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Referral EPR Rebuttal

When someone receives a referral EPR, it makes that person ineligible for promotion testing, PCS, and awards. In short, it puts a real damper on a person's career. Of course, they are not fatal -they can be overcome but it takes hard work and time. It's better not to receive one at all. When an Airman receives a referral EPR, it's his right to respond with a rebuttal challenging the referral EPR. Because of its serious effects, unless undeniably deserved, a rebuttal should be submitted.

This is no time for fooling around or making a half-hearted gesture. Referral EPRs are serious business and you don't want one. The first step in rebutting a referral EPR is identifiying exactly what is being described as substandard behavior. If it's a single incident which caused one Performance Assessment block to be marked to the far left (Does Not Meet), focus on countering that assertion. Approach it from every angle you can think of. Compare your actions with the actions of your peers. Did they receive similar rating for similar conduct? If not, you might have a good basis for a rebuttal. Don't be shy in pointing this fact out. This is your career on the line and it's not only your right to defend yourself, it's your obligation.

Keep in mind that the people who will receive, read, and judge your rebuttal are the same people who want to give you a referral EPR in the first place. So the tone of your rebuttal should not be antagonistic. It should present facts in a logical order which lead to the conclusion that a particular rating is not justified. And if the low rating is no longer justified, the report ceases to be a referral EPR.

Rebuttal comments, including any attachments, are limited to a total of 10 single-sided pages. Submitted comments can't describe the character, conduct, integrity, or motives of a rater/ evaluator unless fully substantiated and documented. All attachments become part of the report filed in the personnel record.

See examples below.


AFI 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems

AFM 33-326 Preparing Official Communications

Referral EPR Rebuttal

MEMO FOR   1922nd CS/CCF

SUBJECT: Rebuttal to Referral EPR, SrA Moebius Traum, dated 19 Sep 18

To whom it may concern,

1. I am writing in response to a referral EPR I received on 20 Sep 18. I strongly disagree with the rating of Does Not Meet in the Training Requirements Performance Assessment block of my EPR. I understand that I received this rating because I failed my CDC End of Course test but there are extenuating circumstances that my supervisors may not be aware of. I believe that when these circumstances are explained, their perception of my performance and, by extension, my rating, will change.

2. Although I didn't pass the End of Course test, I only missed the passing grade of 65 by 3 points. This was despite taking the test 6 months after I finished my last CDC volume. I finished my last CDC volume in Feb 18 but my supervisor didn't schedule me to take the test until Aug 18. By then I had forgotten much of what I had previously learned. In addition, 5 days before I was scheduled to take the test, I was moved from mid-shift to day shift. It takes time for the body to readjust to a new schedule and I was unable to get a full night's sleep the entire week before the test. I did not have adequate rest and that contributed to my failure.

3. In addition, although a CDC End of Course test failure might suggest a failure to prepare or a lack of motivation, my performance at work indicates I continually make satisfactory progress in my training requirements and in my work. I finished every CDC volume either ahead of schedule or on time. I am over 75% qualified on our workcenter tasks which is well ahead of schedule. I was recognized as maintainer of the quarter earlier this year.

4. I feel that the Training Requirements category refers not only to an Airman's test scores but to his efforts and training progress as well which, as shown above, have been exemplary. For that reason, I request that the decision to rate my performance as Does Not Meet be reconsidered based on the information above. I sincerely appreciate your consideration.


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