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Request for Exception to Policy to Retrain


FROM: SSgt Steven Hastings

SUBJECT: Exception to Policy for Retraining Requirement

1. I request an exception to policy concerning my application for retraining outside the required timeframe. I was notified after resubmitting my application on 11 April 06 that I was outside of my retraining window which was September 2005 to March 2006. But when I started the process, I was well within the required timeframe. I started the process in January 2006 and then PCS'd to Yokota AB, Japan, where I continued the process. Because of the change in reporting chain, my application was delayed until it was outside the required timeframe (15th and 9th month before my DEROS).

2. On 12 January 2006 I originally requested permission to retrain and was approved. I submitted an official application on 15 March 2006. The name of the commander on the application was that of my previous commander before I PCS’d. I submitted a request to AFPC on 29 November to update my application with the name and organization of my current commander. On 14 March I was notified by AFPC that my application window would expire in 30 days. Apparently my application package was lost and I had to resubmit my application. When I received that e-mail, it was my understanding that I had thirty days from the date of the email to resubmit my retraining application. I submitted my application on 11 April 2006, which was within thirty days of my notification. Immediately following the submission of my application I was told via email from AFPC that I was outside my window and ineligible for retraining.

4. I am requesting that I be granted an exception to policy for the requirement to submit the retraining package before the ninth month before my DEROS. My overseas assignment began Jan 2006. It was my understanding that my window began when I got to my overseas location because I was not able to apply for retraining until I reported for duty here. I am also requesting the exception based on AFPC's e-mail stating I had 30 days to submit. It should be evident from my repeated efforts to retrain that I intended to retrain, did submit a retraining package, and that the delays I encountered caused me to be outside my required window.

Steven Hastings, SSgt, USAF
Supply Technician

Email notification

1st Ind, OSS/CC

I concur/ do not concur with Exception to Policy.

Brian E. Johannisain, Lt Col, USAF

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