AFSC 1W0X1 Weather Citations

Staff Sergeant Martin A. Walker distinguished himself by meritorious service while serving as Weather Forecaster, 21st Operational Weather Squadron, 435th Air Ground Operations Wing, Kapaun Air Station, Germany, from XXXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXXX. During this period, Staff Sergeant Walker's technical expertise was indispensable to the success of a 14-day coalition force exercise. He identified a mission-limiting wind event enhancing the training and ensuring the safety of 620 American and Spanish paratroopers. Moreover, his reliable weather forecast ability was demonstrated by providing the exact timing, within 60 minutes, of a significant wind event to 16 F-16 crews during Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR, facilitating zero delays in their deployment. Further, he crafted four precise forecasts for Exercise Forging Saber and identified optimal weather windows, enabling the training of 430 American and Singapore armed forces and 25 coalition aircraft. Finally, he produced long range forecasts for a NATO missile radar site, allowing the weather sensitive installation of a 200 million dollar High Altitude Air Defense radar, and ultimately strengthening the ballistic missile shield over Europe. The distintive accomplishments of Staff Sergeant Walker reflect great credit upon himself, the 21st Operational Weather Squadron, and the United States Air Force.

Technical Sergeant Robert L. Denson distinguished himself in the performance of outstanding service to the United States as Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, Detachment 2, 10th Combat Weather Squadron, 720th Special Tactics Group, 24th Special Operations Wing, Hurlburt Field, Florida from XXXXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Denson was assigned as NCOIC of the only remaining Special Operations Weather Team detachment, in direct support of the Army's elite special operations aviation unit. As NCOIC, Sergeant Denson enforced rigid standards for the 15-man detachment ensuring 100 percent mission readiness and unprecedented support capability for rotary operations. In addition, he tackled the daunting task of equipment management, conducting the most thorough equipment inventory in the detachment's 15 year history. As a result of his proactive efforts, 80,000 dollars in critical equipment was placed back in service and transferred to the 10th Combat Weather Squadron to meet critical equipment shortfalls. Finally, Sergeant Denson managed over 700 man days of alert posture twenty four hours a day, ensuring the unit was prepared to respond with supported units at a moment's notice. The singularly distinctive accomplishments of Technical Sergeant Denson reflect great credit upon himself, the 10th Combat Weather Squadron and the United States Air Force.

Master Sergeant William B. Berglund distinguished himself by meritorious achievement while assigned as Joint METOC Officer, Special Operations Command Africa, USAFRICOM, Kelley Barracks, Germany, from XXXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Berglund served as the Joint METOC Officer, meticulously directing and coordinating all meteorological support for SOCAFRICA operations throughout the African continent. He prepared and presented over 100 Daily Update Briefings covering weather impacts to operations across the African continent, enabling the SOCAFRICA commander, directors, and leaders to plan, tailor, and execute missions with confidence that the unpredictable environment would not adversely impact operations. Additionally, he prepared and presented over 50 detailed forecast briefs for the Cote d'Ivoire emergency, focusing on reconnaissance missions, enabling SOCAFRICA leaders to effectively mission plan for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) coverage during periods of favorable weather. This resulted in improved ISR collections and a significant cost savings as missions were rescheduled due to forecasted below-minimum conditions. The distintive accomplishments of Master Sergeant Berglund reflect great credit upon himself, Special Operations Command Africa, and the United States Air Force.

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