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Referral EPR Procedures

RATER. If the referring evaluator, normally the rater, has written an EPR with ratings that make it a referral EPR, he must prepare a memorandum to accompany it. The memorandum is used to inform the ratee that the attached EPR is a referral EPR and to document acknowledgement and routing. One copy of the memorandum must be provided for each copy of the EPR. After the close-out date of the report, hand-deliver the memo and a copy of the report to the ratee and obtain the ratee's signature and date to acknowledge receipt.

Note: The close-out date of a commander-directed EPR can be the day it is ordered.

When the ratee signs the memorandum, it only indicates receipt of the memorandum on the date indicated; it does not signify agreement with the referral EPR or indicate whether or not the ratee will provide rebuttal remarks. The referral memorandum will instruct the ratee to provide any rebuttal comments to the person who wrote the EPR within 3 days. After the ratee signs the memorandum, make a copy and give it to the ratee. The content of the referral memorandum is dictated by AFI 36-2406 in Figure 1.1. and is shown in this Referral EPR Memorandum.

RATEE. The ratee may provide comments about the report to the evaluator named in the memorandum within 3 calendar days or as the evaluator named in the memorandum approves. Additionally, the ratee may ask the MPF career enhancement section to provide guidance in preparing rebuttal comments. The ratee may have another individual prepare comments on his or her behalf (such as an attorney). However, if this is done, the ratee must include a statement confirming the document is to be considered as the ratee’s response. This statement may appear somewhere on the rebuttal document or be attached as a separate statement. NOTE: If the ratee’s statement is provided as a separate attachment, it will be considered one of the 10 pages to which the rebuttal is limited. Rebuttal comments are limited to 10 pages (5 pages if front and back are used). The rebuttal may not comment on the character, conduct, integrity, or motives of the referring evaluator unless the assertions are fully substantiated and documented. Any documents or attachments submitted become part of the report filed in the personnel record.

The ratee gives original rebuttal comments and any attachments to the evaluator named in the referral memo no later than 3 calendar days after receipt of the referral memo. The ratee may request more time from the evaluator named in the referral memo.

The ratee may choose not to comment on the referral EPR. Once the time limit has elapsed, the evaluator named in the memorandum completes the report and forwards it up the chain of command. Failure to provide comments does not prevent the ratee from appealing the report in accordance with AFI 36-2401 once the report becomes a matter of record.

RATER. Upon receipt of the ratee’s rebuttal, or when 3 days have elapsed, the evaluator completes the report. The Evaluator considers the ratee's comments, if provided, and prepares an endorsement to the report stating "I have carefully considered (ratee's name) comments to the referral memo of (date)." If comments were not received within 3 calendar days, endorse the report with the statement "Comments from the ratee were requested but were not received within the required period." and then forward the report to the next evaluator.

If the ratee chooses not to provide a rebuttal at the time of receipt, the evaluator endorses the report with the statement “Ratee elected not to provide comments to the referral memo of (date)”. The referring evaluator then forwards the original report and referral memorandum to the next higher evaluator for appropriate action.

RATER'S RATER.The next higher evaluator then forwards the report to the Commander's staff. The commander completes the review and may comment on the report, using an AF Form 77. However, the additional rater or the reviewer, as applicable, is the individual named in the referral memorandum and will review the ratee’s comments. If the commander is normally the next evaluator on the report (i.e., the additional rater or reviewer), place comments in the appropriate section of the EPR and only use an AF Form 77 if additional space is needed.

Use this form for contributions and comments.