Letter of Evaluation Example

I am honored to present this Letter of Evaluation for Senior Airman [Name], whose outstanding performance and leadership have significantly contributed to the success of the ELRS Squadron and a variety of base-wide initiatives. Senior Airman [Name] has demonstrated exceptional dedication, organizational skills, and leadership capabilities in various capacities, as outlined below:

Logistical Management:

Equipment Shipment Coordination:

Coordinating the shipment/RDO of critical items such as 785 hard armor plates, 74 decon kits (M295), and 985 canisters, Senior Airman [Name] displayed meticulous attention to detail and ensured the timely and accurate distribution of essential resources.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management:

Contributing to base support efforts, Senior Airman [Name] actively participated in distributing IBA gear and supporting the 23rd maintenance group in out-processing and returning their gear.

Administrative Responsibilities:

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Monitor:

Senior Airman [Name] consistently fulfilled his monthly responsibilities as a fire extinguisher monitor, contributing to the overall safety and compliance within the unit.

MICT Monitoring and Compliance:

Actively monitoring MICT for compliance, Senior Airman [Name] ensured that the squadron adhered to established standards, enhancing the unit's readiness and operational effectiveness.

Base Support Contributions:

Wing Award Ceremony Support:

Senior Airman [Name] demonstrated effective leadership by leading teams of 8-11 individuals for the setup and tear down of the 4th quarter wing award ceremony, showcasing exceptional organizational and managerial skills.

Sports Day Morale Event:

Supervising the Sports Day morale event for the squadron, Senior Airman [Name] contributed to the well-being of unit members, fostering camaraderie and team spirit.

ELRS Squadron Booster Club Contributions:

As the President, Senior Airman [Name] exhibited exemplary leadership by overseeing and co-leading ELRS Squadron parties, including the successful execution of the M-Flight white elephant party and orchestrating a memorable Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving event. Their ability to create a positive and inclusive squadron culture has positively impacted morale.

Education and Professional Development:

Academic Pursuits:

Senior Airman [Name] demonstrated a commitment to personal and professional development by attending WRT101 until March 17, showcasing a dedication to continuous learning.

Senior Airman [Name] has proven to be an invaluable asset to the ELRS Squadron, consistently exceeding expectations in leadership, logistics, and administrative responsibilities. His dedication to fostering unit morale and supporting base-wide initiatives reflects credit upon himself and the United States Air Force. I recommend Senior Airman [Name] for any future assignments and commend their exemplary service.


[Rank and Name]

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