Visitor Control Center Citations

Staff Sergeant Karen L. Mansfield distinguished herself by outstanding achievement as the Visitor Control Center Lead, 64th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, 64th Air Expeditionary Group, Eskan Village, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Mansfield efficiently controlled the entry and exit of more than 15,000 personnel daily, including civilian and military contractors, civilian guests, dependants and military personnel, with zero discrepancies reported. Additionally, Sergeant Mansfield enhanced the security of Eskan Village by acquiring enhanced knowledge of advanced technologies such as the Defense Biometric System and the Rapiscan system. With these tools and her extensive experience, she added an additional layer of Force Protection by registering and screening over 2,500 personnel entering Eskan Village. Further, Sergeant Mansfield identified two separate escort time violations and ensured these visitors were found and removed from the installation, ensuring a constant 100 percent accountability of all visitors within Eskan Village remained accurate. Finally, Sergeant Mansfield's leadership and selfless service assisted in coping with multiple conflicts and the pressures of a deployed environment while ensuring continuous vigilance and support for the mission. The distinctive accomplishments of Staff Sergeant Mansfield reflect credit upon herself, the 64th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron and the United States Air Force.

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