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Air Force Policy Letter

This page is dedicated to the Air Force Policy Letter. We've received several requests for information but unfortunately we don't have any information or examples at this time. We need information on format and specific examples. Information or examples can be sent to

Most requests for information concern the policy letters issued at the workcenter level that are used to define rules and procedures. But recently, someone much more informed than me, wrote in looking for information on the Air Force level policy letter -the type of policy letter issued to augment official Air Force Instructions until a new edition was published. The specific question was 'what is the reference regulating how long this kind of policy letter may be in force?'. He thought it was a year or 180 days but didn't know the reference. Anybody know?

Policy Letters

AFI 33-360, Publications and Forms Management, states in Para, "AFPMs and GMs are used to issue or change policy or guidance when there is not enough time to process a new publication or take an action to permanently change an existing publication. The memorandum has a reduced coordination and approval process to expedite delivery, but this reduces opportunity for organizations to evaluate impact. For this reason, the use of AFPMs and GMs needs to be strictly controlled to only those instances where immediate release is appropriate due to a risk of life, safety, property, or mission. Note: "Policy letters," endorsement letters, guides, and bulletins are not recognized as part of the publishing program; any new guidance or information issued in a policy/endorsement letter, guide, or bulletin requiring implementation/compliance should be established in a publication type described in this publication and processed accordingly."

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