Network Defense Operations Controller Citations

Staff Sergeant Scott N. Teegarden distinguished himself by meritorious service as Network Defense Operations Controller, 854th Combat Operations Squadron, 960th Cyberspace Operations Group, Air Force Reserve Command, Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas from XXXXXXX XXXXXX to XXXXXXX XXXXXXX. During this period, the professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of Sergeant Teegarden were key factors in 24th Air Force's ability to provide secure, full spectrum cyber capabilities for the joint warfighter. As a Network Defense Operations Controller, Sergeant Teegarden administered defensive command and control of over one million Air Force systems users, executing cyber operations directives for 212 sites spanning the fourteen billion dollar Air Force Information Network. In addition, as an Operations Controller, his keen analysis and attention to detail enabled the 624th Operations Center Network Defense to eliminate 130 cyber-attack vectors, block 166 malicious domains, and deconflict 13 Air Force Red Team actions, securing and preserving six critical Air Force weapon systems. Finally, Sergeant Teegarden revised Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) Crew aids including C2Core and DCO required access to train 11 DCO operators, increasing shift qualification by 40 percent. The distinctive accomplishments of Staff Sergeant Teegarden reflect great credit upon himself, the 854th Combat Operations Squadron, and the United States Air Force.

Technical Sergeant Steve F. Martinez distinguished himself by meritorious service as Network Defense Supervisor, 603d Air Communications Squadron, 603d Air and Space Operations Center, Third Air Force, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, from XXXXX XXXXX to XXXXXX XXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Martinez verified all incoming and outgoing network traffic and identified and isolated 47 actors and one million events, fortifying Network Defensive operations. His relentless efforts led to the 603d Air and Space Operations Center being the first Air and Space Operations Centers to be Information Assurance accredited and certified. Additionally, he developed and implemented the Boundary Security System for the new Air and Space Operations Center. His foresight and diligent preparation ensured the seamless and secure transition of more than 600 Warfighters and shielded the networks from on-net threats. Finally, Sergeant Martinez managed USAFE's largest computer security account, safeguarding 388 keys and 300 devices, and sustaining critical communications for 23 supported units. The distinctive accomplishments of Technical Sergeant Martinez reflect credit upon himself, the 603d Air Communications Squadron and the United States Air Force.

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