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Request for Designated Location Move Authorization


FROM: 1961st CG/SCMJ

SUBJECT: Request for Designated Location Move

1.   I am requesting permission to participate in the Designated Location Move program in order to ensure the well being of my wife.

2.   I recently received an assignment to a remote location. I am concerned for the welfare of my wife during my absense. As you know, she is a Korean citizen and has only been in the U.S. for a little over two years. She can speak and understand enough English to be able to communicate with me and the children but she has trouble communicating with most other people. She depends on me to interact with phone callers and solicitors and to perform many common, daily tasks. In addition, although she has a driver's license, she is not comfortable driving off-base. I realize that taking care of my wife is my responsibility and I will prepare Sun to take care of herself here at Randolph AFB if necessary. As the Designated Location Move program requires, in exchange for moving my family to my wife's home country, my remote assignment will be changed from one year to two years. This program, if approved, will not only benefit me and my family but also save the Air Force the cost of moving another Airman to the remote location for a year.

3.   I understand that if she and my children are allowed to move to and reside in Korea during my remote tour, they will not be entitled to the rations that Command-sponsored members are entitled to and will only be allowed to attend base schools on a space-available basis.

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