Air Force Commendation Medal Citation Examples

Captain Raymond Nomel distinguished himself by meritorious service as critical care nurse while assigned to the Intensive Care Flight, 633d Inpatient Operations Squadron, 633d Medical Group, 633d Air Base Wing, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia. During this period, Captain Nomel served as a clinical nurse caring for critically ill patients in the Tidewater Enhanced Multi-Service Market, supporting 36.5K beneficiaries and a 257K joint-force population. As charge nurse on a 6-bed intensive care unit, he led 8 staff members and directed care, valued at $350K, for 70 critical patients. A multi-talented clinician, he coordinated 480 hours bed management, for 864 patients, across four inpatient units, which resulted in a 54 percent increase in the Intensive Care Unit occupancy and $1.5M recuperation in obstetrics care. The distinctive accomplishments of Captain Nomel reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Senior Master Sergeant Russell T. Brashars


29 DECEMBER 2009 TO 5 JULY 2013

Senior Master Sergeant Russell T. Brashars distinguished himself in the performance of outstanding service to the United States as Superintendent, Utilities, 556th RED HORSE Squadron, Hurlburt Field, Florida. During this period, the extensive knowledge of the utilities and construction field, professionalism, and leadership abilities of Sergeant Brashars directly contributed to the successful operations of the Utilities shop. While deployed to the United States Air Force Academy, for a Troop Training Project, he led a team of thirty, multi-skilled craftsmen and built an eight thousand five hundred and forty square foot K-span structure. Sergeant Brashars negotiated sixty five plus mile per hour winds and erected two hundred forty linear feet of steel arches. Construction was completed within two weeks. Anticipating weather delays, Sergeant Brashars identified and listed three hundred thousand dollars of material for water, sewer, and gas systems, to be delivered on time, cutting strict construction timelines by seven days. Additionally, Sergeant Brashars deployed to Gallup, New Mexico in support of OPERATION Footprint. He led a team of eight craftsmen and oversaw construction of three, 800 square feet, five room houses for underprivileged Native Americans. Furthermore, Sergeant Brashars assisted the Joint Base Langley utility shop with relocating ninty six linear feet of a main water line, utilizing expert multi-craft aid and reduced job completion time by 33%. Finally, his broad background facilitated preparing thirty three environmental control units for the squadron’s Organizational Readiness Exercise. All units were in place within seventy two hours of tasking. The singularly distinctive accomplishments of Senior Master Sergeant Brashars culminate a long and distinguished career in the service of his country and reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Major Janice M. Pecua distinguished herself by meritorious service as critical care nurse while assigned to the Intensive Care Unit, 673d MDG, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK. During this period, Major Pecua served as a clinical nurse caring for critically ill patients in PACAF's largest intensive care unit supporting 166K beneficiaries. She was instrumental to the ABW Air Force Outstanding Unit Award 2011 as the MDG Standardization Chair and Medical Materiel Enterprise Standardization Office representative. Major Pecua coordinated evaluations of 24 medical supplies with 38 inpatient units and clinics, directed local implementation of 16 Incentive Agreements which saved the Department of Defense $9.8M. In addition, she led the revision of 16 outdated Operational Instructions which factored in the "Excellent" Air base Wing Consolidated Unit Inspection rating. The distinctive accomplishemnts of Major Pecua reflect great credit upon herself and the United Staes Air Force.

During this period, the outstanding professional skill, dedication, and ceaseless efforts of Sergeant XXXX resulted in the performance of exceptional aircraft maintenance functions at home station and abroad in support of Air Force world-wide tasking. During remote split operations at the Southern Airport, Sergeant XXXX’s efforts supporting the Formal Training Unit resulted in 189 combat ready Remotely Piloted Aircraft aircrew members trained with over 482 successful sorties flown. As an expert troubleshooter, Sergeant XXXX discovered and corrected chronic Rotax engine failures replacing multiple oil level sensors eliminating potential catastrophic aircraft engine failures in flight. Serving as the flight level training manager, Sergeant XXXX proactively managed extensive training programs leading to 84 skill level upgrades for multiple units strengthening Air National Guard multi-state partnerships while increasing global mission effectiveness. As a top tier performer, he was hand-picked to deploy to Camp XXXXX, XXXX in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. While deployed, Sergeant XXXX’s launch and recovery experience directly led to the timely execution of over 1000 maintenance events that supported 168 Predator combat sorties. These sorties provided over 3000 hours of full motion video that facilitated the elimination of eight known high level enemy targets. At this austere location, he volunteered to assist in a General Officer directed MQ-9 Reaper mission request executing the Combined Joint Task Force operation in less than eight days. His contributions led to 85 combat sorties flown eliminating an Al-Qaeda Regional Commander. The outstanding contributions of Sergeant XXXX in a demanding mission support role reflect credit upon himself, the Air National Guard, and the United States Air Force.

During this period, the outstanding professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of Sergeant Holman resulted in major contributions to the effectiveness and success of Air Force Predator Remote Split Operations sortie generation. Sergeant Holman's timely execution of over 2400 Ground Control Station maintenance actions contributed to 714 successful Predator contingency sorties, 13,000 flying hours, 17 Hellfire missile strikes, and multiple Al-Qaeda and Taliban high level targets eliminated. During an in-flight Formal Training Unit operation, Sergeant Holman identified and corrected an aircraft data-link fault avoiding a catastrophic loss of a 4.2 million dollar war-fighting asset. As a lead trainer, Sergeant Holman demonstrated outstanding professional skill and technical training abilities while instructing a 16 member team on complex communication systems leading to an astounding one percent aircraft downtime due to maintenance discrepancies. Sergeant Holman's eye for innovation also led to the development of the first Ground Control Station volume control system vastly improving Predator ground communication transmissions. During a base-wide fiber optic installation project, his leadership and technical assistance were instrumental in enhancing Predator file transfer reliability rates improving overall Formal Training Unit mission capabilities. In addition, Sergeant Holman’s research and repair of a major ARC-210 radio configuration deficiency facilitated the on-time graduation of 189 combat ready Predator flight crews. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Holman reflect credit upon himself, the Air National Guard, and the United States Air Force.

During this period, the outstanding professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of Sergeant Lacasella resulted in major contributions to the effectiveness and success of worldwide Air Force Predator Operations. As a Cyber Communications Systems Specialist, Sergeant Lacasella utilized his experience and expertise to maintain two complex Ground Control Stations facilitating 2,116 critical Air Force Central Command Remotely Piloted Aircraft combat sorties. His timely execution of over 2400 Ground Control Station maintenance actions provided combatant commanders with valuable Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance information to forward deployed coalition ground forces. His direct efforts aided in the elimination of multiple high-level Al-Qaeda and Taliban targets in the Area of Responsibility. During Remote Split Operations, Sergeant Lacasella’s technical range and adept coordination abilities facilitated the establishment of the first Air National Guard’s Satellite Communications Earth Terminal Substation. This dynamic system vastly improved satellite communication reliability rates delivering over 189 mission-ready MQ1-B Predator air crews, 743 training sorties, and 4,450 flying hours in support of Formal Training Unit operations. His dedication to maintenance and mission excellence contributed to the direct success of real-world contingency operations such as Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, ENDURING FREEDOM, and NEW DAWN.

Staff Sergeant Adam S. Harbold distinguished himself by meritorious service as Enlisted Aide to the Commander, United States Forces Japan, Fifth Air Force, Yokota Air Base, Japan. During this period, Sergeant Harbold expertly planned, prepared and coordinated 34 events and meals supporting the Commander's military and social obligations to include United States Ambassadors, two four-star generals, the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force and numerous Senior Japanese Self Defense Force leaders, bolstering United States-Japanese relations. His outstanding organizational skill was key during Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff and United States Air Force Chief of Staff visits with Ministry of Defense and was lauded by highest levels of both governments. Additionally, he expertly managed the 5,470 square feet General Officer Quarters, masterfully executed $35,000 General Officer Housing budget and streamlined the process on two renovation projects with $13,000 in cost savings. His attention to detail identified and corrected a $22,000 inventory control error ensuring accountability of 552 undocumented Special Command Position items. Finally, he facilitated reception of the Joint Support Staff for Operation TOMODACHI and the Commander of United States Pacific Command throughout the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief events. Sergeant Harbold’s unwavering dedication to duty was key in preparing the Commander of United States Forces Japan and Joint Support Forces to meet Operation TOMODACHI leadership challenges, serve as the commander's right hand and play a vital role in Japan's recovery efforts. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Harbold reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Staff Sergeant Ernest Klimek III distinguished himself by meritorious service as Missile Facility Specialist, Power Production Section, Shops Maintenance Branch, 90th Field Missile Maintenance Squadron, 90th Strategic Missile Wing, Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming from 26 May 1976 to 10 September 1979. During this period Sergeant Klimek's in-depth knowledge of the theory and operation of various electrical systems, outstanding professional skill, inititative and positive attitude toward his duties have aided immeasurable in misssion support. His suggestions for the improvement of the payload transporter hoist system are of special significance. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Klimek reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Senior Airman David M. Simcox distinguished himself by meritorious service as an Aircraft Maintenance Specialist and Dual Rail Mechanic, 435th Organizational Maintenance Squadron, Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany, from 5 November 1977 to 2 November 1979. His attention to detail and professionalism have resulted in improved maintenance standards and an increase in launch reliability. Airman Simcox' versatility, superior maintenance knowledge and outstanding attitude have been key factors in the success of the 435th Tactical Airlift Wing. The distinctive accomplishments of Airman Simcox reflect credit upon himself and the United States Airforce.

Staff Sergeant Brock W. Garrison distinguished himself by meritorious service as Special Air Missions Flying Crew Chief, 89th Maintenance Group, 89th Airlift Wing, Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. During this period, Sergeant Garrison communicated innumerable security measures for Pope Benedict XVI's first United States meeting with President George W. Bush, marking the first United States papal visit since 1995. Secondly, he voluntarily deployed 278 days with the United States Army in support of operation ENDURING FREEDOM, engaging in over 139 combat missions, reacting to 115 improvised explosive devices, reducing un-exploded ordinance, repairing 10 radios within the Tactical Operations Center eliminating outages, conducted 22 no notice special operations checks with the Afghan national police stifling Taliban activities, and delivering 200,000 dollars of humanitarian aid to Afghan villages. Finally, he managed total implementation of security with 10 base agencies without incident during the Nuclear Safety Summit, guaranteeing the safety of the largest gathering of world leaders since 1947. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Garrison reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Technical Sergeant Dennis M. Wright distinguished himself by meritorious service while assigned to the 86th Aerial Port Squadron, McChord Air Force Base, Washington. During this period, Sergeant Wright performed his duties in an outstanding manner enabling over 200 Aerial Port personnel to fully perform their worldwide mission. As the Flightline Security Manager and Materials Handling Equipment monitor, he provided detailed training, licensing, and review of key operational readiness requirements for his squadron. Singlehandedly, Sergeant Wright developed an aircraft loader course with scenarios specifically tailored to meet the aerial port needs at deployed locations throughout the world. Furthermore, his expertise in operating Army mission essential vehicles during aircraft downloads significantly strengthened the unit training program and improved the unit's wartime readiness. While on annual tour at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, Sergeant Wright served as a load team chief where the team safely loaded and offloaded 1,119 tons of cargo on 133 various types of cargo aircraft with zero safety mishaps. His team's efforts ensured 100 percent on-time takeoffs, far exceeding Air Mobility Command's expectations. Finally, at Joint Base Balad, Iraq, in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, Sergeant Wright contributed to the expeditious movement of 44,000 short tons of cargo on 6,400 missions throughout the region with an impressive 99 percent on-time aircraft departure rate. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Wright reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Senior Airman George A. Little distinguished himself by outstanding achievement as deployed Life Support element, 30th Special Operations Squadron, 437th Special Operations Wing, Joint Special Operations Air Component, Special Operations Command from 12 Feb 2002 to 25 April 2002. During this period, Airman Little served as the deployed Account Custodian responsible for over 600,000 dollars in critical life support equipment and was responsible for maintaining life support equipment for 27 aircrews, 6 special operation teams, and 7 MH-53 Pave Low helicopters. His attention to detail ensured all combat flight crews had the appropriate radios with working secure frequencies and codes enabling 100% on-time launch of alert and scheduled airframes. His efforts were responsible for the successful accomplishment of over 120 sorties, amassing over 200 combat hours while simultaneously providing 100 percent reliable life support provisioning. His rapid response to six last minute equipment problems prevented delays and enabled the MH-53 aircrews to log a 100 percent alert response rate. Airman Little also voluntered for key additional duties as flightline security, alert driver, and concealed weapons monitor. His dedication to the morale, welfare, and safety of his extended family of 220 unit personnel supported a solid mission focus and were recognized by the Army, Navy, and Air Force personnel he served and protected. The distinctive accomplishments of Airman Little reflect credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Air Force.

Master Sergeant David M. Smith distinguished himself by meritorious service as Noncommissioned Officer in Charge, Satellite Systems, 6th Communications Squadron, 6th Fighter Wing, MacDill Air Base, Florida. During this period, Sergeant Smith's decisive leadership proved invaluable to MacDill's satellite terminal operations. He skillfully constructed a comprehensive communications package for the Joint Staff Director of Communications and European Command Chief of Staff. This critical reach-back capability in support of Task Force FALCON was instrumental in the insertion of ground forces into Kosovo. Sergeant Smith Smith provided vital oversight in Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems for the development of the European Command Communications Annex, which served as a blueprint for supporting ground mobile forces during Operation JOINT GUARDIAN. His expert management and training of 30 technicians spurred a 25% increase in productivity. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Smith reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Staff Sergeant Crystal A. Smith distinguished herself by meritorious service as Supply NCOIC, Dental Clinic #1, 35th Medical Squadron, 35th Medical Wing, Yokota Air Base Japan. During this period, the professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of Sergeant Smith contributed to the effectiveness and success of Dental Clinic #1. She provided critical technical support to the organization by timely management of expenditures in excess of $800,000. Sergeant Smith's contributions serve as a sterling example of the effective and judicious use of organizational funds and resulted in continuous pro-active solutions ensuring the availability of non-expendable, durable and expendable supplies and equipment. Her actions produced a zero balance of all funds prior to the Air Force mandated fiscal year closeout and ensured the continued success of the mission. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Smith reflect credit upon herself and the United States Air Force.

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