive airlift mission. As a qualified DV airlift Flight Attendant, he flew over 200 sorties consisting of more than eight hundred hours, ensuring the safety of passengers and crew. Additionally, as the Vehicle Control Officer, he managed the unit's vehicles and ensured 32 flight attendants were licensed to operate all vehicles in the fleet, maintaining one hundred percent squadron personnel compliance. Finally, he managed the unit's Government Purchase Card program and coordinated the acquisition of mission essential supplies valued at more than three hundred thousand dollars while ensuring compliance with fiscal restrictions. The distinguished accomplishments of Technical Sergeant Lampley reflect credit upon himself, the 201st Airlift Squadron and the United States Air Force.

Chief Master Sergeant Ryan N. Hedgeworth distinguished himself by meritorious service as C-40C Program Manager and Chief of Standardization and Evaluation, 73d Airlift Squadron, 932d Airlift Wing, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois from XXXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXXX. During this period, as C-40 Program manager, Sergeant Hedgeworth ensured the successful acceptance of three new C-40C aircraft, expanding unit capabilities by thirty percent. As initial cadre instructor, he memorialized C-40 tactics, techniques, and procedures and oversaw the challenges presented by a new VIP mission, new C-40 aircraft, new flight attendant crew force, and a detachment located at Andrews AFB. His keen oversight resulted in ninety eight percent "outstanding" customer rating during 88 missions supporting over one thousand VIPs and Distinguished Visitors. Moreover, he flew missions transporting the First Lady of the United States, the Prime Minister of Iraq, the President of Afghanistan, as well as dozens of White House, State Department, and Congressional Delegation missions to all corners of the globe. Finally, as Chief of Standards and Evaluations, he led unit Aircrew Standardization Evaluation Visit (ASEV) preparation, garnering an overall aircrew performance rating of excellent during 20 successful checkrides, and one outstanding rating. The distinguished accomplishments of Chief Master Sergeant Hedgeworth reflect credit upon himself, the 932d Airlift Wing, and the United States Air Force.

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